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Announcing TezmasPH: A Pinoy Christmas-themed NFT Making Contest!

We invite artists and creators to create Christmas-themed NFTs in our contest where a total of $1,000 worth of tez will be given to the winners!

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BitPinas is thrilled to launch Tezmas Campaign, a Christmas-themed NFT making contest! Supported by TZ APAC, the Crypto Art Philippines group and the NFT Philippines Group, the campaign is for Filipino artists and creators to create Christmas-themed NFTs on Tezos-powered NFT marketplaces like Hic et Nunc and OBJKT.com that depict how the holiday is celebrated in the Philippines! Submissions are accepted beginning November 18 to December 13, 2021 (11:59 pm GMT+8) with voting taking place from December 14 to 17. 

A total of $1000 worth of tez will be given to the winners!

TZ APAC, which is responsible for spreading the usage and awareness of the Tezos blockchain in the Philippines, is inviting artists and creators to mint NFTs (OBJKTs) that showcase  how the special season of Christmas is celebrated in the country.


Create non-fungible tokens (NFT) in the form of 2D or 3D visual art capturing how Pinoys celebrate Christmas. You’re not just limited to parols, belens, simbang gabi, puto bungbongs and bibingka. Feel free to be creative on how to depict the holiday season through your NFT art!

How to Join the Contest:

  1. Join the Tezos Philippines Community Group (Find @tezosphofficial on Telegram!)
  2. Mint your NFT (called OBJKT on the Tezos blockchain) between Nov. 18 to Dec. 13, 2021. You can mint on H=N (https://hen.teztools.io / https://hicetnunc.art) or OBJKT.com.
  3. Feel free to mint as many editions as you want BUT send edition 1 to this address: tz2G9rfyqekEtbeC2dbVuDRYqfuxLhanbvA2 (on Kukai wallet, you can send to @bitpinas Twitter as recipient)
  4. Tweet a link to your work with the hashtag #tezmasPH! Don’t forget to tag @tzapac and @bitpinas! (The work with the most retweets gets a special prize outside the ranked winnings! Retweets and Quoted tweets will count!)
  5. Join the contest through this Google Form

Deadline of Submission

Make sure you mint and submit your NFTs between Nov. 18 to Dec. 13, 2021 (GMT+8).

Photo for the Article - Announcing TezmasPH: A Pinoy Christmas-themed NFT Making Contest!

Judging Criteria*

  1. Creativity and Originality – 25%
  2. Emergence of the Artist’ Personal Vision – 25%
  3. Skill/Technique – 25%
  4. Incorporation of the theme – 25%


  • To be announced beginning Nov. 19, 2021. 
  • AJ Dimarucot is a graphic designer, art director, and entrepreneur. He has designed for brands like Nike, Jordan Brand, the NBA, Adobe, among others. He collaborated with global icon and philanthropist Apl.de.ap for his first ever NFT.
  • Jowee Alviar is a graphic designer, educator and the co-founder of Team Manila Graphic Design Studio and Team Manila Lifestyle.


Ranked Winners1st place – $400 in tez
2nd place – $300 in tez
3rd place – $150 in tez
4th place – $100 in tez
5th place – $50 in tez
Special PrizeMost Liked and Shared on Twitter – $100 in tez

Note: The NFT must be your original work, does not contain any copyrighted content, never been published/uploaded in the Internet before, and was never minted prior to the contest launch date of Nov. 18, 2021. 

Timeline of Events: 

Nov. 18, 2021 – Begin Submissions

Nov. 19, 2021 –  Livestream on the CryptoArt PH Discord Group or NFT

Dec. 13, 2021 –  Deadline of Submissions

Dec. 14 – 17,  2021 – Deliberation from the finals judges

Dec. 17, 2021 – Final livestream and announcement of winners


What if I don’t have tez to mint my NFT?

We can provide you free tez! Just join the Tezos PH official Telegram group and ask the admin. (Find @tezosphofficial on Telegram)

I’m not a solo artist, can we apply as a group? 

  • You can, if you win, we will send the prize to the wallet address you indicated in the Google Form. Just indicate the names of your group members.

Is there a limit of submission per person or team?

  • Each person can only submit one entry. 
  • If you apply as a group, each member of the group cannot have their own individual submission. 

What format of NFTs are allowed

  • We are limiting to 2D and 3D visual art, interactive  NFTs, digital art and animation and it will be up to you how you want to best depict Christmas in the medium of your choice. Make sure to check the criteria for judging. 

If I win, how will I receive the prize? 

  • To your indicated tez address.

Why Tezos?

  • Minting NFTs on Tezos is cheaper than on other major blockchains, allowing artists to experiment with their prices and their art more freely. TZ APAC is the official event sponsor of Tezmas.

What creations are accepted

  • 2D and 3D visual art are only accepted as valid entries. Other forms such as music NFTs will not be accepted.

I don’t know how to use H=N!

Do I need a specific crypto wallet to join? 

You need a Kukai wallet or any wallet that supports the Tezos blockchain. Read: https://bitpinas.com/learn-how-to-guides/kukai-wallet-guide-tezos-philippines/

How do I transfer tez from Binance to Kukai wallet? 

How much tez do I need to mint? 

  • Around 1 tez would be enough to join the contest. This covers the registration at H=N, the actual NFT minting and the cost of transfer from Binance to Kukai. 

Where can I ask for support if I have other questions? 

What happens to our NFT art after the competition

  • The NFT will remain on the showcase page and the organizers will never sell or burn them. This is our commitment to you, but feel free to put the royalty fee to 25% in your editions so you can ensure that we will get nothing from the resale of your NFT.



The paper of record chronicling the crypto movement in the Philippines, BitPinas started in 2017 to help spread correct information about crypto, DeFi, play-to-earn, and NFTs in the country. Find us www.bitpinas.com and www.fb.com/BitPinas.  


TZ APAC is one of the leading adoption entities in Asia, designing blockchain strategies for enterprises and creators by working closely with experts and stakeholders in the Tezos ecosystem. www.tzapac.com 


Tezos is smart money, redefining what it means to hold and exchange value in a digitally connected world. A self-upgradable and energy-efficient Proof of Stake blockchain with a proven track record, Tezos seamlessly adopts tomorrow’s innovations without network disruptions today. For more information, please visit www.tezos.com.

Community Partners:

JopΞtH Arias

Artist, forerunner, and digital nomad, JopΞtH is one of the earliest crypto artists and is the co-founder of the Crypto Art Philippines Discord Group. https://twitter.com/AriasJopet  

Crypto Art PH Group

Crypto Art PH is a community of artists and collectors dedicated to promoting awareness and education about NFT art in the country.  https://twitter.com/cryptoartph 

NFT Philippines Group

The official Filipino NFT community, the group is a hub for all things NFT and aims to promote local projects to the world. https://twitter.com/PhilippinesNFT 

This article is published on BitPinas: Announcing TezmasPH: A Pinoy Christmas-themed NFT Making Contest!

Register now at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSduJg0Hap39lqTErNMY1UdI6FvUzhs6Xh9b1-Wef6XnP2XRcg/viewform! Deadline is on Deadline is on Monday, December 13, 2021 at 11:59 pm GMT+8.

Tagalog: TezmasPH: Ang Pinoy Christmas-themed NFT Making Contest!

Ikinagagalak ng BitPinas na ianunsyo ang pagsisimula ng ‘Tezmas Campaign’, ang Christmas-party themed NFT making contest! Mula sa suporta ng TZ APAC, Crypto Art Philippines group at ng NFT Philippines Group, inaanyayahan namin ang mga artist at creators na gumawa ng mga Christmas-themed na NFT sa mga Tezos-powered NFT marketplace gaya ng Hic et Nunc at OBJKT.com, na nagpapakita kung paano ginugunita ng mga Pilipino ang kapaskuhan. Magsisimula ang pagtanggap namin ng mga entries mula Nobyembre 18 hanggang Disyembre 13, 2021 (11:59 pm GMT+8) at ang pagpili sa mananalo ay gaganapin naman sa pagitan ng Disyembre 14 hanggang 17.

Aabot sa $1,000 na halaga ng tez ang maaaring mapanalunan!

Ang TZ Apac, na responsable sa pagpapalaganap ng paggamit at kaalaman tungkol sa Tezos Blockchain sa Pilipinas, at inaanyayahan ang mga artist at creators na mag-‘mint’ ng kanilang NFTs (OBJKTs) na nagpapakita kung gaano ka espesyal ang kapaskuhan at kung paano ito ipinagdiriwang sa buong bansa.


Gumawa ng NFT na nagpapakita kung paano ipinagdiriwang ng mga Pinoy ang kapaskuhan. Umaasa kami na maliban sa mga parol, belen, simbang gabi, puto bungbong at bibingka, ay maipapakita ng mga pinoy ang kanilang pagiging malikhain gamit ang nilikha ninyong mga NFT.

Paano sumali sa Contest

  1. Sumali sa Tezos Philippiness Community Group.(Hanapin ang @tezosphofficial sa Telegram!)
  2. I-mint ang iyong NFT (tinatawag na OBJKT sa Tezos blockchain) ssa pagitan ng Nobyembre 18 hanggang Disyembre 03 2021. Maari kang mag-mint sa H=N (https://hen.teztools.io / https://hicetnunc.art) o di kaya ay sa OBJKT.com.
  3. Maaari kayong mag-mint ng kahit ilang edition para sa inyong NFT subalit kinakailangan namin na isand nyo ang ‘edition 1’ nito sa address na ito: tz2G9rfyqekEtbeC2dbVuDRYqfuxLhanbvA2 (sa inyong Kukai wallet, maaari nyo rin itong ipadala sa @bitpinas Twitter bilang inyong recipient)
  4. I-tweet ang link ng iyong gawa kasama ang hashtag #TezmasPH! Wag kalimutan ang i-tag ang @tzapac at @bitpinas! (Ang NFT na may pinakamaraming retweet ay magkakamit ng special prize na karagdagan pa sa ranked winnings. Ang mga Retweet at Quoted Tweets ay kasama din sa bilang)
  5. gdag pa sa kanilng posibleng ranked winning! Ang mga retweets at mga Quoted tweets ay counted din!)Itala na kayo ay sumali sa contest na ito dito sa Google Form na ito.

Deadline ng Submission

Siguraduhin na ang inyong NFT ay ‘minted’ na at submitted na din sa pagitan ng Nov. 18 hanggang Dec. 13, 2021(GMT +18)

Judging Criteria*

  1. Creativity and Originality – 25%
  2. Emergence of the Artist’ Personal Vision – 25%
  3. Skill/Technique – 25%
  4. Incorporation of the theme – 25%


  • Ipapakilala namin sila simula Nobyembre 19, 2021.
  • Si AJ Dimarucot ay isang graphic designer, art director, at entrepreneur. Nakpag disenyo na siya para sa mga brands tulad ng Nike, Jordan Brand, NBA, Adobe, at marami pang iba. Nakipag-collaborate sya sa global icon at philanthropist na si Apl.de.ap para sa kanyang kauna-unahang NFT.
  • Si Jowee Alviar ay isang graphic designer, educator at ang co-founder ng Team Manila Graphic Design Studio at Team Manila Lifestyle.

Ang mga Premyo 

Ranked Winners1st place – $400 in tez
2nd place – $300 in tez
3rd place – $150 in tez
4th place – $100 in tez
5th place – $50 in tez
Special PrizeMost Liked and Shared on Twitter – $100 in tez

Tandaan: Ang NFT na iyong isinumita ay dapat na orihinal ninyong gawa, walang nilalaman na copyrighted content, hindi pa na-publish/na-upload sa internet maliban sa contest na ito, at hindi pa na’mint’ bago pa ang simula ang launch date ng contest noong Nobyembre 18, 2021. 

Timeline ng Events: 

Nov. 18, 2021 – Simula ng submissions

Nov. 19, 2021 –  Livestream sa CryptoArt PH Discord Group o NFT

Dec. 13, 2021 –  Deadline ng Submissions

Dec. 14 – 15, 2021 – Unang round ng judging at ang pagpili ng mga finalists

Dec. 16 – 17,  2021 – Deliberation ng mga finals judges

Dec. 17, 2021 – Huling livestream at pagpapakilala sa mga nanalo.

Mga Madalas na katanungan (FAQ):

Paano kung wala akong tez na pang-mint ng NFT?

  • Maari ka naming bigyan ng libreng tez! Magtungo at sumali lamang sa Tezos PH official Telegram group at magtanong sa mga admin. (Hanapin ang #tezosphofficial sa Telegram)

Hindi ako solo artist, pwede ba kaming mag apply bilang grupo?

  • Oo, maaari kayong subali bilang grupo. Walang problema dito. At kung sakaling kayo ang manalo ay ipapadala namin ang inyong presyo sa wallet address na inyong binigay.

May limit ba ang submission ng isang tao?

  • Ang kada isang tao ay maaari lamang mag submit ng isang entry.
  • Kung magaapply kayo bilang grupo, hindi na maaaring magsubmit ng kanilang gawa ang mga indibidwal na mga miyembro nito.

Anong format ng NFT ang dapat gamitin?

  • Ang kasalukuyang limit ay 2d at 3d na visual arts, interactive na NFT, digital art at animation. Desisyon ng artist kung paano nila ilalarawan ang diwa ng kapaskuhan sa kanilang gawa at kung sa anong medium nila nais itong gawin. Siguraduhin ding tignan ang ating criteria for judging. 

Kung sakaling ako ang manalo, paano ko matatanggap ang aking premyo?

  • Ang inyong premyo ay ipapadala sa inyong Tez wallet address.

Bakit sa Tezos?

  • Ang TZ Apac ang ating opisyal na Event Sponsor para sa Tezmas. Dagdag pa dito, ang pag-’mint’ sa Tezos ay mas mura kumpara sa ibang blockchain at mas energy-efficient. Inaasahan namin na makakatulong ang mga ito mas malayang makakagawa ng kanilang likha ang mga artist.

Anong mga creatins ang inyong tinatanggap?

  • Ang kasalukuyang limit ay 2d at 3d na visual arts, interactive na NFT, digital art at animation.

Hindi ako marunong gumamit ng H=N!

Kailangan ko ba ng specific na crypto wallet para dito?

Paano ako makakapag-transfer ng Tez sa aking kukai wallet galing sa Binance?

Gaano karaming Tez ang kailangan ko para makapag-’mint’?

  • Sapat na dapat ang isang (1) Tez upang ikaw ay makasali sa contest na ito. Kasama na dito ang registration para sa H=N, ang aktwal na NFT minting cost mismo, pati narin ang pag transfer mula Binance papuntang Kukai.

SIno / saan ako maaaring kumontak kung kailangan ko ng dagdag na support para sa aking mga katanungan?

Ano ang mangyayari sa aming mga NFT pagkatapos ng kompetisyon?

  • Ang inyong NFT ay mananatili sa showcase page at hindi ibebenta o ibu-’burn’. Ito ang aming pangako sa inyo. At kung nais nyo lang naman ay maari nyo ding ilagay sa 25% ang royalty fee sa inyong mga editions upang makatiyak kayo na wala kaming makukuha mula sa pag resale ng inyong NFT.



Ang pahayagan ng nag-uulat ng mga ‘crypto movement’ sa Pilipinas. Nagsimula ang BitPinas noong 2017 upang tumulong sa pagpapalaganap ng mga tamang impormasyon tungkol sa Crypto, DeFi, Play-to-earn, at mga NFT sa ating bansa. Matatagpuan nyo kami sa www.bitpinas.com at sa www.fb.com/BitPinas

TZ Apac

Ang TZ Apac ay ang nangungunang adoption entity sa buong Asia, nag dedesanyo ng mga blockchain strategies para sa mga enterprise at mga creators sa malapit na pakikipagtulungan sa mga eksperto at stakeholders sa loob ng Tezos ecosystem. www.tzapac.com 


Ang Tezos ang bumabago sa kahulugan ng pagkakaroon ay pakikipagpalitan ng value sa ating makabagong digitally connected na mundo. Isa itong self-upgradable, energy efficient na Proof of Stake na blockchain na mayroon ng subok na track record. Ang Tezos ay madaling nakakasabay sa mga pagbabago ng hinaharap ng walang network disruptions. Para sa dagdag na impormasyon, bisitahin ang www.tezos.com

Community Partners:

JopΞtH Arias

Isang artist, forerunner, at digital nomad, si JopΞtH ay ang isa sa pinaka-unang crypto artist sa bansa at ssya rin ang co-founder ng Crypto Art Philippines Discord Group. https://twitter.com/AriasJopet

Crypto Art PH Group

Ang Crypto Art PH ay isang komunidad ng mga artist at collectors na nakatuon sa pagpapalaganap ng kaalaman tungkol sa NFT art sa ating bansa. https://twitter.com/cryptoartph

NFT Philippines Group

Ang opisyal na Pinoy NFT community.  Lahat ng may kinalaman sa NFT ay matatagpuan sa grupong ito at naglalayon din silang isulong ang mga lokal nating proyekto sa buong mundo. https://twitter.com/PhilippinesNFT 

Magparehistro na sa https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSduJg0Hap39lqTErNMY1UdI6FvUzhs6Xh9b1-Wef6XnP2XRcg/viewform! Ang deadline ay sa Lunes, Disyembre 13, 2021, 11:59 PM (GMT +8)

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