Apeiron Token Airdrop | Anima Play To Airdrop Campaign Starts

In exchange for some tasks and playing the God Simulation Hybrid NFT game, Apeiron is giving away $ANIMA for its token generation event.

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Web3 game Apeiron, which recently migrated to the Ronin Network, has confirmed its upcoming airdrop in February. 

What is this web3 game? What are its features? What is the airdrop all about? How to earn rewards in this game?

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Apeiron Introduction

Photo for the Article - Apeiron Token Airdrop | Anima Play To Airdrop Campaign Starts

Launched during the recent crypto winter, Apeiron (https://apeironnft.com/) is a free-to-play God Simulation Hybrid blockchain game.

In its whitepaper, its developers shared that the game is inspired by classic god games such as Populous, Black and White, and Spore. 

“But Apeiron is more than just a god game. You’ll summon an Avatar—a powerful elemental construct – and dive into the dangerous PvE (Player vs Environment) dungeons of the Dirac Dimension to fight against the forces of Chaos using our real-time card-battling system,” its website read.

Basically, in Apeiron the player becomes a Godling, a “newborn divine.” Players can then have their own planets with little creatures and use their divine power to improve their planets, help or punish the creatures, and create miracles. 

“With NFTs and token economies, users can actually take the reins on how they want to be part of the the ecosystem, the business model itself. Players get to keep what they produce and trade with other players based on their own personal goals and aspirations,” the game added. 

APEIRON New Free to Play and Earn NFT game ??? Tempest The Fury TUTORIAL Gameplay on MacOS Dec 2023

It has four game modes: 

  • Player-vs-Player: Players can fight with other godlings in the Godling Arena to “prove their divine mettle.”
  • Player-vs-Environment: Players can enter into the dungeon to battle Chaos’ armies, face down dangerous bosses, collect rare Artifacts, and rescue the souls of epic dood apostles. Chaos is the God of the Spiritual Dirac Dimension.
  • God Game Simulation: Players can have power over a certain planet and be able to shape it in their image.
  • Guild vs Guild Alliance: Players can join Alliances, which are formed out of Constellations of Stars, to gain access to Zodiac Buffs. An Alliance is expected to  be a social hub.

Moreover, it has three in-game tokens:

  • Apeiros ($APRS): This token is mainly used for governance, and certain in-game events as rewards. 
  • Anima ($ANIMA): Apeiron’s casual gamer Play-To-Earn token. Its supply is not fixed, and tokens are minted as in-game rewards. Like $APRS, it will be used to breed planets.
  • Ringularity ($RINGU): RIngularity is Apeiron’s premium token and will be used to reward e-sport and professional players who expressed their commitment to the game by creating gaming guilds, alliances, and by completing complex challenges.

“Apeiron will be the world’s first play-and-earn godgame built with NFTs. While many NFT games rely on just two tokens, Apeiron brings three currencies to the table,” the team advertised. 

“By playing the game, players will be given opportunities to earn tokens, which can be exchanged on the marketplace for real cryptocurrency.”

Apeiron Airdrop

Recently, Apeiron migrated to the Ronin Blockchain. The migration enables players to enjoy free NFTs and Apeiron S3 Axie Battle Stickers in exchange for some quests. The migration rewards will be open until January 2024. 

For this airdrop, which is expected to end in February, is in line with the game’s $ANIMA launch for season three. It is called the $ANIMA Airdrops Campaign.

The $ANIMA Airdrops Campaign will be based on a points system; the higher the airdrop points collected by a player, the higher the percentage of reward will be for the token generation event. 

Anima Airdrop – How To Be Eligible

To earn points, players must engage in these activities: 

Community Airdrop Points
SourcePoint Amount
Like/Reppst latest X + follow @apeironNFT for raffle entry500
Discord role – per OG role level (legacy)100
Apeiron Origins Access50
For every owned Doodraic Seal400
Battle Demo Airdrop Points
SourcePoint Amount
S1 Discord Role (Legacy)500
S2 Discord Role (Legacy)500
Reach the Boss in cycle 1 Depth 3 in S2 or S2.R100
Complete Cycle 1 in S2 or S2.R200
Defeat all 3 Bosses in S2 or S2.R300
Obtain a Dood Halo or Doodelic Wing in S2 or S2.R100
Mint an Apostle you found in the dungeon in S2 or S2.R100
Marketplace Airdrop Points
SourcePoint Amount
Per orbiting Planet100
for every 1 – 99 years old Planet100
For every 100 – 999 years old Planet200
For every Apostle NFT with IV 60+ (6 max)100
Per unique Origins Apostle class owned (12)100
Leaderboards Airdrop Points
SourcePoint Amount
Total Apeiron PvE Play Time Rank – Top 100 / 1K / 10K1000 / 300 / 100
PvE Rank S2.R – Leaderboard – Top 100 / 1K/ 10K1000 / 300 / 100
Lifetime Generated Vapor Rank – Top 100 / 1K / 10K1000 / 300 / 100
Planet NFT Breed Count Rank – Top 100 / 1K / 10K1000 / 300 / 100
Total Star Aging Rank* – Top 10 / 100 / 1K3000 / 900 / 300
Homecoming Leaderboard Rank*** – Top 100 / 1K / 10K1000 / 300 / 100

There are also points multipliers according to the rarity of the planet owned by the player.

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