Asset-Generating NFT Game Illuvium: Zero Launched

Illuvium land prices have increased by an average of 48% as it releases resource-generating NFT game Illuvium: Zero.

Illuvium Zero Feature

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  • Illuvium DAO unveils Illuvium: Zero, available on desktop and mobile. 
  • Though this is just the Alpha phase of the game, the developers highlighted that the game is open to the public and is free to play once it reached the Beta phase. 
  • This is the third game released by the DAO, the first two beta games are Illuvium: Arena and Illuvium: Overworld.

To further build their metaverse, Illuvium DAO releases their third game, Illuvium: Zero Alpha, on PC and mobile. For now, Alpha is only available to landowners, but the developers assured that once it is in Beta, Illuvium: Zero will become free to play and open to the public.

Illuvium: Zero Explained -- Free-to-Play City Builder Game (Mobile, PC & Mac)

Since the announcement of Alpha, Illuvium land prices have increased by an average of 48%. Currently, Illuvium reported that it has around 6,500 holders, where 20,000 land plots were sold to 5,000 players and successfully raised a total of $72 million in 2022 alone. 

Illuvium: Zero is part of the Illuvium game universe which consists of an open-world monster collector, auto battler, and city builder all built on the Ethereum Blockchain. Illuvium is attempting to build one of the first Interoperable blockchain games, or IBG, which includes a real-world economy that the players control. 

Before Zero, Illuvium opened up two beta games, Illuvium: Arena and Illuvium: Overworld, to a limited number of community members. The metaverse is set to be released on PC and Mac in 2023.

Illuvium: Zero LIVE Gameplay (Developer Walkthrough)

“Illuvium: Zero is one of the three pillars of the Illuvium Universe, and players will quickly see the utility of owning Illuvium Land. We can’t wait to see the gameplay strategies that develop as we continue to create the metagame amongst all Illuvium titles,” Illuvium co-founder and Chief Gaming Officer (CGO) Aaron Warwick said in a statement.

According to Illuvium’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO) John Avery, who is also the gaming lead on Illuvium: Zero alpha, he is confident that players of casual mobile games will enjoy the simple yet intricate gameplay of Zero and the ability to influence the in-game pricing of Illuvium’s other games.

Photo for the Article - Asset-Generating NFT Game Illuvium: Zero Launched

“One of the unique aspects of Illuvium Zero is the deep interaction between the in-game economy and real-world markets. Players can use their in-game industrial complex to create and transform ERC-20 tokens, which leads to interesting possibilities. For example, you can use your in-game factories to convert one token to another to take advantage of small market differences (arbitrage),” he stated.

For Zero, players will be able to benefit from the pre-release games; Land Owners can collect Blueprints, which are required to produce Skins used by Rangers and Drones in the Illuvium Universe.

And when asked about utilizing non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in their games, Warwick expressed that Illuvium’s goal is to change the negative connotation of these assets.

“We’re built on a carbon-neutral platform Immutable X, which removes the environmental pushback. We’re also building our Universe with the gamers in mind, which means we care about the experience, not the ability to earn; if players do earn inside our Universe, consider it a bonus,” he explained.

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