How to Mint Your First NFT With First Mint Fund | NFT Minting Party for Filipinos

Find how to apply to First Mint Fund so that artists in the Philippines can mint their first NFT art! For Free!

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First Mint Fund has partnered with Crypto Art Philippines group to hold the first NFT Minting Party in the Philippines on Feb. 6, 2022. First Mint Fund will provide free ETH to pay for gas fees for Filipino artists who will mint their NFT art for the first time!

What is the First Mint Fund? 

First Mint Fund was established by Colin Goltra and Gabby Dizon as a way to help more artists mint their NFT art on Ethereum. The key problem it solves? Minting fee on Ethereum is always high so the artist is risking to mint without guarantee that their art will be sold.

That’s where the First Mint Fund will come in. The fund will shoulder the minting fee of the person for their first NFT on Ethereum. This is called the artist’s “genesis” piece on the blockchain.  

Today, the fund is managed by globally renowned graphic designer  AJ Dimarucot to help artists not just in the Philippines but in Southeast Asia get started with crypto art.

When asked previously what happens when the funded artist sold their first piece, AJ confirmed neither the First Mint Fund nor the Narra Gallery receives a cut when the artist they support gets a sale. 

How to Join the NFT Minting Party

The First Mint Fund will collaborate with Crypto Art PH to host a minting fee where first time NFT artists will mint their NFT for the first time. The first of such event will happen this Sunday, Feb. 6, 2022.
Below are the steps to join:

  1. Apply at firstmintfund.com
  2. First Mint Fund will send the link to the Crypto Art Discord Group after an initial assessment
  3. That’s it! Just be there on the Crypto Art PH Discord group on the day of the NFT minting party!

Who Can Join the First Mint Fund NFT Minting Party? 

Artists who never have a piece minted on any blockchain. So you should be a first time minter. 
First Mint Fund is also looking for artists who already have an established portfolio. They will look at your art portfolio, your following on social media sites, etc, and other criteria.

What if I Already Minted on Another Blockchain?

You can still apply but know that the First Mint Fund will prioritize first time NFT art minters.

What Should I Prepare Before Going to the Minting Party?

  1. Your MetaMask Account
  2. OpenSea or Rarible Account
  3. Your Genesis piece
  4. You must have a Discord Account already
  5. A Twitter account too

Read these guides from BitPinas to help you get started: 

Finally, who are the people to follow on Twitter?

While you’re at it, please follow BitPinas and NFT Philippines as well.

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