Top Upcoming Web3 Game Token Airdrops of 2024

Updated on March 2024. Play these interesting blockchain games and receive airdrops with this guide on BitPinas.

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Web3 games, or the so-called “Play-to-Earn” games, were among the top use cases of blockchain technology using the recent bull run—it gave the community the opportunity to earn while playing. 

Basically, a blockchain game is a blockchain game built on top of a blockchain. It normally uses NFTs as in-game characters and items (that is why it is also called an NFT game) and uses crypto as rewards (that is why it is also called a play-to-earn game). 

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Advantages of Web3 Games

In NFT games, gamers can purchase, use, and sell in-game NFT items and characters. These NFTs are of course secured on the blockchain, which means that they cannot be duplicated, assuring the authenticity of the item. These NFTs can also be used in other blockchain games, most often within the same ecosystem. 

But among the advantages of these NFT games compared to traditional games is digital ownership. In traditional games, when a player buys an in-game item, they may lose it permanently if their account is closed or banned. In an NFT game, the player owns the in-game item permanently, and even if their account is closed, they can just sell the NFTs to get their money back. 

Speaking of earning, rewards are also precious in blockchain games. It is because most often, rewards on these games are in the form of cryptocurrencies—which means that the rewards received by playing a game are tradeable and with real-time fiat value. In P2E games, the tokens earned are also used to buy in-game NFT items, pay tickets for in-game tournaments, and other features like breeding, planting, or simple tasks.

But these tokens, whether NFTs or crypto, are not just obtained by playing the game. Because there are also blockchain games that are generous—they are giving away rewards through airdrops. 

What are the upcoming NFT gaming airdrops this 2024?

NFT Web3 Game Airdrops of 2024

Updated March 2024.


BloodLoop ( is a 5-vs-5 third-person hero shooter competitive game. 

March Update: It has an ongoing play-to-airdrop campaign from March to May. To join, players must claim their on-chain username and complete quests to receive rewards. 


Kokodi ( is a third-person fantasy extraction shooter that is currently in a private alpha mode that is only accessible to its Kokodi NFT holders. 

March Update: As of March 2024, the team expressed that it will be hosting a number of community play tests this month, this led the community to speculate that an upcoming airdrop might happen, as it possesses play-to-airdrop characteristics. 

Castle of Blackwater 

Castle of Blackwater ( is a social deduction game set in a magical castle of mystery and deception. It is like a Wolf Game and Among Us. 

March Update: Earlier this month, the team announced a play-to-airdrop campaign that will start on March 8 and end on March 24. Players’ stats will be recorded every time they play and will receive points, which will be the basis of rewards. 

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Pixels ( is an open-ended world of farming and exploration that allows players to farm, cook, and personalize their own lands. It  recently migrated to Ronin, the blockchain built by Sky Mavis, the developer of the popular blockchain game Axie Infinity.

Last year, it hosted its first season of its play-to-airdrop program. On January 19, ‌Season 2 concluded. The past program gave away NFTs, $RON, and $PIXEL to participants that joined its play-to-airdrop campaign and $RON stakers.

In February, crypto exchange giant Binance listed $PIXEL on its Launchpool, the 46th project to be listed. Local exchange also listed the token for spot trading. 

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But before the official launch, Pixels Founder Luke Barwikowski hinted that a third season of play-to-airdrop might happen. 

March Update: No further details were released after Barwikowski’s statement. This means that Pixels’ Season 3 airdrop campaign is still hinted at and remains a community speculation. 

BitPinas has created a guide for Pixels’ Season 2 Play-to-Airdrop Campaign, which could have the same mechanics to Season 3: Ronin-Based Pixels Airdrop Confirmed – How To Be Eligible


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Apeiron ( is another Ronin-based blockchain game. It is a free-to-play God Simulation Hybrid game that allows its players to have their own planets with little creatures and use their divine power to improve their planets, help or punish the creatures, and create miracles. 

In January, Apeiron had a rewards system due to its migration to the Ronin network, which gave away free NFTs and Apeiron S3 Axie Battle Stickers in exchange for some quests.

A month later, the game announced to host its $ANIMA Airdrops Campaign. It will be a points system; the higher the airdrop points collected by a player, the higher the percentage of reward will be for the token generation event. 

March Update: The team’s February plans will be pushed through. A number of NFT airdrops, quests, and minting events are also presented throughout the year, some until the end of March only, and can be seen on the events part of the website. 

It also introduced its third token, Ringularity, a novel premium alliance currency that is expected to promote social gameplay by giving players something to work towards in the late game. It is set to be launched soon. 

BitPinas has created a guide for the $ANIMA Airdrops Campaign here: Apeiron Token Airdrop | Anima Play To Airdrop Campaign Starts

Nifty Island

Photo for the Article - Top Upcoming Web3 Game Token Airdrops of 2024

Currently in open beta mode, Nifty Island ( is a free-to-play island game. Users can create their own island, explore other islands, and enjoy from different game modes such as races, battle royales, capture the flag, spy hunts, and more. 

On its website, an airdrop feature is displayed. The airdrop section is where players can check if their wallet is eligible for the game’s upcoming $ISLAND airdrop. 

The program also possesses a points system, which points can be earned by doing some tasks like sharing a player’s island on social media, referring users to Nifty Island via their island link, hours of playtime on their island, earning Blooms, and purchasing play-to-mint rewards with Blooms. 

Check out the updated guide at Nifty Island Play-to-Airdrop Guide | Roblox in Web3?


MixMob - Token Launch Trailer

MixMob ( is a Solana-based gaming platform that claims to mix music, fashion, art, and movies “into one game world.” 

It recently introduced MixMob: Racer 1, a card strategy battle game about racing robots. MixMob describes this game as the “best combination” of Mario Kart and Clash Royale. 

In an interview, MixMob CEO Simon Vieira said that the platform is set to airdrop tokens to users who will play Racer 1, join its referral program, and use its staking and wagering features. 

$MXM, its native token, had its token generation event on February 1, 2024. However, it is not yet clear if the airdrop that the CEO described will happen on the same date. 

March Update: MixMob has an ongoing leaderboard campaign where, for every time-sensitive quest, a reward, like an in-game NFT or other collectible, is given. Check the available activities and rewards here:

Nyan Heroes

Cinematic Trailer - Battle Royale Shooter on the Solana Blockchain | Nyan Heroes

Niyan Heroes ( is another Solana-based free-to-play game. It is a team-based hero shooter featuring small cats as players that pilot giant robots. 

Each cat has unique abilities and advanced feline movement that can be used by players to secure objectives and defeat their opponents.

Earlier this month, it announced its Early Access Play-to-Airdrop in line with the launch of its native token, $NYN. The rewards or points system was not detailed though, but the airdrop activity will end in March. 

March Update: Nyan Heroes’ play-to-airdop pre-registration is now open. To join, go to 


Developed by Offchain Labs and overseen by the Xai Foundation, Xai ( is a layer 3 gaming blockchain for Arbitrum. 

In its whitepaper, it considers itself as a blockchain that will offer an abstracted wallet and account experience to traditional gamers, increased gas and contract limits to game developers, and a fully decentralized ecosystem for all users. 

In the first two weeks of the year, Xai airdropped $XAI, its native token, to owners of some NFT projects. But the community speculates that soon it will also host a $XAI airdrop for its ecosystem users. 

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