GCOX on Manny Pacquiao Token and Celebrity Tokens

Will anyone who has influence/power/fame (or maybe anyone) be able to issue their tokens on GCOX?

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September 26, 2019 – After the concert of Philippine Senator and Boxing Champion Manny Pacquiao to launch Pac Coins, his own cryptocurrency. BitPinas followed up with GCOX, the concert producer and also issuer Pac Coin, which will be traded at GCOX’ cryptocurrency exchange platform. Below is our Q and A with Dr. Jeffrey Lin, CEO of the company.

Photo for the Article - GCOX on Manny Pacquiao Token and Celebrity Tokens

Why launch celebrity tokens beginning with Manny Pacquiao? (Granted he’s an investor, but did you approach him first about the creation of Pac Coins? Or he’s already an investor when the idea of Pac Coins emerged?

Sen. Manny Pacquiao selected GCOX as the digital exchange to list his own digital tokens after understanding the GCOX ecosystem that is being built. As a firm believer in the GCOX management team and what GCOX does, he came on board as an investor.

Knowing the uncertainty in the crypto regulations in the Philippines, why launch Pac Coin in the country first and not in any other country?

PAC Token is a utility token for the global fans of Sen Manny Pacquiao, thus PAC Tokens are available to any fan of any country around the globe. The launch is conducted during a victory concert held in the Philippines to celebrate Sen Pacquiao’s recent win against Keith Thurman in a highly-anticipated boxing match in Las Vegas, together with his beloved fans.

Are you actively engaging with other celebrities?

Yes, our GCOX Ecosystem is developed for global celebrities and brands to connect with their fans and followers. We are currently engaging with other celebrities but we are unable to reveal more information at this moment.

I’ve read the whitepaper last year, but can you briefly describe how GCOX can help celebrities tokenize their popularity? I remember a portion of the whitepaper talking about the “stages/cycle of a celebrity’s popularity”

GCOX aims to support celebrities at different stages of their careers, allowing stars to leverage on our proprietary Acclaim blockchain to immortalize their popularity, whichever stage of their celebrity life cycle they are at. Through GCOX, celebrities can build brand image, increase their global visibility, develop partnerships with global brands, engage fans regularly and foster great relationships with fans all around the world.

Photo for the Article - GCOX on Manny Pacquiao Token and Celebrity Tokens

Will anyone who has influence/power/fame (or maybe anyone) be able to issue their tokens on GCOX?

If the individual is reputable, with a substantial fanbase and is a firm believer in blockchain technology, we will be glad to explore the possibility of listing his or her celebrity token on our Exchange.

Do you see other uses for how tokens like Pac Coin, Michael Owen Coins, apart from exclusive merchandise, videos, etc?

We have unique celebrity programmes for each celebrity and brand that works with GCOX, however this information will only be revealed at the launch of each token.

I’ve heard about Pac Pay but there was no mention of it lately. Is it postponed or canceled?

We are in the process of final discussion with strategic partners from different parts of the world, thus the information will be made available once the platform is ready.

Are you applying in the Philippines for a Virtual Currency Exchange LicenseBriefly, why should Filipinos consider Pac Coins as part of their portfolio?

What GCOX is developing is a unique global ecosystem for celebrities and brands. Via our fan-engagement platforms, fans all around the world will be able to connect with their favourite celebrities. GCOX also acts as a conduit to introduce fans great products developed by other blockchain companies. These blockchain companies can leverage on GCOX’s ecosystem and the strong brand equity of GCOX celebrities to penetrate global markets easily.

At the same time, we plan to form strategic partnerships with established companies to expand our ecosystem to add value to our users. Currently, we have strategic partners with the necessary licenses in the Philippines, however this information will be disclosed in due time. PAC Token is a utility token for all fans of Sen Manny Pacquiao to connect with him, thus for any fan, in any part of the world, who wishes to get closer to Sen Pacquiao and have opportunities to interact with him, he or she should consider having PAC Token. PAC Token is not for speculation but for utility.

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