Masked on Buttons: Pinoy NFT in Cardano

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By Shiela Bertillo

As the NFT (non fungible token) craze continues to grow, more Filipinos are getting on to ride the wave. 

Masked on Buttons (MOB) is another Filipino pride that is making waves on this trend; the project is based on the Cardano blockchain, an open-source decentralized public blockchain platform. 

The MOB project which features hand-drawn button-eyed creatures wearing face masks, has gained a considerable following in social media, and are waiting for their drops.

The project’s appeal comes from their unique approach to NFT art where their drops form a story. It is set in a sci-fi fantasy world where people are forced to wear masks and sew their eyes shut with buttons to stave off a mysterious mutation. 

Moreover, according to its roadmap, the MOB team plans to release animated renditions of different locations in the MOB City where the locations and scenarios will have animation, sound effects, and unique music for each.

The people behind MOB recognize that the community “plays an integral part in MOB’s world-building”, and they try to “actively engage with them.”

“Having a community that believes in us and what we can do is essential to the growth of the project.” the MOB team said in a statement.

Currently, MOB has about 6,000 members in its Discord server that enjoy their community events which include quiz parties, fan art competitions, and rewards for members who engage with other users the most. 

Further, the team gave back beyond the online ones. Masked on Buttons, with the help of their online community, has donated a part of the earnings from their Halloween Treat to FundLife International’s COVID-19 Emergency Response.

Prior to MOB a lot of Filipinos have also ventured into the NFT wave.

This month alone engaged media personalities Nadine Lustre, Heart Evangelista and Pia Wurtzbach joined the NFT world as they released their own or participated in a project. 

While, Miss Universe Philippines, and the National Book Development Board (NBDB), as well as Filipino local brand Team Manila are among the entities that tried NFTs.

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