Anito Legends v1.0 Officially Launches

Play-and-earn game Anito Legends from Masayato Games has successfully launched version 1.0 of the game.

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  • Anito Legends, a Filipino folklore-inspired play-and-earn game, has officially launched its v1.0 version after a year of closed beta.
  • The new version adds two key features: the Rite of Ipa Tawag, a summoning process where players can generate new Anito warriors, and the Anito Marketplace, where players can buy and sell Anitos and in-game items.
  • The developers expressed gratitude to their investors, players, and streamers for their support, and CEO James Chua also attributed the successful launch to the good working dynamic among the four co-founders.

Anito Legends, a Filipino folklore-inspired play-and-earn game, announced that it is finally launching a year after they opened their closed beta. It is an auto-battler game developed by Filipino company Masayato Games; the writer of its lore is award-winning horror writer Yvette Tan

Statement from Developers

The release of Version 1.0 adds two key features into the game — The Rite of Ipa Tawag (aka summoning) and the Anito Marketplace.

In a statement, the developers expressed their gratitude to their VC’s, players, and streamers who have believed in them since day one. They also noted how Anito Legends is not their first game but is the first on the blockchain which has been “both a challenging but rewarding experience.”

“We built our game in the bear market, and while at times the conditions felt daunting, we always looked back at our main goal — to launch a game that can be enjoyed by real gamers while also utilizing this new blockchain technology. We are a product-first company, which means we really made sure we had things to show our supporters and players. This would be in the form of new game updates every month that naturally translated into word-of-mouth virality. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you!” the developers wrote. 

CEO James Chua attributed the successful launch to the working dynamic of the founders.

”I think our strongest point, apart from having game dev experience, is that the 4 founders work together quite well. We align fast and draw from similar experiences for game concepts.”

”We were not distracted by naysayers because we had one another’s back — each an expert in their own field,” Chua said in a statement to sent to BitPinas.

Masayato Team’s founding team is composed of Chua, Jed Cruz, Erick Garayblas, and Jayvee Fernandez.

The Rite of Ipa Tawag

According to the developers, the summoning of Anitos is the game’s version of breeding. The Rite of Ipa Tawag is the only way a new Anito can be generated. To do this, a player must first log into the website and ready Summoning Stones to initiate the rite and then the two Anitos are required to summon a new warrior; summoning takes 120 hours or 5 days. 

The developers stated that the number of Summoning Stones increases by one stone depending on the number of times an Anito has performed the rite.

“Tikbalang has (0/3) summons while Kiwig has (1/3) summons. Tikbalang will need 1 stone while Kiwig will need 2 stones for a total of 3 stones,” they explained. 

In addition, a maximum of two additional stones can be added to affect rarity, class, or stats:

  • Class Stone — increase chance to summon a particular class (Kiwig / Sarangay / Siyokoy / Tikbalang)
  • Rarity Stone — increase chance to summon an Anito of higher rarity
  • Stats Stone — increase a particular stat by 25% (HP / Defense / Attack)

Every Anito can only summon a maximum of three times. Although the summoning takes a long time, they stated that Anitos in the summoning process can still be used in-game.

They also noted that Duende cannot summon or be summoned.

Anito Marketplace

In exchange for their Gacha Marketplace which was shutdown last month as the game’s version of an NFT burning event, the Anito Marketplace is an extension of its web-based market where you can buy in-game items. The marketplace will now also allow users to buy and sell Anitos.

“Our DAPP works independently of the game which means you can make purchases even when you’re not playing… Pricing will be determined by market forces,” they noted. 

When listing in the marketplace, the developers remind users to be 100% sure as Anitos lose their friendship progress (hearts) and charm slots (everything will go back to zero) once listed. Even if a listing gets canceled and the collectible is returned to the owner, the progress is still lost.

When purchasing or listing, players can use either BUSD or $LARO; platform fees are 3% for $LARO and 5% for BUSD. Users are also reminded to have BNB in their wallet for gas fees.

Recently, the developers released their re-imagination of the guild concept with “Raid Battle”. This feature will allow players to venture down a long dungeon or take down a huge boss.  Last month, they also launched the beta for the play-to-earn aspect of the game. (Read more: Filipino-developed Anito Legends Shares Plans for 2023)

September last year, Anito Legends early access was released. It highlighted the key game features– Adventure (PvE) and Arena (PvP). The use of the players’ Anito non-fungible tokens (NFTs) was also finally allowed. (Read more: Filipino-developed NFT Game Anito Legends Early Access Now Available)

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