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Ragnarok Landverse Overview & How to Play to Earn

Ragnarok Landverse Overview Guide - How to Play to Earn - Philippines

In the heydays of the early 2000s through to the 2010s, Ragnarok Online carved its niche as a beloved online game in local cafés and computer shops across the Philippines. This massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) by Gravity, launched in 2002, drew its narrative from the mythic Ragnarok, the Norse apocalyptic tale portraying the world’s rebirth post a series of cataclysmic events.

Fast forward to today, Ragnarok is embracing blockchain technology through the Ragnarok Landverse.

Ragnarok Landverse Official Trailer

Ragnarok Landverse Guide

Ragnarok Landverse marries the nostalgia of Ragnarok Online with web3 gaming elements, offering players a decentralized platform to create, own, and trade in-game items as NFTs (Non-fungible Tokens). According to the whitepaper, this fusion introduces a host of new systems including competitive Guild vs. Guild (GvG) mechanics and a crypto/NFTs economy, adding a fresh competitive layer to the classic Ragnarok Online PC game.

Ragnarok Landverse is a collaboration between Gravity, the original producer of Ragnarok Online, and blockchain-centric gaming firm Maxion. Maxion powers the NFT marketplace within the Landverse, opening up an open digital economy where players can buy, sell, and trade game assets.

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Getting Started: Creating Your Ragnarok Landverse Account

  1. Registration: Navigate to the Ragnarok Landverse quick sign-up page.
  2. Username Creation: Under “Ragnarok Landverse Account” setting, craft a unique username.
  3. Password Setup: Choose a strong password for account security.
  4. Email Verification: Enter your email address and confirm the account.
  5. Privacy Review: Go through the privacy policy and terms of service, then hit submit.
  6. Wallet Connection: Click the “Connect Wallet” button to link your MetaMask account. (Read more: Here’s a guide on how to use MetaMask)

Ragnarok Landverse Gameplay

Ragnarok Landverse - How To Earn

In the Landverse, players enhance their avatars by defeating monsters and completing quests. The narrative unfolds across expansive maps, with higher-level players unlocking new terrains and getting better rewards. A manual book helps players navigate the in-game systems, providing a smoother transition for both new and returning Ragnarok gamers.

VIP System & Daily Missions

A VIP System, with perks like increased experience points and drop rates, will facilitate quicker player progression. Meanwhile, the Daily Mission Board, featuring quests like the Adamantine Blessing Quest, allow players towards earning Adamantine Blessings (ADAM) which are key to in-game advancements.

Full list of perks of VIP:

  • Increases Exp/Job gains from monsters by 15%.
  • Increases drop rates by 15%.
  • Discounts on Kafra Teleport and Storage Service by 50%.
  • 300 additional slots to Kafra Storage.
  • Upon death, only 1% of Exp is lost.
  • Five additional character slots are increased from three to eight.
  • Additional one more time per day on the Mission Board.
  • Receive double zeny from Monster Loot Box.
  • Can mint items into NFTs.

Tokenomics: Zeny, ADAM, and Marketplace Trading

While Zeny remains as in-game currency for basic transactions, ADAM tokens and a range of NFTs open up more premium in-game assets. 

Players can mint, buy, sell, and trade these assets on the NFT Marketplace, using $ION for purchases, $BNB for gas fees, and $USDC for other transactions. 

$ION can be bought at You first need USDC 

Quick Recap: Ragnarok Landverse Tokens

  1. ADAM:
    • Derived from refining in-game material called adamantine fragments.
    • Can be converted into a digital token and stored in your cryptocurrency wallet.
    • To convert ADAM, you need a VIP account and 100 units of another in-game item called Moonstone.
    • Obtain adamantine fragments by mining ore within the game.
  2. ION:
    • A special currency used on Maxion’s platform, like the NFT Marketplace.
    • Get ION by exchanging USDC tokens at a 1:1 ratio through a process called minting.
  3. BNB:
    • Used to cover gas fees, which are transaction costs on the blockchain network.
  4. USDC:
    • A type of cryptocurrency that always has the same value as the US dollar.
    • Managed by a company called Circle.


ION is always equivalent to 1 USDC. Hence its PHP price is the equivalent of 1 USD in Philippine Pesos.

The Landverse also introduces Land NFTs, enabling players to own and trade virtual land parcels.

To sum up, here’s how you can play to earn in Ragnarok Landverse

  • Buy, sell, and trade items on the NFT Marketplace. 
  • Mine $ADAM and trade it by converting it to $USDC. Note: the daily limit of @ADAM that can be mined is 10,000.
  • Own and trade Land NFTs.

Guild System: Collective Progression

The Guild System allows players to join a certain group where they can enjoy benefits. 

In Landverse, there are so-called “Guild Donations,” which help level-up a guild. The higher the level of a guild, the greater the benefits the players will receive individually. 

They can donate Zeny and ADAM. 1 Zeny = 1 Guild EXP, while 1 ADAM = 10000 Guild EXP.

But leaving a guild also has disadvantages. According to the whitepaper, a player who leaves the current guild will be unable to join any other guild for a period of four days.

Full List of Maxion Apps

The Ragnarok Landverse ecosystem fully operates and navigable within its dashboard:

  1. Marketplace ( – market for mechandise.
  2. Get ION Token ( – the base currency of the game
  3. Maxion DEX ( – where users can exchange their tokens to other tokens.

This guide will be continously updated.

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