Axie Infinity Origin Launch Week Starts, Game Launches on April 7

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Sky Mavis unveiled a full schedule of leaks and events planned over the next seven days, as well as the culminating event for the alpha launch of Axie Infinity: Origin on April 7.

“We had originally planned to launch Origin today. After the security breach, we needed to reprioritize some team members, and shift the launch date by one week,” Sky Mavis wrote in a tweet.

The developers stated that although Axie Infinity: Origin is ready for soft launch, the launch week was decided to give the engineering and security team an additional window of time to deeply investigate all implications of the breach, before asking for their full attention to support Origin’s release.

In the week leading up to launch, Sky Mavis geared up to “engage with the community and share with you all plenty of leeks leading to next week’s release!”

For the first day of the launch week, March 30, the developers released the official gameplay teaser of Origin.

For the next few days, there will be an Origin Launch contest, and runes and charms releases via Twitter and Discord, Origin preview stream, release of arena mode guild, release of Starter Axie lore, and finally the release for download of Axie Infinity: Origin Alpha through Mavis Hub.

Axie Infinity Origin Launch Week

“Over the next week, we’ll be sharing Runes and Charms from several classes. For the first four announcements, we’ll have some help from a few well-known community members: Ryan | MT8 (axiefaction), Kathleen, ZioAxie, and Kookoo & Myrtle, ” the developers wrote.

Further, the final announcements will be made by the winners of the Origin Launch Social Media Contests.

“We are incredibly excited to get Origin into the hands of our community! Even though we’re not able to share it with you today as planned, we’re hoping that the onslaught of videos and content we’ve prepared will help prepare you once it’s available next week.” –Sky Mavis

Origin Launch Contest

The Origin Launch contest which will commence today, March 31, will have 3 sub-contents where the community can participate; Custom Origin Card, Acro Beast Lore, and Starter Axie Cosplay.

For the Custom Origin Card contest, participants would design a custom Origin card. They will be provided with blank card templates; they could revamp an existing ability, create a new OP ability, make a meme card out of your favorite influencer, and more!

As simple as its name, the Acro Beast Lore aims to write a twitter thread telling us the Origin story of the Acro Beast. The developers noted that “the more detailed, the better.”

In the Starter Axie Cosplay, contenders are “welcome to muster up their best Puffy, Buba or Olek looks.”

To submit entries, participants must post their content using hashtag #OriginLaunch on Twitter. The content will be judged by members of the Sky Mavis team. One winner will be chosen and invited to officially leek the Reptile Runes & Charms on Wednesday, April 6.

Origin Preview Stream

This coming Saturday, April 2, 10am EST, Program and contents lead Andrew Campbell (aka Zyori) and guests from the Axie team will be live on the official Axie Twitch account to stream an internal gameplay session. The stream will be the community’s “first opportunity to see the completed alpha build live and in action.”

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