Bitcoin Gold Adds Replay Protection, Notes Future Plans

To maintain transparency, the Bitcoin Gold team launches a blog, announces replay protection, and reveals the coin’s roadmap ahead.

bitcoin gold fork

The Bitcoin Gold Team starts issuing daily updates, amid widespread criticism on the project’s secrecy.

In addition, they finally added replay protection, a key feature lacking in Bitcoin Gold at the start.

Full Replay

Full Replay Protection is a feature that protects your coins from getting spent unintentionally. Bitcoin Gold Team further explained:

Replay protection is a safety feature that makes sure that transactions on one chain are invalid on the other chain, thus preventing transaction replay and the possible resulting loss of funds.

The Bitcoin Gold Blog received a warm welcome as it provides a way for the development team to communicate with the community by delivering updates and announcing their plans.

Further Plans

To those who want bitcoin gold, the team outlines in their “next steps” the following”

  • Beginning of Decentralized Mining
  • 3rd Party Wallet Integration
  • Exchanges integration

Other plans include Electrum Fork and Mainnet deployment. 3rd party wallet integration will allow anyone to store bitcoin gold in their choice wallet, provided that wallet will support it. An integration with exchanges ensures the community can buy and sell bitcoin gold on exchanges that will support it.

The Bitcoin Gold Project aims to ensure that, using a new mining algorithm, even miners with cheaper graphics processing unit will be able to mine. While the network is still technically private, some exchanges have begun future tradings for it.

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