Homegrown Collection Tambay NFT Launches Web3 Journal

The 30-day journal is the group’s contribution to web3 education in the Philippines.

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Months after its release, the Filipino non-fungible token (NFT) collection, Tambay OG, launched a new initiative, the “Road of Web3 Less Travelled” journal, a 30-day investment challenge addressing the challenging learning curve for newcomers in the web3 space. The project aims to empower individuals with self-reliant learning opportunities, providing a comprehensive guide to navigate web3.

Road of Web3 Less Travelled

According to the media release, the Tambay community aims to overcome the challenges of existing online courses through this guide.

“The journal, heartfully crafted and designed by none other than the Kapitana of the community, will serve as a guide for those newcomers to jump-start their journey into the intricate landscape of web3,” the statement read. 

Moreover, Tambay NFT noted that the name of the journal reflects the path into the world of digital decentralization as a captivating and challenging expedition—”a journey that entices many but is only ventured upon by the determined few who seek a profound understanding of its essence.” 

Photo for the Article - Homegrown Collection Tambay NFT Launches Web3 Journal


The “Road of Web3 Less Travelled” journal begins with an initial assessment to gauge the learner’s existing knowledge of web3. 

The press release noted that it employs diverse and engaging methods, including vocabulary-building exercises, captivating short stories, insightful self-assessments, enjoyable trivia, simplified content discussions, stimulating quizzes, and daily challenges. 

This comprehensive methodology intends to ensure that uniformity is eliminated and any potential ambiguities are effectively addressed. The goal is to provide a thorough guide that aims to equip learners with the necessary knowledge to comprehend the intricacies of web3.

“This engaging and informative journal acts as a stepping stone, fostering a newfound passion for web3 enthusiasts. Through this 30-day challenge, participants are poised to take their first strides into web3, paving the way for further exploration and discovery of its boundless possibilities,” the PR concluded.


Photo for the Article - Homegrown Collection Tambay NFT Launches Web3 Journal

According to Tambay OG, the crafting of the journal was led by the Kapitana of the community.

As per the press release, Kapitana – Trexia Olaya – is a seasoned educator with a master’s degree in education management, who ensures the journal caters precisely to learners’ needs. 

Emphasizing her expertise in curriculum development and pedagogical methodologies, Tambay NFT disclosed that she has intricately crafted the guide to eliminate confusion and nurture a profound understanding of web3.

Tambay NFT News

In July, the collection was successfully sold out on the Mintoo marketplace. Mintoo Studios, the creative behind the Mintoo NFT Marketplace, spearheads the Tambay OG Project, challenging conventions in the digital collectible industry. 

In the August edition of Bitcoin, Beer, and Bitstories, the people behind the collection revealed that they maintained an active community by focusing on entertainment and sharing humorous videos to navigate through the challenges of a bear market.

The Tambay OG NFT is minted on the Polygon blockchain via the Mintoo Digital Collectible marketplace and consists of a 504-profile picture (PFP) collection that celebrates Filipino culture and humor. Created to foster a community known for “Pinoy diskarte” and share community-sourced life hacks, the collection draws inspiration from local comic artists such as Tarantadong Kalbo, Pupung, Larry Alcala, and Pugad Baboy. 

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