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With numerous ways to get bitcoin in PH, one such method is dealing with! Learn more about how to use the platform here!

There are many ways to get bitcoin. You can either create the bitcoin yourself through mining, or you buy bitcoins. But how can you buy bitcoins in the Philippines? In this article, we will discuss using


While there’s an extensive list of places you can buy bitcoin online, we in the Philippines have the option to buy bitcoins with just one trip to the convenience store and an internet connection.

One such website where you can buy and sell bitcoins is BSP-accredited Using their site, it is easy for you to convert your pesos into Bitcoin (and vice versa). What’s more, you do not need a bank account or credit card to do so. And while banks does not often allow you to deposit during Saturdays and Sundays, with, you can buy bitcoin on weekends!

Note that you can also buy and sell cryptocurrency like bitcoin cash and ethereum as well on this platform.

How to Buy Bitcoins using

  1. Sign up here.
    1. Don’t forget to link your mobile number. You will need it.
  2. Top up your account.
    1. Go to 7-Eleven’s Cliq Kiosk and specify the amount you want to put on your wallet
    2. Pay the amount to the counter
    3. The money should then be reflected to your wallet within minutes (sometimes immediately)
  3. Go to the app (or website)
  4. Use the convert button to turn the peso amount into Bitcoins.

That’s it!

How to Sell Bitcoins using

  1. Click your Bitcoin wallet
  2. Click “Convert”
  3. Specify the amount in Pesos that you want to be converted from Btc

Advantages of using

  1. Cash in using 7-eleven. 7-eleven has thousands of stores in the Philippines. There are other cash-in options available
  2. Easy quick conversion tool within the app.
  3. is recognized by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas. This means the business is legally authorized to operate.
    1. Also because of this, you can safely link your bank account so that you can immediately buy bitcoins with BPI, Union Bank, and Security Bank.
    2. It has VC license and e-money license, allowing it to legally convert bitcoin to other digital currencies. It also offers financial services such as payment of bills, mobile load, etc.

Disadvantages of

  1. There’s a minimal convenience fee. However, this is still low compared to trying to buy bitcoins on foreign bitcoin exchanges.
  2. Needs KYC (Know your Customer). This means Coins identify who you are and asked about your income source. Some people may think this is too sensitive to share, and it really is. But Coins also need to make sure its service is not used by people who want to engage in dubious transactions, which might also affect other customers.

With bitcoin as both private and transparent, some people might not be comfortable with asking for their users to be KYC’d. However, this is something that the BSP instructed bitcoin services in the Philippines to do. More about this on the next topic: Limits and Verifications


With regulations set up by the BSP and itself, the service wants to make sure anyone is not using their service for dubious transactions. As such, they set up limits to a user’s account which are then removed via verification of the person’s identity and ability to pay.

Daily Limits
Level Cash In Cash Out
1 ₱ 2,000 ₱ 0.00
2 ₱ 50,000 ₱ 50,000
3 ₱ 400,000 ₱ 400,000
Yearly Limit
Level Cash In Cash Out
1 ₱ 50,000 ₱ 50,000
2 ₱ 400,000 ₱ 400,000

Verification per Level

  • Level 1 – Email and Phone Verification
  • Level 2 – ID and Selfie Verification
  • Level 3 – Address Verification

What you can do with your bitcoins at

With your bitcoins tucked at Coins, you can do either of the following

  1. Save and wait for the Bitcoin value to grow against the Peso
  2. Send bitcoin to other bitcoin addresses
  3. Buy bitcoins from websites and shopping sites that accept it
  4. Convert it back to Peso on a favorable BTC to Peso exchange rate.
  5. Now, you can also buy, sell, trade, and convert your bitcoin to PHP, Ether, XRP, and Bitcoin Cash.


Having an account in is one of the most simple ways to start engaging in bitcoin transactions in the Philippines. With their verification system and approval from the BSP, there is safety guarantee for everyone who wants to use the service for dealing with bitcoins and cryptocurrencies like ethereum and bitcoin cash. While Coins used to have a debit card in the past, you can still pay your bills within the app.

Do you have a account? Do you have questions about it? Or do you use other bitcoin services? Let us know in the comments below!

More Information about

  • phone number 02 692-2829 available from 10am – 6pm, Mondays to Fridays
  • You can email for support and assistance.

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