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Axie Infinity Launches Creator Academy, Teaches Player How to Make Axie Content with Nas Academy

Photo for the Article - Axie Infinity Launches Creator Academy, Teaches Player How to Make Axie Content with Nas Academy

“We believe in nurturing growth amongst our community members.” –Axie Infinity 

Axie Infinity collaborated with online education platform Nas Academy and announced the launch of Axie Creator Academy, a fully-funded course for creators to participate in. The program is designed specifically for the popular blockchain game.

According to Sky Mavis, Axie creators create so much value for Axie Infinity’s ecosystem and addressed that until now, “there’s been a shortage of educational resources allowing Axie creators to take their content to the next level.”

Sky Mavis will be funding 200 fellowships for creators to participate in Nas Academy’s new Creator Academy. The training school will last for 3 months.

Through the program, “creators of all experience levels upskill their abilities and hone important content creation skills.” The participants will be able to learn; Generating exciting content ideas, writing engaging scripts that retain viewers, filming high-quality videos on smartphones, editing videos from end-to-end on mobile, setting themselves up for success when posting to socials, and monetization, content strategy, and branding.

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Morever, Axie Infinity added that for participants to apply and practice everything they have learned, they will also undergo a 2-month mentorship program.

“Our community has a deep commitment to Axie and has helped grow our ecosystem into a burgeoning digital nation…In return, we believe in investing back into growth opportunities for our community members. This re-investment has taken many forms across the community programs we’ve deployed so far. With today’s fellowship announcement, we can proudly say that we are providing educational and skill training to our community members as well!” –Axie Infinity

The developers noted that the Creator Academy is separate but complementary to the Axie Creator Program operated by QU3ST. (Read more: Axie Infinity Launches Axie Creator Program)

Prior to the Creator Academy, Nas Academy partnered with Kookoo Crypto TV, one of the most popular content creators of Axie Infinity, to teach other players gaming strategies when playing the game. (Read more: Kookoo Crypto TV Partners with Nas Academy to Teach Axie Infinity Gaming Strategies)

This month, Axie Infinity also unveiled their token-gated community discussions, which will be hosted by Commonwealth, a platform for on-chain communities to discuss, vote, and fund projects.

Sky Mavis Philippines Lead, Nix Eniego also confirmed to BitPinas that Globe Telecom expressed its desire to propose partnerships with Sky Mavis to “elevate gaming experience” in the country. 

On June 14, the first official Axie Infinity meetup in the Philippines, was concluded. A day prior to the event the tickets were sold out in 8 minutes. The event was graced by well-known personalities from Axie Infinity representatives and Filipino Community such as Sky Mavis’ Program Lead Zyori, Latin America Lead Lima and Philippine Lead Nix.  (Read more: [Recap] AxiePH Meetup: Axie Infinity Plans to Spend Its Second Bear Market Building Alongside its Fans)

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