[Interview] Tashi Gaming to Enable Serverless Gaming

Tashi Gaming, led by CEO Sandeep ‘Bob’ Bhatia, is revolutionizing gaming with serverless technology and a unique consensus algorithm.

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During the special interview on the BitPinas Webcast at the Yield Guild Games Web3 Games Summit (YGG W3GS), Sandeep “Bob” Bhatia, Tashi Gaming CEO and Co-founder, disclosed that the firm is looking forward to enabling “serverless gaming” and shared their recent activities in the web3 gaming space.

(This is part of our recap series for the YGG Web3 Games Summit.)

Tashi Gaming to Enable Serverless Gaming

Bhatia said that Tashi Gaming is a layer-one protocol that enables serverless gaming. He noted that the company developed a blockchain consensus engine to address the performance and throughput issues in the blockchain.

He highlighted that the existing limitation primarily allowed for play-to-earn games, neglecting other game genres. 

“So, you could only have, like, play-to-earn games, but we couldn’t have other genres or games. The idea was to create a blazing-fast decentralized blockchain that could handle other types of game genres,” he shared.

Further, Bhatia explained that Tashi Gaming utilizes a unique consensus algorithm called Asynchronous Byzantine Fault Tolerance (ABFT). In this algorithm, two-thirds of the network must reach a consensus. Unlike traditional games with a centralized server acting as the arbiter of truth, Tashi Gaming’s architecture treats all devices as servers. Each device, due to the algorithm’s speed, functions as a node in the consensus, collectively determining the version of truth in the system.

“The beauty of the algorithm (is) it’s so blazingly fast that each of our computers or each one of our devices can act as a node itself,” he added noting that there won’t be any problem with the devices being utilized.

Tashi Gaming’s Recent Endeavors

Accordingly, Bhatia shared that just recently Tashi Gaming was present in Cologne, Germany for Gamescom—an annual gaming convention and one of the largest gaming events in Europe.

“Oh, the feedback was fantastic. This was the first time we were able to showcase our technology with everybody…Then we were in the Nordics. As you know, there (are) companies like Supercell, Rovio, and SYBO; we’re in discussions with all of them to get us to, you know, get them to adopt our technology.” he shared.

In addition, he disclosed that the company has also commenced partnering with protocols such as Near, Hashgraph, and Ethereum, and it will have several announcements that it will be sharing “very, very soon.”

PH as a Market

When asked about his views on the Philippines as a web3 gaming market, Bhatia noted that the firm was one of the first investors in Axie Infinity, which gave them a rough background of the country as a market. 

“I think the euphoria has died down a little bit with Axie so far, but I think as I spoke to a number of participants here what became clear to me is that a number of people are actually working on some sort of an infrastructure technology so we can have much more advanced gameplay in the blockchain gaming,” he shared.

According to him, the country will move beyond the play-to-earn model and focus on competitive gaming.

How to Connect to Tashi Gaming?

For Filipino builders that look forward to work with the firm, Bhatia stated that they can reach out to Tashi.gg.

“What we are really trying to build is we are chain agnostic. So you want to build on Solana? You want to build on Near? You want to build on Polygon? Not a problem, right? What we are going to give you is a side change that is blazing fast for all those transactions that need to happen on a very, very quick basis… Our idea is to keep it as open and as flexible for the developer,” he stated.

What is Tashi Gaming?

According to its blog, Tashi Gaming is a next-gen game dev platform that provides a super-fast consensus algorithm, true finality of session results, and algorithmic verification of all results without a trusted oracle.

The platform also offers a proprietary, consensus-based, serverless, distributed game session technology which is noted to help users cut costs, reduce cheating, and simplify game architecture.

On their Medium profile, Tashi Gaming has published several articles that explore the future of gaming, including web3 gaming and mesh multiplayer gaming. The firm have also shared their insights on topics such as zero-knowledge proofs in the blockchain sector, peer-to-peer gaming, and combating cheating in gaming.

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