Sports Personalities Join YGG Web3 Games Summit for Live Gameplay Demo

Watch PBA legends Jared ‘Daredevil’ Dillinger, Christian Standhardinger, and Tony Bishop, Jr. in a live Riftstorm demo at the YGG Web3 Games Summit.

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PBA veteran Jared ‘Daredevil’ Dillinger, along with PBA players Christian Standhardinger and Tony Bishop, Jr., will participate in a live gameplay demo during the YGG Web3 Games Summit on November 22 at Shangri-La The Fort. The basketball players will compete against YGG Elite in an esports showdown.

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PBA Players at YGG W3GS

Dillinger will be bringing his former Gilas Pilipinas teammate and reigning PBA Governor’s Cup Best Player of the Conference Standhardinger and recent Gin Kings import Bishop, Jr. to go head to head with professional eSports athlete Disi, YGG Esports Elite Captain for the demo of Riftstorm by Mythic Protocol.

Riftstorm is an upcoming multiplayer cooperative top-down action shooter game that allows players to assume the role of elite secret operatives and battle supernatural entities while exploring strange new worlds beyond our own. The game is slated to be released on Steam and will feature cross-play between mobile, console, and PC platforms. Riftstorm is currently in Early Access and is expected to remain in this state for at least one year.

In a media release, Mench Dizon, Country Head of YGG Pilipinas, said the YGG Web3 Games Summit aims to reimagine the way that elite gamers, athletes, artists, and content creators engage with their fans while uncovering new revenue streams.

“For example, digital collectibles and memorabilia can be created as verifiably rare and exclusive NFTs. It’s even possible to tokenize a sports team, an athlete, or an artist, so that fans can own a direct stake, granting them voting rights, access to special events, and other unique experiences,” Dizon explained.

In this regard, she highlighted that web3 is furthering the competitive gaming and esports industries by using blockchain technology to guarantee instant, transparent, and fair compensation for tournament winners in the form of cash prizes.

“Increasingly, even the trophies and awards are being issued to esports athletes as non-transferable NFTs, known as Soulbound Tokens, or SBTs, as proof of the competitor’s accomplishments,” Dizon added, noting that YGG also issues SBTs in recognition of the achievements of its own guild members.

Photo for the Article - Sports Personalities Join YGG Web3 Games Summit for Live Gameplay Demo

W3GS Cosplay Competition and Games

According to the media release, acclaimed cosplayers Gelo Grayson, Kang Dupet, and Leny Ming will also be participating in the event as judges of the summit’s Cosplay Competition. 

The competition will feature thirty Filipino cosplayers presenting their best costumes in an attempt to win a share of the P60,000 prize pool, along with other exciting prizes such as exclusive merchandise and sponsored freebies.

In addition to the aforementioned activities, the YGG W3GS will also feature more than 40 Web3 games and projects that will be showcased during the three-day expo. 

These include:

  • Ragnarok Landverse
  • Pixelmon
  • Parallel
  • HyperPlay
  • AuraNFT
  • Mighty Action Heroes
  • Anito Legends
  • MetaCene
  • Star Atlas
  • Axie Infinity: Origins
  • Cryptopia
  • CardsAhoy!
  • Nine Chronicles
  • Brilliantcrypto
  • Riftstorm
  • Sunflower Land

Accordingly, content creators and esports athletes will provide attendees with a sneak peek into these games’ gameplay and compete in a three-day tournament for a chance to win cash prizes.


Web3 Ventures of Dillinger

In 2022, Dillinger partnered with the crypto exchange to produce “Courtside Crypto,” a series of educational videos and social media engagements to empower basketball fans and Filipinos to take control of their finances.

Prior to that, he also collaborated with esports and gaming agency Tier One who will also be present on the YGG W3GS. 

Dillinger was also present at the launch of GCash’s non-fungible token (NFT) “House of Ohlala” in May, during which the company also introduced its newest metaverse initiative, the GCrypto NFT Hub.

He was also one of the debaters for the fourth edition of Bitskwela’s Bull or Bear debate series in Cebu City in June.

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