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Artists See Early Success on Local NFT App Mintoo on PDAX

Photo for the Article - Artists See Early Success on Local NFT App Mintoo on PDAX

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Editing by Nathaniel Cajuday and Michael Mislos

  • Ten Filipino artists from different genres collaborated on the Mintoo-exclusive collection, “Artist Series: New Horizons” available on the local NFT app Mintoo on PDAX.
  • Two of the artists – Lucius Felimus and Alchemyst – already sold out their works on Mintoo and shared their experiences with BitPinas.
  • Mintoo is accessible via the web at and allows users to trade digital collectibles directly in Philippine Peso, without requiring decentralized wallets.

Ten artists from different art genres and styles have come together to release the Mintoo-exclusive collection, “Artist Series: New Horizons.” Two of the artists — Lucius Felimus and Alchemyst, whose works have already sold out on Mintoo — shared their experiences with BitPinas

Photo for the Article - Artists See Early Success on Local NFT App Mintoo on PDAX
The artists. Photo from Mintoo Twitter

According to the platform, the “Artist Series: New Horizons” embodies the artists’ interpretations of the theme and encourages the viewers to “explore beyond the familiar, to embrace the infinite possibilities that lie ahead, and push the boundaries of convention.”

Mintoo is also accessible via the web here:  

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BitPinas is one of the first media outlets that learned about the launch of Mintoo. It is built on the Polygon blockchain inside the PDAX app or website. It will allow users to trade digital collectibles directly in Philippine Peso, and no longer requires decentralized wallets, unlike other marketplaces. 



Photo for the Article - Artists See Early Success on Local NFT App Mintoo on PDAX

Alchemyst is a creative wanderer who enjoys trying out different artistic styles. According to a statement, the foundation of his art is anchored in the yearning to establish a profound connection with others. 

Alchemyst has already sold out on Mintoo, and shared with BitPinas his thoughts about the experience:

As someone who has minted NFTs on various marketplaces, I can confidently say that the Mintoo NFT platform stands out due to its user-friendly interface and clean design. Additionally, Mintoo’s integration with the PDAX platform and acceptance of PHPT payment for its digital collectibles makes it a convenient option for local collectors. With Mintoo, creators like myself can avoid the complexities of the minting process and instead focus on the creative aspect, leaving the technical details to the platform. Overall, Mintoo simplifies the NFT minting process, allowing artists to effortlessly create and sell their digital works of art.

His first artworks launched on the Mintoo platform are called “Innocent Wanderers,” “Colorful Chaos,” and “Wild and Free.” Each of these artworks depicts children being themselves in a colorful and fun environment. 

According to Alchemyst, “those who retain a sense of wonder, creativity, and playfulness, are often considered to be the most cultured and enlightened.”

The price of his artworks ranges from 15,000-20,000 PHPT. 

Marv del Mundo

Photo for the Article - Artists See Early Success on Local NFT App Mintoo on PDAX

Marv del Mundo is a freelance illustrator, comic book, digital, and NFT artist. His prior professional experience encompasses serving as a storyboard and animation colorist in the advertising industry and functioning as a 2D artist for a video game corporation.

In the NFT space, he has participated in various local and global initiatives, including The Big Dream Project, Crypto Art Week Asia, the Pranksy Collection, and Meatspace’s “The Other Side” exhibition, among others. 

Del Mundo released three artworks for the “Artist Series: New Horizons” called “Perseverance,” “Curiosity,” and “Silence.” Each cost 50,000 PHPT.

Lucius Felimus

Photo for the Article - Artists See Early Success on Local NFT App Mintoo on PDAX

Apart from being a professional architect, Lucius Felimus is also a multi-disciplinary cyberpunk artist, specializing in different digital art mediums including photography, photo painting, architectural design, 3D rendering, generative modeling, animation, glitch art, and font design. 

Lucius has already sold out on Mintoo and has shared his experience with BitPinas:

For me, the biggest advantage has been the marketing and the exposure, as Mintoo is operated by PDAX which is one of the best-known crypto apps in the Philippines and there was quite a lot of press coverage for the launch. As a small unknown artist, this is what I need the most to get my name out there, and this was actually the first time I was featured on big publications such as ABS-CBN and YGG.

There was also the feature to set your own utility for the digital tokens, which in my case was digital licensing rights, access to the 3D model, and a free canvas print. Tje buyers have not contacted me yet regarding this, but I hope they do very soon!

As an architect, Lucius specializes in worldbuilding environments, sceneries, and the architecture of futuristic neon worlds—mostly based on a vision of Cyberpunk Manila—while incorporating elements of Philippine urban culture.

He first entered the NFT space in 2021 through Tezos’ digital art platforms. 

Felimus released three artworks in Mintoo. It is a series of three cyberpunk-themed cityscapes called “Ecumenopolis.” The artwork “Ecumenopolis II: Mirror Dimension”—the remaining available NFT—is being sold for around 5,000 PHPT; currently, “Ecumenopolis I: Dark Reflection” and “Ecumenopolis III: Reality Inversion” are already purchased, and both were purchased for 4,800 PHPT. Buyers of his works will receive a physical 40cm by 50cm signed canvas print of the art.

Gian Ferrer

Photo for the Article - Artists See Early Success on Local NFT App Mintoo on PDAX

Gian Ferrer is a freelance graphic designer and creative entrepreneur. He runs two small businesses: an art brand called “estitiks,” and an event-organizing group called “HOHOL events.”

Last year, he was part of the Mint and Greet event, which was organized by BitPinas. Ferrer together with CryptoArt Ph’s Jopet Arias, and @Harleen_Bloom led the wallet creation workshop, with Arias showcasing a live minting demonstration.

For the series, he released three artworks called “Wormhole” for 10,000 PHPT, “Self” for 1,000 PHPT, and “Broken” for 250 PHPT. “Self” has 10 editions, while “Broken” has 100.  

Auggie Fontanilla

Photo for the Article - Artists See Early Success on Local NFT App Mintoo on PDAX

Auggie Fontanilla’s artistic practice is heavily influenced by street art and culture that mesh with Filipino religious heritage. According to him, his art background can be linked to his earlier activities of creating graffiti and using stickers. 

As one of the co-founders of the Pilipinas Street Plan and a member of the KST crew, Fontanilla incorporates influences from various sources, such as tattoo culture, Americana, gangs, and prison emblems. He maintains a personal journal where he sketches designs resembling traditional tattoos.

Fontanilla released six 1/1 gif-like graffiti-themed artworks on Mintoo. The works are called “Anak ka ng tatay mo,” “Bawal,” “ Talipapa,” “Lalaban pero hindi susuko,” “Pagkabuhay,” and “Sugod!” All six NFTs are priced at 12,000 PHPT. 

Ab Hong 

Photo for the Article - Artists See Early Success on Local NFT App Mintoo on PDAX

Ab Hong, a Manila-based artist, creates collages that blend found photographs, clippings, and personal introspection to challenge viewers’ perceptions of reality. Her layered compositions, which combine analog and digital techniques, reflect her contemplations on the human condition. 

Her works have been featured in Art in the Park. Hong is also the co-founder of the Manila Collage Collective, a group dedicated to bringing together collage artists and promoting collage in the Filipino art scene. 

Most of her artworks on the platform have multiple editions; “Padayon” has 50 editions, “Stillness of Memory” has 16 editions, “You look lonely” has 12 editions, and “Remains of the Day” has 24 editions. Her “Rest” artwork, on the other hand, is 1/1. The prices for this range from a minimum of 2,400 PHPT up to 3,450 PHPT. 


Photo for the Article - Artists See Early Success on Local NFT App Mintoo on PDAX

Marso, a Filipino illustrator on the rise, creates illustrations that portray an alternate reality through the use of magic, fantasy, and imagination. Their work is characterized by playful pastel colors and precise, unique geometrical lines that come together to form flat, glass-like designs.

Marso has mostly participated in web3 exhibitions like Crypto Artweek Asia, Asiaverse, and NFT NYC.

In her guesting on the BitPinas’ webcast, she highlighted that the most important skill a person must have in the NFT space is marketing skills, emphasizing that “you must put yourself out there.”

Her artworks “I’m Moving Forward” and “It’s Time to Change” both have eight editions and cost 6,000 PHPT each, while “Goodbye Old You” has three editions for 7,000 PHPT each.

Lei Melendres 

Photo for the Article - Artists See Early Success on Local NFT App Mintoo on PDAX

Lei Melendres is a freelance illustrator who dedicates himself to his craft full-time. His specialty lies in creating illustrations, specifically in the form of doodle art. Lei’s artistry is a blend of various elements, as he utilizes the “Infinity Mix” style he coined to add a plethora of details and components, resulting in a highly intricate and captivating work of art. 

In addition to being one of the Philippines’ representatives for AsiaVerse and his features on various NFT-related websites, he has made a name for himself by contributing to significant NFT exhibitions and galleries both in the physical world and within the Metaverse, including Crypto Voxels and Decentraland. 

Moreover, as a member of CryptoArt PH, he has collaborated with other artists to exhibit their works in several group shows that have been displayed in different galleries throughout the metro area.

Last February, Melendres, along with his partner organizations Ownly and Meatspace, unveiled the largest blockchain-integrated physical art in the Philippines. The art is approximately 75 feet by 40 feet of physical mural art in Sta. Mesa, Manila, titled “Existential Voyage.” Its digital counterpart is minted on the Tezos blockchain with only 100 editions, which come with physical spray cans each.

Last year, he also attended the Albay Multimedia Arts Convention (AMAC) as a speaker, where he discussed the topic “Illustration With NFT.” 

For his “New Horizon Series” entries, he minted black-and-white doodle-like art on the platform. The artworks titled “Doodle Medley” and “Fusion Community” have 20 editions each, while “Harmonious Chaos” has 23. The artworks can be bought for around 550–850 PHPT.

Shelly Soneja

Photo for the Article - Artists See Early Success on Local NFT App Mintoo on PDAX

Shelly Soneja works as an art director and digital illustrator. Her artistic expression and technique draw inspiration from the cartoons, video games, and comics that shaped her childhood. Her paintings feature a dynamic and enchanting style, rich in hues and vividness, where she employs the female form to delve into various themes, emotions, and atmospheres.

Soneja’s first NFT-related experience was in 2018, when she created art for NFT-related games. Two years later, she started minting her own cryptoart. 

Accordingly, the digital illustrator has been invited to speak at various events on topics related to NFTs. She shared her NFT journey during a talk at Art Fair Philippines, while she discussed “How to Connect Artists to a Global Audience through NFTs” at the Philippine Web3 Festival.

Soneja unveiled three artworks for the series, all of which are 1/1. The NFTs are called “Unchained”, “Flux,” and “Into Your Depths.” Each of these is available for 50,000 PHPT.


Photo for the Article - Artists See Early Success on Local NFT App Mintoo on PDAX

Tony Tuason or Tonstee creates mixed-media artworks that blend classical and contemporary elements, resulting in a unique mix of surrealism, modern fashion, and even graffiti. His collages are made using various materials and techniques, with the aim of highlighting ‌beauty in the midst of chaos and encouraging self-awareness.

Tonstee has two versions of an artwork called “New View” for the “Artist Series: New Horizons” collection—the Day and Night variations, which both have 100 available editions. Every edition of these variants is being sold for 1,000 PHPT. 

How to purchase NFTs in Mintoo?

  • Step 1: Open the app or the website. 
  • Step 2: Tap on “Collectibles,” and it will redirect you to Mintoo. 
  • Step 3: View the collections available. Select which collectible you wish to purchase and tap “Buy”. 
  • Step 4: Review your PHPT balance and the price details and tap “Next.”
  • Step 5: Tap “Buy” to confirm your purchase order. 
  • Step 6: You can tap “Go to Transaction History” to view the status of your order. 
  • Step 7: Once your order is successful, you can now view your collectibles in your Mintoo account. 

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