Samsung Galaxy S10 Has Built-In Support for Blockchain Apps

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February 21, 2019 – In a press release that formally announces its new flagship phone, Samsung included a paragraph explaining a “built-in defense-grade Samsung Knox, secure storage backed by hardware” within the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10.

Samsung Knox is a feature that uses hardware security that allows storage of private keys for blockchain apps. It is not mentioned whether it is a full-scale wallet or if it’s only a private key storage support that developers can use to create their own bitcoin wallets.

Recently, the first images appeared on the web of what is called the “Samsung Blockchain Key Store“. These leaked images show a blockchain wallet within the Samsung Galaxy S10 that is said to support ETH, ERC20 tokens, bitcoin, and bitcoin cash. The leaks showed explicitly that the software supported ethereum. The previous report also mentioned security functions like recovery phrases and that Samsung doesn’t have access to your keys. (Read More:Ā The Best Cryptocurrency Wallets to Use in the Philippines)

However, none of the above was mentioned in the Samsung press release unveiling the S10.

Many pondered the positive implications of crypto wallet included by default in a mobile phone, let alone a Samsung flagship phone. In an earlier report on BitPinas, Forbes writer Joseph Young was quoted saying this feature is bigger than BAKKT and Bitcoin ETFs, two things that the wider crypto market thinks will spike a bull run. He said “crypto integration to S10 is bigger than BAKKT and ETF because ā€œno one really knows what kind of exposure ETF and Bakkt will provide, meanwhile, millions of people will definitely use Samsung phones.”

Another company – HTC has marketed its Exodus phone as a blockchain phone.

This article is first published on BitPinas:Ā Samsung Galaxy S10 Has Built-In Support for Blockchain Apps

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