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Revv Racing YGG Cup Announced

Revv Racing, the first fully hands-on, full racing experience on the blockchain, is set to host YGG cup, sponsored by Yield Guild Games with Animoca Brands. Taking place between September 10 to 16, 2021, the YGG Cup has a prize pool of $150,000, of which $12,000, $9,000, and $4,500 will go to the top 3 players that will win the tournament. 

Yield Guild Games is a 50,000 player community that invests in yield-generating digital assets, called non-fungible tokens. Headed by Filipino founders Gabby Dizon and Beryl Li, together with Owl of Moistness, YGG aims to optimize its assets to bring economic opportunities to people. 

REVV Racing Trailer - First-Ever Arcade Simulation Car Racing Blockchain Game | Animoca Brands

Revv Racing is the first fully hands-on racing experience and one of the games developed by Animoca Brands for its metaverse of racing games, which also includes F1 Delta Time and Moto GP. Revv Racing differs by bringing the full racing experience on the blockchain that traditional players are familiar with. “It’s fully hands-on, a full racing experience where you are able to take full control of your car, a game that the core racing gamers are more familiar with.” Matt Solomon, Brand Lead at Animoca Brands said in a previous interview with BitPinas

According to Gabby Dizon, Revv Racing is setting the standard for car racing games in the play-to-earn category, where players can own, customize, share, and profit from their NFT assets (which in Revv Racing’s case, are the cars.) “This gives players more control than has ever been possible in the gaming world and that’s exactly the kind of empowerment we want to see as we continue our mission to onboard billions of players to the metaverse.”

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Interestingly, Revv Racing’s play-to-earn mechanic, Matt said previously, is still in “preliminary stages.” Currently, car owners can share a link that they can give to another person for them to drive. This is somehow similar to how Axie Infinity scholarship managers lent out their Axies to other players (called “scholars”), the difference is that the link shared to the person who will use the Revv car can only race once. “We don’t yet have a system to lock down any agreements between owners and racers and to automatically distribute the rewards between owners and racers now, but this is something we would like to release in the future,” Matt added.

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Check out the YGG Cup at

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Disclosure: The writer owns Revv cars after trying out the game. 

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