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[Interview] Hyperplay Founder Shares Platform Features, Plans

Photo for the Article - [Interview] Hyperplay Founder Shares Platform Features, Plans

Additional reporting and interview by Michael Mislos

  • Hyperplay is an open-source, free-to-build platform fostering interoperability and portability of assets across games.
  • Jacob shared that the platform integrates various game stores, overlays MetaMask wallets on games for seamless transactions, and supports over 40 wallets through WalletConnect.
  • The platform aims to expand its user base, particularly in the Philippines, and is working on supporting additional chains like Solana, Cosmos, and Starkware.

During the special interview on the BitPinas Webcast at the Yield Guild Games Web3 Games Summit (YGG W3GS), Jacob, the founder of Hyperplay discusses the features and functionality of their platform, a web 3 native game launcher and aggregator of game stores. He also tackled the challenges in web2 game platforms, their audiences, and future plans. 

(This is part of our recap series for the YGG Web3 Games Summit.)

What does Hyperplay do?

Hyperplay ( integrates various game stores, including Epic Game Store and GOG, into one application, allowing users to access a wide range of games, Jacob stated.

“We’re announcing some other major stores as well. And so, this will all exist inside of our application as one common application anytime you launch a game from within Hyperplay,” he shared.

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He noted that the platform overlays the player’s MetaMask wallet on top of games, enabling seamless transactions without leaving the game context. 

“So the way that it works technically is that we are actually streaming or we’re overlaying graphical images of the wallet on top of the game. The wallet doesn’t actually run in the game, but it feels to the player like it is inside of the game. This is a way for us to separate the keys from the game so that the game doesn’t have access to the user’s funds but the game can request transactions, it can request authentication and signatures very similar to you know, the way that metamask injects itself into website, but the websites can’t take your keys,” Jacob explained.

Moreover, he also mentioned that Hyperplay currently supports over 40 wallets through WalletConnect. 

“So this is a a great way to improve the user experience and allow the interoperability and the portability of the wallet across all the games and to create it a more integrated web3 native experience,” Jacob added.

Hyperplay is an open-source, free-to-build-on platform that provides simple application programming interface (APIs) for transactions and signatures. It enables gamers to carry their wallet, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), tokens, and achievements across games, fostering web3 gaming interoperability. Developers can create permissionless game economies, and the launcher supports sideloaded games.

Web2 Game Platform Challenges

Photo for the Article - [Interview] Hyperplay Founder Shares Platform Features, Plans

Further, Jacob discussed the challenges faced by traditional platforms like Steam and Apple, noting that Hyperplay aims to provide a more loyal and censorship-free environment for game developers.

Jacob described traditional game platforms, such as Steam, Valve, or Apple, as monopolies that not only impose a 30% tax on game developers but also demonstrate fundamental hostility toward them. He argued that these platforms may deplatform or shadow-ban game developers, making it difficult for their games to succeed.

He added that with blockchain, these platforms will struggle with extracting fees from smart contracts.

“We wanted to build a new distribution platform that is the most developer loyal, that doesn’t censor them, and that that brings developers together to build their dreams. And to help them create game worlds that really get to leverage the power of web3,” Jacob affirmed.


Regarding the user base, Jacob mentions that Hyperplay primarily attracts web3 native players, with the goal of expanding to a more mainstream audience as the platform’s user experience improves. 

He acknowledges the Philippines as a significant market for web3 adoption.

“The Philippines is in my opinion, it’s the capital of web3. It’s the place that has the broadest adoption of web3 among people,” he stated.

In addition, he also highlighted the positive feedback received since the March launch, with a growing user base and 57 games in the store.

“We’ve been getting really really wonderful feedback. Our users have been growing pretty dramatically,” he shared.

On the other hand, Jacob expresses agreement with the idea that the younger generation is more inclined to be receptive to web3 and its associated values. He then shared his experience at YGG W3GS where he felt like one of the oldest attendees, with most participants being high school students. Despite the age difference, Jacob finds it heartening that the younger generation passionately believes in the principles and values of web3.

Future Plans

According to Jacob, the platform is currently working on supporting additional chains like Solana, Cosmos, and Starkware. He emphasized Hyperplay’s commitment to creating a developer-friendly platform that supports web 3 functionality, interoperability, and cross-game reputation. 

“We’re mainly working to build out the full ecosystem of everything that people want to do in web3 and to make this the application that people use to discover all their games to play and have better experiences. We also want to help the developers build whatever the game developer truly wants to see inside of their own game to whether that be building more web3 functionality or interoperability or using the players cross game reputation,” he added.

As for future plans in the Philippines, Jacob indicates that the country has been one of the most popular for Hyperplay, and they are exploring partnerships and community engagement. While specific announcements are not yet available, Jacob expresses gratitude for the enthusiastic support from the Philippines and anticipates further growth and engagement in the future.

Previous Hyperplay News

Last month, Game7, a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), partnered with crypto custody wallet MetaMask to launch HyperPlay, which is hailed as the world’s first Web3-native game launcher.

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