Axie-Focused LSL Changes Name to ‘Lunacian Sports League’

The initiative aims to also cater and welcome Axie Infinity players-scholars and non-scholars.

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By Shiela Bertillo

Lunacian Scholarship League (LSL), a tournament for the play-to-earn game Axie Infinity, renamed itself as Lunacian Sports League and revealed its new logo. The initiative aims to also cater and welcome Axie Infinity players-scholars and non-scholars.

“We’re excited to continue making tournaments in the space with great sponsors, talent, and now a much wider base of players as the Lunacian Sports League. We’re after revealing the best competitive Lunacians over the next decade+,” MetaSports, the organization behind LSL, wrote in a statement.

MetaSports stated that “defining who can join our tournaments has become impossible on the basis of being a scholar and bracketing a level of ability— being a scholar is simply not a good basis for skill.”

“We love competition, that’s why we do esports. And we want to see the best battle it out at every level. And that isn’t defined by being a scholar or not,” MetaSports wrote.

The organization explained what they thought was the future and “natural evolution” of Axie Infinity scholarships– guild battling. Thus, the launch of Lunacian Scholarship League in January 2021 for they “surmised that inter-scholarship tournaments could work.”

MetaSport CEO and SEAesport Business Director, Joe Josue pointed out in a tweet that in their entire journey organizing esports in Axie Infinity they have “received a lot of support as well as scrutiny for our parameters outlining the eligibility in our scholar locked main tournament.”

“We’ve tried our best to remain professional and democratic while also trying to keep competitiveness at its highest and most entertaining for 2 seasons in 2021,” he added.

The organization expounded their views about including “pros” (non-scholars) in a formerly all-scholar Axie Infinity gaming competition. They noted that defined terms for pro currently does not exist in Axie Infinity

Accordingly, MetaSports stressed that what a professional player is in each of the various modes of Axie Infinity may be defined, whether by Sky Mavis or the $AXS owning community, sooner or later.  However, they also pointed out that “there are more important things to address and we players should easily understand that.”

“Any ladder finish in Axie Infinity does not define anyone as a professional. We’ve had this thrown at us multiple times claiming professionals who have a ladder finish at X rank are pros and shouldn’t join LSL. This is simply not true by any final decision from Axie anywhere,” they said.

Further, they emphasized that owning or (not owning) your own Axies cannot define someone as a professional or not. 

“To close, we aren’t leaving any scholars behind in this. We believe many scholars can be the best, period. But until the time comes when a pro is defined, we’ll aim to create tournaments that serve all Lunacians. Especially in V3: Origin,” they added.

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