What is Paldo? Where to Put your Crypto Profits After Significant Gain?

How do you keep your profits after experiencing a “paldo”? BitPinas lists down some key actions to consider.

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  • Investors facing the dilemma of where to allocate profits amid Bitcoin’s gradual rise and anticipated bull run are urged to make well-informed decisions in the dynamic digital asset landscape.
  • BitPinas gathers insights from community members and industry experts like Luis Buenaventura and Nix Eniego, who advocate for various post-profit strategies.
  • Key strategies highlighted include taking-profit 50% and saving 50%, allocating profits for personal enjoyment, reinvesting in the market for compound gains, safeguarding the original investment while securing additional earnings, and considering diversification into real estate.

With Bitcoin gradually rising and an anticipated bull run on the horizon, investors find themselves at a crossroads: where should they invest their profits? Given the dynamic nature of digital assets, the importance of making well-informed decisions cannot be overstated. 

In this article, BitPinas compiled the tips and tricks of its community members on their post-profit strategies. During a BitPinas webcast, Luis Buenaventura, the Head of Crypto at GCash, and Nix Eniego, Growth Lead of Sky Mavis also shared what they do with their profits.

What is Paldo in Crypto?

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Paldo refers to a situation in the cryptocurrency market where the value of a coin or token that an investor holds has increased significantly, beyond typical expectations. The term does not specify a set percentage for this increase, but it implies an extraordinary rise in value, often resulting in substantial profits for the holder.

With that definition, we can say that Paldo encapsulates the volatile and unpredictable nature of the crypto market, highlighting instances where investments yield unexpectedly high returns. It is a colloquial term that is truly Filipino, as it celebrates the aspirational success every crypto investor hopes to achieve through their investments.

What to do after paldo?

Take-profit 50%, Save 50%

Community members emphasized that it is essential to sell half of your profits to secure tangible gains while retaining the other half as a long-term investment. By taking profits, you lock in earnings and mitigate potential losses if the market experiences a downturn. Simultaneously, holding onto a portion of your assets allows you to capitalize on potential future growth.

Take a portion of the profit to enjoy

Allocating a portion of profits for personal enjoyment or fulfillment is an essential aspect of wealth management. Whether it’s treating yourself to a vacation, purchasing luxury items, or simply indulging in hobbies, this strategy acknowledges the importance of enjoying the fruits of your investment labor. One member emphasized that this strategy will also keep investors motivated to continue.


Reinvesting a portion of profits back into the market can help compound an investor’s gains over time. This strategy involves allocating a percentage of profits to purchase additional assets or expand one’s investment portfolio. By reinvesting, investors capitalize on the power of compounding returns and position themselves for potential future wealth accumulation.

Protect original investment and secure some earnings on top

Safeguarding original investment while securing additional earnings is a conservative approach to managing profits. This strategy involves selling a portion of assets to cover the initial investment, ensuring that the investor recoups their principal amount. The remaining profits can then be retained or reinvested for further growth.

Consider real estate

Diversifying an investment portfolio by allocating funds towards real estate offers stability and potential long-term appreciation. Investing in properties, land, or real estate investment trusts (REITs) can provide steady income through rental yields or capital appreciation. Real estate investments are often seen as a hedge against inflation and offer diversification benefits compared to traditional financial assets.

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