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Ronin Game Wild Forest Airdrop Details Announced For $WF Token

Photo for the Article - Ronin Game Wild Forest Airdrop Details Announced For $WF Token

Updated March 10, 2024: Wild Forest announced airdrop details for its $WF token. (Note: Check out article – Play to Airdrop Tokens | Game Airdrops to Farm)

Wild Forest Airdrop Announced

  • Wild Forest Announces $WF Token Airdrop: Wild Forest reveals plans for the $WF token, crucial for game progression and with a limited availability. An airdrop is planned for active and committed players to ensure fair distribution at launch.
  • Balanced Competitive System: The goal is a balanced play-to-airdrop system for all players, aiming for fairness in initial distribution.
  • Honor Leaderboard Distribution: Tokens will be distributed through an Honor leaderboard, which evaluates individual progress and achievements. This method aims to eliminate unfair advantages by considering personal achievements, preventing dominance by older players and multi-account users.
  • Earning Honor: Honor can be earned through personal progress, collecting Wild Forest NFTs, and community engagement. Progress includes battle pass achievements, owning premium passes or participating in battles. NFT collection involves owning Lords, Units, or Skins, with bonuses for complete sets. Community engagement includes social media interaction, content creation, and referral program participation.
  • Upcoming Features: While the UI for tracking Honor, rank, and achievements is in development, players are encouraged to advance their battle pass or premium pass progress. Details on specific achievements will be announced soon.
Photo for the Article - Ronin Game Wild Forest Airdrop Details Announced For $WF Token

Aftermath of the Wild Forest Airdrop Announcement

  • The announcement of Wild Forest’s Play-to-Airdrop (P2A) system has significantly influenced market prices on the Mavis Market, leading to notable increases across various assets.
  • Market Prices Before and After P2A Announcement:
    • Lords: Price rose from 99 Ron to 140 Ron, marking a 41% increase.
    • Packs: Saw a 100% increase, jumping from 10 Ron to 20 Ron.
    • Units: Experienced a 114% surge, from .27 Ron to .58 Ron.
    • Skins: Had the most significant rise, from 1.9 Ron to 4.9 Ron, a 157% increase.

Original article follows:

Zillion Whales, the developers behind Wild Forest, announced that it will host its first-ever mint on the Mavis Store. 

The initiative is expected to give away NFTs to players of the game, which can be converted to game assets upon the game’s official launch. 

Wild Forest Introduction

Wild Forest Trailer

Currently in its open beta, Wild Forest ( is a free-to-play NFT game born and raised on the Ronin Network. It is a free card-collecting real-time strategy game (RSG) featuring an open economy and fast-paced PvP battles. 

“Wild Forest is a perfect fit for our strategy of delivering fast-paced mobile games through Ronin. The team’s past success with Mushroom Wars, which garnered millions of downloads, is a testament to their ability to create engaging gameplay experiences that resonate with players.”

Trung Nguyen, Co-Founder, Sky Mavis
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Wild Forest is the sixth game developed by Zillion Whales, a 10-year-old indie game studio known for its RSGs with multiplayer elements. The game studio’s most known developed game is Mushroom Wars 2, which has already received multiple awards, including “Best of App Store” from Apple.

As of this writing, Wild Forest is reported to have reached over one million PVP battles, with each player averaging 15 battles per day. The open beta version will be available until the first quarter of 2024 only. 

Wild Forest Gameplay

Wild Forest is Zillion Whales’ first blockchain-based game to be developed. This means that, though it has similar RSG features compared to other games developed by Zillion Whales, NFTs, and cryptocurrencies are integrated into the game. 

Basically, the game has an arena-like setting for PvP battles. When two players are matched randomly according to ratings, the player who first destroys the enemy’s base wins. 

The match begins with an empty base and a swordsman, where players should build buildings, or barracks, at a fast pace until they dominate and conquer each other. 

Its in-game token is Forest Gold ($FGLD), which can be obtained by winning battles. It is used for common gameplay aspects such as unit card leveling. 

Meanwhile, Wild Forest Tokens ($WF) are in-game NFT items that are needed ‌for ranking up units’ card grades and Battle Pass unlocks. 

Every unit’s card is also an NFT usable for building card decks, trading for different ones with other players, or merging to create higher-tiered versions.

According to the game’s developer, the free-to-play feature will stay forever. However, they need to utilize blockchain technology to attract and reward gamers, this led ‌some Zillion Whales supporters to raise their eyebrows when Wild Forest was revealed to be an NFT game. 

Mint Launch

The developer’s first-ever mint on the Mavis Store will take place on February 22, 2024. The mint will include: 

  • 3,000 Standard Packs priced at $10
  • 1,500 Premium Packs priced at $30
  • 250 Founder Packs priced at $100
Photo for the Article - Ronin Game Wild Forest Airdrop Details Announced For $WF Token

For the Premium and Founder Packs, those who played the beta version will secure whitelists, while 35 Founder Pack Whitelists will be randomly awarded every day to Wild Forest players who play the game from February 16 to 18. 

In addition, 5,000 Lord NFTs will also be minted during the launch. Lord NFTs are a PFP NFT collection that is rewarded to Wild Forest players—the rarity of the NFT depends on the player’s time spent playing the game. The benefits of holding Lord NFTs include: 

  • Priority access to future Wild Forest Sales and activities
  • Special badge next to username and text color
  • Early access to new Units playtests
  • Early access to new gameplay features
  • Closed Discord channel with developers, special Discord role
  • Raffles and special events for Lord Holders

For this mint, players can have the chance to be among the 1,000 winners of Lord NFTs. There will also be Gacha Packs that contain Unit NFTs and have an additional prize pool of 5,000 Legendary and Epic skin sets from the Royal Guard collection. 

“By prioritizing affordability, accessibility, and equitable asset distribution, we are enabling a wider audience to participate in the mint and play a part in Wild Forest history as we prepare for the upcoming game release,” Zillion Whales CEO Andrey Korotkov advertised. 

The Ronin Ecosystem: the Generous Gaming Blockchain? 

Aside from Wild Forest, BitPinas also reported the involvement of other two Ronin-based blockchain games in rewarding its community. 

Apeiron, a free-to-play God Simulation Hybrid blockchain game, is currently having a crypto points system for its $ANIMA Airdrop program. $ANIMA is Apeiron’s casual gamer Play-To-Earn token. Its supply is not fixed, and tokens are minted as in-game rewards. 

Read Our Apeiron’s $ANIMA Airdrop Guide Here: Apeiron Token Airdrop | Anima Play To Airdrop Campaign Starts

Meanwhile, Pixels, one of the most famous Ronin-based NFT games is hosting its Play-to-Airdrop 2.0. Users can farm $PIXEL by doing tasks. 

Read Our Pixels Airdrop Guide Here: Ronin-Based Pixels Airdrop Confirmed – How To Be Eligible

This article is published on BitPinas: Ronin-Based Game—Wild Forest—Announces Reward Opportunities


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