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Why Axie Infinity Increases Marketplace Fees

To support the launch of Axie Creators Code program, which aims to give incentives to creators for onboarding new players. Sky Mavis will implement a marketplace fee adjustment on March 7, 2022.

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Vietnam-based play-to-earn Axie Infinity recently announced that it will be increasing the marketplace fee to 5.25%; fee adjustment will be implemented by March 7, 2022. The developers noted that the adjusted fee will be used to facilitate Axie creator codes which will give creators a 1% cut of marketplace volume.

“For transactions that involve a creator code, the Community Treasury will receive 4.25%, while 1% will be shared with the creator. For transactions that don’t involve the creator code, the Community Treasury will receive the full 5.25% fee.”

– Sky Mavis

Axie Creator Code is a new system introduced by Sky Mavis to the community-driven Axie Infinity where creators can receive incentives (similar to how commissions work) whenever they refer new players into the game.

According to the developers, the Creator codes will be used to “drive a proliferation of Axie content across all major social channels by incentivizing creators to supercharge the awesome work they do around spreading Axie Infinity and onboarding new players.”

In a series of tweets, Jeffrey “Jihoz” Zirlin explained the pros and cons of the project in the community. He emphasized the importance of creators in Axie’s ecosystem. According to him, they “create so much value by making educational and cultural content that makes the game more fun and rewarding for the entire community.”

Sky Mavis also spotlighted that through the program, Axie Infinity can give back to the community without having to negatively impact the flow of funds into the Community Treasury, a shared pool of funds owned by all AXS holders.

Aside from the upcoming marketplace adjustment fee, the developers also implemented drastic changes regarding the game’s economic aspect last month as it removed the rewards in adventure mode and daily quest. (Read more: Why Axie Infinity is Removing Rewards in Adventure and Daily Quest to Zero SLP)

Moreover, following their drive to “build Axie alongside the community” Sky Mavis also launched its Builder’s program last January. (Read more: Sky Mavis Wants Axies to be in Other Games Too)

Axie Infinity: Origin is also set to launch in Q1 of 2021. In a twitter space last February 16, Sky Mavis’ program lead Andrew Campbell (aka Zyori) and game products lead Philip La discussed the mechanics and features of the upcoming gameplay. (Read more: Sky Mavis Explains Planned SLP Burning Mechanisms in Axie Infinity Origin)

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