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Axie Infinity Season 19 and Balance Updates

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By Shiela Bertillo

The 19th season of  Axie Infinity, a popular play-to-earn non fungible token (NFT) game, officially started yesterday, November 10. A major rebalancing patch also went along with the season’s kick off as well.

The MMR in all accounts shall reset to 1200 MMR and for players aiming to climb the leaderboard, the new season promises 3,000 Axie Infinity Shards (AXS) in rewards, which is currently valued at $400,000+. The season will last for 40 days and will conclude on December 21st.

In regards with the card balancing, drastic changes have been made in attack, shield and effects of cards of various axie classes.

“We’ve made changes that will boost certain cards and balance the power of some cards that were overly prevalent in the meta. When we make these changes we look at data produced from the Last season, Leaderboard, Tournaments, as well as the most recent off-season.” the developers wrote.

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The balancing changes are indicated in the graphic below:

Part NameAttackShield—>AttackShieldClassDescription
Doubletalk800600BirdIgnore shield.
Apply sleep to target.
(this is just a text change
the effect does not change)
Gravel Ant30403030Bug
Grass Snake10202030ReptileApply 1 poison to target.
Thorny Caterpillar1053010030Bug
Risky Fish1103010520Aquatic
Shoal Star1151011010Aquatic
Tiny Turtle80507550Reptile
Garish Worm100509040Bug
Cute Bunny1203010035Bug
Post Fight12001100Bird
Dual Blade1302013020BeastDeal 200% damage on critical strikes.
Razor Bite90509555Reptile
Fish Snack60806090Bug
Buzz Buzz1004011040Bug
Rose Bud040050Plant
Twin Tail300400Bug
Red Ear1013510145Reptile
Scaly Spear1005011050Reptile
Wall Gecko90109020Reptile
Scarab1104011040BugTarget cannot be healed for 2 rounds.
Scaly Spoon80408050Reptile
Strawberry Shortcake00040Plant

Moreover, an update for crit formula has also been made to address the feedback received last season and this off-season. The developers noted that this might have been caused by  Axies with High Speed & HP having a higher average number of cards played per game which means that “despite critting less frequently as a percentage of cards played, these Axies were still critting too much relative to their morale as they had more opportunities, on average.”

“We’ve made bonus damage on critical strikes dependent on morale. So even if low morale Axies crit now, they’ll crit for less damage. We believe this will also balance high speed/high hp Axies which were becoming a bit too powerful in the meta.” the developers assured the players.

Lastly, the formula for calculating extra damage on combos from skill have also been changed which will increase the utility of skill as a stat as  “it was quite weak when compared to HP and Speed especially.”

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