Advertisement PDAX Banner & GavaGives Let You Donate to Charities Using Bitcoin

Photo for the Article - & GavaGives Let You Donate to Charities Using Bitcoin

Fintech and blockchain startup TraXion signed an agreement with mobile wallet service to incorporate crowdfunding site GavaGives into’s e-wallet.

GavaGives is a charity crowdfunding site where users can request for assistance from potential volunteers. It is like Kickstarter but with a focus on donations and charity. Users can directly pledge donations on GavaGives also powers the framework behind TraXion’s donating platform on blockchain.

Under the partnership, users can choose to donate money to GavaGives using their app.

How to Donate To Charities Using Bitcoin on

  1. Open the app.
  2. Go to “Bills Payments”.
  3. Go to Donations.
  4. Choose a charity that you want to help.
  5. Swipe to your bitcoin wallet and specify the amount. The minimum bitcoin amount should be worth Php 300.

On the payment page, users will see that transactions are processed by Gava.

In one way or another, this gives the option for users to donate money to charities using bitcoin.

List of partner charities:

  • Append
  • Caritas Manila
  • Gawad Kalinga
  • House of Hope Foundation
  • Kythe Foundation
  • Library Renewal Partnership
  • Philippine Disaster Resilience Foundation
  • Philippine Foundation for Breast Cancer
  • Saint Joseph Catholic Mission
  • San Jose Seminary
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The value in TraXion’s implementation of smart contract into GavaGives is not how users can donate money using bitcoin, but because it allows every participant to see exactly where the donations are going and how they are used. “Charity fraud creates public distrust toward charities,” said TraXion CEO Ann Cuisa. Using the blockchain, true transparency is achieved amongst charities and partner non-government organizations.

Traxion is a startup that aims to utilize the blockchain to make finance more accessible to everyone. Its suite of platforms includes the TraXionWallet, TraXionChain, and TraXionContract. is a mobile wallet service that doubles as a crypto wallet and an e-peso wallet. Users can buy load, pay bills, and buy and sell bitcoin and ethereum using the app.’