[Interview] DAOCre-8 x XOVOX Labs: Updates and Future Plans

El Bonuan shares insights on DAOCre-8’s Solana Hyperdrive Hackathon success, Solana Foundation’s incubator support, and XOVOX Labs’ pioneering entry into The Sandbox Metaverse platform, promising augmented reality initiatives in the Philippines’ web3 space.

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In a special interview on the BitPinas Webcast at the Yield Guild Games Web3 Games Summit (YGG W3GS), El Bonuan, Co-founder of DAOCrea-8 and Founder of XOVOX Labs shared the story behind their participation in the Solana Hyperdrive Hackathon and what is next after this. He also shared updates on their game studio XOVOX Labs as well as its 2024 plans.

(This is part of our recap series for the YGG Web3 Games Summit.)

Story Behind Solana Hyperdrive Participation

Last month, a Filipino-led web3 startup, DAOCre-8, secured fourth place in the concluded Solana Hyperdrive Hackathon under the Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOS) & Network States category, garnering $10,000 in prizes. 

El Bonuan, Jaime Zulueta, and Theo Roque co-founded DAOCre-8, a platform that merges traditional crowdfunding with decentralized governanceAccording to Bonuan, the collaboration between them began when he was added to a group chat containing the details of the hackathon, whereupon he asked his web3 colleagues if they would like to join the competition.

“One of my ideas from back in 2021 was a DAO-centered crowdfunding platform and that’s (what we chose) to represent us in Solana hyperdrive,” he shared.

He also disclosed that the DAO was built in one and a half months, during which time he and his co-founders experienced a lot on their personal and work life; “for some reason we felt compelled to build the product and come November 3rd they announced the winners and to my surprise we got fourth place.”

DAOCre-8 is a platform that merges traditional crowdfunding with decentralized governance. It introduces unique DAOs, milestone-based funding, and AI-powered analytics to empower creators and backers to significantly influence project decisions.

What’s next for DAOCre-8?

After the hackathon, Bonuan shared that Solana Foundation expressed its commitment to support the winners more closely.

To facilitate this, they established an impromptu incubator, connecting the winning teams with founders, investors, and venture capitalists from the Solana ecosystem. This initiative aims to provide intimate support and guidance to the projects, culminating in a demo day last November 30th.

He also shared that during the training phase, every two days they would have a webinar or a Zoom call with various people from the Solana ecosystem speaking to them about the possibilities in the space. They discussed topics such as fundraising, team formation, valuation, and the entire startup journey.

Additionally, he revealed that his co-founder Roque had been accepted into the Web3 Builders Alliance, which currently has only 32 members in its current cohort. Roque will use this opportunity to build DAOCre-8 as his Capstone project, as the Alliance is composed of the top educators in the Solana ecosystem.

XOVOX Updates

“We are actually now focusing on building in the metaverse in different platforms and using augmented reality to bring more interaction with the space, web2 and more people,” he shared.

He also noted that XOVOX Labs, a gaming studio, is currently working more closely with The Sandbox to bring more energy and support to the Philippines. 

In July, the studio became the first Filipino game studio to establish a presence on the Sandbox Metaverse platform. As a recognized partner agency, XOVOX Labs gains privileged early access to Sandbox’s exclusive content and heightened visibility for brands and intellectual properties (IPs) venturing into the Metaverse.

“Most importantly (we) plan out to build more traction and more people in the metaverse next year 2024,” he affirmed.

In the firm’s mid-year review, Bonuan shared its achievements, including partnerships with BayaniChain, contributing to the largest blockchain-integrated mural, and producing AR Proof of Attendance Tokens for Globe Platinum. The studio’s role in advancing the gaming sector within the Metaverse ecosystem earned recognition from the Game Developers Association of the Philippines.

Who is El Bonuan?

Apart from his roles on XOVOX Labs and DAOCre-8, Bonuan is an artist and interior designer; the lead director and co-founder of Near Gang Couture, a crypto art project that creates non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

“As you said I wear many caps and I’m just generally more bullish for the space here in the Philippines as the day goes by. People are generally more cautious when it comes to this time of year, the bear looming in or rather still in the background… It’s just generally a volatile market, but the best thing here is people who are already in here and are still in here are building towards a better and more fun approach to what we can do and the next year 2024,” he concluded.

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