Local Crypto Firms Reveal Improvements and Metrics For H1 2023

Philippine crypto and blockchain firms reveal H1 2023 growth metrics: user increase, social media presence, clients, and trading activity.

Local Crypto Firms Reveal Improvements and Metrics For H1 2023 (1)
  • Philippine-based crypto and blockchain firms shared their mid-year reviews, showcasing improvements and metrics for H1 2023.
  • Companies like Stanible, CoinEx, Mintoo, Tetrix, MetaSaga Warriors, and Coins.ph experienced user increase during the first half of the year.
  • Social media presence and community members also grew for various firms, while Coins onboarded new clients and partners, and trading activity increased on platforms like Coins and Mintoo.

In our recent article, local crypto-focused firms admitted that, due to the bear market, they faced challenges such as lower revenues, left and right scams, and even people losing trust in this emerging technology. 

What adjustments, improvements, and metrics did these companies make in the first six months of 2023? Witness how they BUIDL and the things they did to maximize the opportunities around them, written in their mid-year reviews initiated by BitPinas,

Increased User Base

Mid Year Recap - Harry Santos - Stanible
Mid Year Recap – Harry Santos – Stanible

Web3 and digital collectibles app Stanible, global crypto exchange CoinEx, non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace Mintoo, blockchain and software company Tetrix, web3 game MetaSaga Warriors, web3 game Anito Legends, and local exchange Coins.ph highlighted having experienced a user increase for the first half of the year.

Harry Santos, the co-founder of Stanible, shared that the platform has already amassed over 22,000 downloads and is now generating revenue, despite only being launched in February.

Meanwhile, CoinEx Founder Haipo Yang proudly stressed how the exchange has improved its trading UI, invested in technology, and expanded its offerings. It also emphasized that  through charity, marketing, and social media, it gained a significant number of users:

“In the first half of 2023, CoinEx saw a spike in active users, with a notable increase in followers and engagement on a global scale.”

The same sentiment was emphasized by Coins.ph Country Manager Jen Bilango, who shared that they have onboarded more Game-Fi users by launching one of their initiatives this year—their in-app web3 game platform, Coins Arcade.

Photo for the Article - Local Crypto Firms Reveal Improvements and Metrics For H1 2023

Moreover, according to Tetrix CEO Emman Navalan, the firm observed that their DeFi wallet users plateaued during the bear market, but recent improvements and the BlackRock ETF have led to a resurgence. 

Focusing on branding and promotion, Metasaga saw an increase in its DAU (daily active users) and MAU (monthly active users) through monitoring via PlayFa, according to QA Specialist John Balbin.

“We’ve seen a 17.68% increase of registered active Moneybees users from end December 2022 to end June 2023 as a result of our aggressive push to promote the Moneybees brand, create awareness of our products and services, and help our money service business (MSB) and remittance agent (RA) partners promote their outlets online,” Jay Villarante, CEO of Moneybees Forex Corporation, shared.

While those that have just been launched this year also attracted and onboarded more users. As the saying goes, “last but not the least.”

“We are very happy to share that Mintoo’s key metrics have substantially grown since our launch at the end of March of this year. The metrics that we monitor are mainly user count and trading activity,” Mintoo shared.

Anito Legends reported that it had over 1 million daily sessions by the end of Q2. It also has an average of 3 million sessions per week across four platforms: PC, Mac, iOS, and Android—players log in at least 12 times per day on average.

Expanded Social Media Presence

Mid Year Recap - Bitskwela
Mid Year Recap – Bitskwela

Following their recent collaboration with TikTok, web3 education platform Bitskwela reported that it has already reached four million views on the social media platform, and the Crypto Education Philippines Community by Bitskwela has reached 10,000 community members.

Bilango also revealed that Coins.ph has increased its social media followers on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. According to her, the improvement can also be attributed to their recently established presence on Discord and Telegram.

A similar scenario was encountered by Villarante, who emphasized that Moneybees’ social media accounts had seen a significant increase in reach and engagement in the first half of the year. 

Specifically, they saw a 137.8% increase in page reach and a 57.6% increase in profile visits on Facebook, a 4,600% increase in page reach and a 307% increase in profile visits on Instagram, a 25.6% increase in impressions on Twitter, and a 158.3% increase in impressions on LinkedIn.

Increased Clients And Partners 

In addition, Coins.ph shared that it recently onboarded SingSing, a web3 sing-to-earn game on Coins Arcade, which has led to an increase in GameFi users on the app. According to the firm, it plans to bring more Web3 games to the platform this year. 

While web3 communications firm Blockceler8 shared that for the first 6 months of the year, it successfully increased its strategic partnerships, successful PR campaigns, and client acquisition by 150%. The firm asserted that it reached over 3 billion people.

On the other hand, BayaniChain saw a significant increase in user engagement and B2B deals in the first half of 2023. According to Co-Founder Paul Soliman, these were secured through targeted outreach campaigns to businesses and government organizations. 

Paul Soliman of Bayanichain
Paul Soliman of Bayanichain

He also noted that tailored messaging and strategic partnerships with industry players and government agencies helped to increase interest in and adoption of our tokenization and blockchain technology solutions.

For Jopet Arias, the founder of the art collective CryptoArt PH, local institutions are now collaborating with them, and there are now conversations surrounding digital art and ownership. 

According to him, the collective’s “one notable achievement this year” was when they participated in the Olongapo Zambales Art Exhibition, partnering with the LGU of Olongapo and DAHUYO. During the event, CryptoArt PH was able to engage with local artists, participate in art talks, and host panel discussions on major trends and web3.

The Bicol-based metaverse-focused platform Ownly shared that for the first half of the year, it had an increase in partnership offers as well as an increase in invitations to speak at conferences, both local and international. It also shared that it had a network expansion outside the Philippines.

Also, another region-five-based startup SparkPoint reported that it improved in two key areas in 2023: product launches and partnerships. 

Community Members

“In terms of users, the bitskwela.com website peaked at 15000 monthly average visitors this month. Combined, the entire Bitskwela community and content creator ecosystem spans to more than 3M followers and community members,” Bitskwela founder Jiro Reyes shared.

In addition, The BLOKC also disclosed that it had actively engaged with the developer community through online forums, webinars, and workshops during the first half of the year.

Trading Activity 

In addition, Coins.ph’ ability to list new and trending tokens has been accelerated as it moves to a new tech stack, with over 40 tokens now listed and more on the way.

Mintoo also stated that with the increase in users on their platform, trading activity within the platform also increased.

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