YEY.Tech to Boost Kusho World’s Web3 Push

Kusho World stressed that the partnership aims to establish the NFT collection as a flagship example within the web3 ecosystem by leveraging YEY’s community and fandom features.

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Kusho World, a Filipino-produced anime-inspired NFT collection, announced its partnership with YEY, an “experience” platform focusing on fandom engagement developed by the metaverse guild hub BlockchainSpace (BSPC).

The partnership aims to promote interaction in the web3 industry, particularly within the collection’s community.

Kusho and YEY Partnership

Photo for the Article - YEY.Tech to Boost Kusho World’s Web3 Push

In a press release, Kusho World highlighted the partnership’s goal to establish the NFT collection as a flagship example in the web3 ecosystem by leveraging YEY’s community and fandom features. This goal will be achieved through unique user experiences, rewards systems, and overall community mapping and growth.

As to what the unique experiences will be, Joe Josue, who now leads Kusho World said the NFT collection, along with its IP and community around will be provided by Yey with tools to support its community activities.

We’ve already begun the integration of YEY tools like POAPs (proof of attendance), Gachas, Raffles that we were previously manually doing. Kusho now gets our own dashboard now as well to better understand our community. Lastly, we are building out some products in Kusho, and we’re exploring deep integration using the data and Shinys of YEY.

Joe Josue, Kusho World

Partnership Strategy

The partnership is driven by three strategies: community integration, co-branding and co-marketing, and developing technical integration.

Photo for the Article - YEY.Tech to Boost Kusho World’s Web3 Push
Joe Josue, Lead, Kusho World

“Kusho World will integrate YEY platform features into all community activities and rewards systems, enhancing user experience and fostering deeper engagement,” the NFT collection commented about the community integration strategy. 

In terms of co-branding, Kusho World appears to be the flagship partner of YEY to promote the platform’s ecosystem and will serve as a central case study in YEY’s expansion activities. With the NFT collection’s growing developer holder and partner community, members can expect to unlock new avenues for innovation using the YEY Platform.

Josue said the partnership with YEY is something that fell into place “at a great time.”

As previously mentioned, much of the community efforts at Kusho were being done manually by its team, and they needed a software that is cost effective while at the same time allowing them to understand the Kusho community better.

“Enter YEY. They saw potential in what the community and IP had, did testing with us quietly, and now we’ve taken it to the next level.”

Joe Josue, Kusho World

What is YEY

Photo for the Article - YEY.Tech to Boost Kusho World’s Web3 Push

Developed by BlockchainSpace, YEY intends to empower fandoms by offering unique NFTs called Shinys that could represent membership, access to rewards, and events for online communities.

YEY was the experience platform for FIBA World Cup 2023 which took place in the Philippines, Japan, and Indonesia. This was a collaborative effort between BlockchainSpace and Smart.

In a statement, Peter Ing, founder of BlockchainSpace, said Kusho has the fundamental building blocks  of a strong community, the ability to build, and an IP that is rich in Philippine lore.

This, as per Ing, is a recipe for exponential growth. 

YEY will not only help in this growth by being the community engagement platform that’s embedded in Kusho, but YEY also benefits from the initiatives we will work on together from our partnership, whether it’s from enriching the intersection of Shinys and the Kusho brand, or from having access to the developer base in the Kusho community to help build out cool new features that we can both bring to all the other fandoms out there. It’s about building together. 

Peter Ing, Founder, BlockchainSpace

Kusho World’s Revival

Kusho World attracted attention in the #CryptoPH community during its launch in 2022, aiming to promote Filipino artistry and educate the local community about the potential of NFTs. 

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However, the project experienced inactivity despite community support, and founder Yuann Acosta stepped down in November 2022, citing external events and the market downturn as factors.

Since then, the project has shown signs of a rug-ish team, with expectations that it would soon die out. A breakthrough occurred when MetaSports Co-Founder Joe Josue announced his personal acquisition of the project.

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“Originally one of the most promising PH-born NFT projects, I believe there’s hope to build something new and global from the ruins of the fallen ‘Shinsekai’ (Kusho’s world) and us the abandoned citizens, the ‘Shojin’ (collection holders),” said Josue.

BitPinas interviewed Josue through a Twitter Space, where he shared his plans, including establishing it as a legal entity, securing trademarks, and ensuring legal compliance to protect the brand and intellectual property. 

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Months later, Josue confirmed he has “taken official reign” to lead the NFT project, now an intellectual property supported by his company MetaSports.

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Photo for the Article - YEY.Tech to Boost Kusho World’s Web3 Push
Kusho World Team at UP Los Baños

Recently, Kusho World started its campaign to introduce more people to blockchain technology, including NFTs as a use case, by partnering with the University of the Philippines Los Baños Computer Science Society for the “UNCHAINED: The Internet, Reimagined with Web 3.0” event held in February 2024.

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