Axie Infinity is the World’s Most Googled NFT Collection

No surprise as Axie Infinity becomes the most Googled NFT collection according to a recent research.

Sky Mavis’ Axie Infinity has been revealed as the most Googled non-fungible token (NFT) collection in the world according to the data gathered by creative resource Design Bundles. The statistics studied were about the most sought-after NFTs based on the number of times they were searched on the said search engine each month.

With 3.86 million monthly global searches, Axie Infinity came out on top. The SandBox, a virtual world on metaverse, was second with 553,000 searches followed by NBA Top Shot, an NFT collection of NBA video highlights, with 477,000 searches.

Sorare, a blockchain game with a virtual football team with digital player cards, is in fourth place, receiving 417,000 global searches. Decentraland ranks as the fifth most googled NFT collection, with 201,000 global searches. Decentraland operates similarly to The Sandbox where users buy virtual plots of land through cryptocurrency.

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NFTs popularity on the other hand, also exploded in the recent months, with the global number of searches for “NFT” averaging at 5.1 million hits per month, increasing by almost five times that of late 2021.

Setting the standards higher one after another, Axie Infinity also reached another milestone at the beginning of the month as it surpassed $4 billion in total NFT trading volume according to the report of data acquisition and analysis company, DappRadar. (Read more: Axie Infinity Becomes First NFT Series to Exceed $4B in Sales)

Axie Infinity is also in DappRadar’s top ten (10) play-to-earn games based on the number of users. The game is at the sixth spot. (Read more: Top 10 Play-to-earn Games According to DappRadar)

Axie Infinity Bear Market - Zyori: Axie was Born During the Bear Market

Moreover, its Ethereum-based sidechain, Ronin, is also thriving as it recently ranked third with the most active addresses by chain according to a report by Nansen, a blockchain analytics platform. (Read more: Nansen: BSC, ETH, RON Top Chains with Most Active Addresses)

Sky Mavis also launched its Builder’s program last January to fulfill its mission to “build Axie alongside the community.” (Read more: Sky Mavis Wants Axies to be in Other Games Too)

The game developers are also gearing up with the upcoming Axie Infinity: Origin which is set to launch in Q1 of 2021. In a twitter space last February 16, Sky Mavis’ program lead Andrew Campbell (aka Zyori) and game products lead Philip La discussed the mechanics and features of the upcoming gameplay. (Read more: Sky Mavis Explains Planned SLP Burning Mechanisms in Axie Infinity Origin)

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