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[Interview] The Sandbox Co-Founder Explores Future of Digital Ownership

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Additional reporting and interview by Michael Mislos

  • The metaverse, as explained by Sebastien Borget of The Sandbox, is an online virtual world where users use avatars to connect, play, and build without worrying about transferring belongings between different worlds.
  • Borget notes that the new generation finds it easier to understand concepts like the metaverse and digital assets, being born into a tech-savvy environment.
  • The Sandbox anticipates an explosion of creators and jobs in the metaverse over the next five years.

The Sandbox co-founder, Sebastien Borget, explained the metaverse concept and envisioned a future explosion of creators and jobs in the metaverse. He also emphasized the importance of empowering individuals to become content creators.

(This is part of our recap series for the YGG Web3 Games Summit.)

Metaverse in Layman’s Term

When asked how to explain the metaverse to a 10-year-old, Borget emphasized simplicity. 

He described the metaverse as an online virtual world where users use avatars to connect with friends, play games, and build imaginary things. The key point was that in the metaverse, one can seamlessly move between different worlds without worrying about transferring belongings like money, equipment, or property. 

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“In a very easy (and)  transparent manner, you don’t need to worry; like how do I take my backpack, my sword, (and) my equipment from one world to another? It just follows you all around. And it’s (the) same with all the money that you accumulated as a Creator and even your land, your house, your pets, your car, and so on… The idea of the matter is that we can move really across all different worlds without having like any constraint or barrier,” he explained.

New Generation in Web3

According to Borget, explaining concepts like the metaverse and digital assets is easier for the new generation as they are born into a tech-savvy environment. Their intuitive understanding of technologies makes these ideas more accessible. He noted that, unlike older generations, young people are not limited by past experiences and are open to embracing new possibilities. 

“The main major issue that people think like that is because things have been like that always in the past; that’s how they should be forever and we’ve seen that how wrong that idea is, right?” he stated. 

Consequently, Borget emphasized that the virtual or digital nature of items doesn’t diminish their ownership value. Belonging in the digital world means transferring, selling, or sharing items, challenging traditional notions of ownership and technology.

“It should have been always like that. But the technology didn’t allow it until recently. It doesn’t mean it should be forever like that and we should accept it. So it’s better that kids are born in the world where they understand like their digital content. Their creation is truly theirs. They can send it to their friends. They can sell it on Marketplace. You can use it in all the games and that should be the new standard. Anything that existed before it’s not normal; it’s actually like prehistoric time of technology,” he explained.

Future of the Metaverse

Accordingly, Borget shared his vision of the metaverse in the next five years, anticipating an explosion of creators and jobs in the metaverse.

He also added that the company recently hosted its first global event, “Creator Days,” and emphasized that 2024 will be the year of creators over players. Next year, they will focus is on providing more content, improving products for a difference in fun and replayable content, and hooking players to engage repeatedly.

In addition, he revealed that the Sandbox currently has an average daily engagement of 62 minutes per user. The company intends to continue this trend by offering a wide variety of games and experiences. The company plans to transition to mobile in 2024 and envisions 2025 as the year of urgency and player growth.

In the Philippines, the company observes a expanding market for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and aspires to empower people by offering them the chance to become content creators. 

The firm intends to establish a more substantial on-the-ground presence to foster a larger community that can share knowledge and empower one another. Borget noted that the focus is not limited to The Sandbox’s impact on people’s lives; it also includes positively impacting the broader Philippine digital economy.

Evolution of The Sandbox

What Can I Do With My LAND? - Intro // The Sandbox

When asked about the evolution of The Sandbox, from its inception to its current state, Borget stated that the platform’s vision has remained consistent: to empower users and support their goal of becoming creators. 

He noted that their approach involves utilizing improved tools, particularly in no-code development. Moreover, he emphasized enhancing the experience with features such as multiplayer functionality, which increases enjoyment and replayability and will enable users to create and play together, either collaboratively or competitively.

In addition, Borget also shared that the company has experienced significant growth on a global scale, with a presence in eight different countries, notably thriving in Asia where there’s a strong understanding of the metaverse and user-generated content. The expansion also includes onboarding numerous brands, collaborating with creators, and allowing them to remix content for their games.

“I think that’s that’s definitely something that will be the future of gaming, like user generated contents, the Creator economy, and allowing people to make their avatars explore socialize and build their own world and experiences in total freedom. That’s that’s where Sandbox keep pushing, we have now over five million users with wallet,” he stated.

He stated that the firm is focused on growth through onboarding more users, collaborating with more brands, and expanding the ecosystem.

“We are strong in Korea, in Japan, in Hong Kong, in Thailand, in Singapore, in Turkey, in India, and now we’re looking start growing a community of creators here in the Philippines as well,” Borget added.

The Sandbox is a blockchain-based, play-to-earn metaverse game built on the Ethereum network. It allows players to explore virtual surroundings, visit different locations in the metaverse, purchase land in the form of NFTs, and build structures and experiences to earn income.

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