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Cybersecurity Awareness: Safety Tips for Online Payment Transaction

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September 27, 2019 – The advent of mobile technology has enabled mobile data revolution. This empowered non-state actors to penetrate the evolving access of internet. Digitalization of money and smartphones’ mass-adoption continue to increase the statistics of individual threats. These call for data-driven awareness that will foot forward the Philippines’ roadmap to digital economy.

The convenience of an online transaction such as paying for PagIBIG membership,  buying bitcoin with a credit card, and event ticket purchase must be secured from threats.

Potential threats to data are undeniable and cybercriminals’ focus is shifting to Asia-Pacific. We need to establish security awareness in online payment transactions.

PayPal outlines five consumer tips to secure online payments.

Five security tips for Online Payment transactions

  • Protect your Personal Information;
  • Don’t share your personal information to untrusted online web transactions;
  • Clear the cache memory, temporary files, and browsing history from your computer or mobile devices;
  • Change password regularly;
  • Choose a strong password;
  • How to choose a strong password
  • Share personal information only through reliable online banking features;
  • Look for “https” in the URL when you click the “lock” icon it will display that site is using secure socket layer of or “SSL”
  • Don’t disclose your login credentials to unauthorized requestor.
  • Use two factor authentication
  • Ensure authentic application are downloaded for payment from AppStore or GooglePlay
  • Download legitimate mobile application from official listed sites Google Play or AppStore
  • Look for “authentication tags” such as top developer badge from app listing
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Cybersecurity Awareness in online payment transactions is about “Knowing” and “Doing”.

For consumers, there is no substitute for awareness. For enterprises, we need to move from reactive to predictive models in risk management.”

Cyber Criminals are refining their attack skills behavior and look for ways to victimize online consumers and breach data infrastructure enterprises. We need to re-evaluate safeguards civilian’s online transactions against cyber threats.

Source: Newsbytes

Photo by rupixen on Unsplash

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