Move-to-Earn Game STEPN Confirms $30 Million Airdrop to Users

This year, STEPN coined their last campaign as the Trailblazer Airdrop, with a prize pool of 100 million $GMT and ‌approximately $30 million in value.

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STEPN, a popular mobile game that enables players to earn cryptocurrency while walking, jogging, or running, confirmed it will host its third annual airdrop campaign, expected to give away 100 million $GMT, the game’s governance token.

Introduction to STEPN

STEPN ( is a web3-based lifestyle application that integrates game and social elements, making daily movement not only beneficial for health but also rewarding in the digital space.

Developed on the Solana ecosystem, this project secured fourth place during the Solana Ignition Hackathon 2021.

“STEPN is the world’s first move-to-earn NFT mobile game. Our objective is to nudge millions into healthier lifestyles, bringing them into the Web 3.0 world while contributing positively to carbon neutrality,” the developers stated.

To start earning on STEPN, players must purchase an NFT sneaker. They can then earn points, convertible to cryptocurrency, by walking, jogging, or running for a time specified on the app.

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“This innovative approach not only incentivizes physical activity but also offers users the flexibility to use their Tokens and NFTs within the game or convert them to other token forms,” according to the project’s whitepaper.

These NFT sneakers can also be upgraded using the earned points. Benefits of an upgraded NFT sneaker include higher rewards and greater market value.

“STEPN is the first game of its kind, supercharged with gamification and move-to-earn mechanics,” a spokesperson from one of STEPN’s investors remarked in an interview.

“Every runner will soon be earning and collecting as they track their progress. This intersection of crypto incentives, NFT collections, and real-world utility offers a glimpse into the future merger of our physical and digital worlds.”

A key feature is the automatic creation of an in-app wallet once a player creates an account, eliminating the need to connect a web3 wallet before accessing the game features.

To mitigate the risk of exploitation, STEPN integrates a comprehensive anti-cheating mechanism capable of detecting tools that outsmart the app.

As of this writing, STEPN is in its public beta phase.

STEPN Airdrop Guide

According to STEPN, they promised their community three consecutive years of airdrop campaigns.

The first was in March 2022, rewarding Genesis Sneakers holders on the BNB Chain; the second in February 2023, rewarding players based on the duration of asset holding.

This year, STEPN introduced the Trailblazer Airdrop, with a prize pool of 100 million $GMT, valued at approximately $30 million.

The campaign, expected to be a week-long event, was announced on March 10, 2024. It is possible that the Trailblazer Airdrop will conclude on March 17.

This airdrop campaign coincides with the launch of FSL ID (, a rewards tool for MOOAR, STEPN, and Gas Hero, as stated by the team.

When a player purchases an asset with the STEPN app, the service fees they paid are converted to FSL Points on a 1:1 ratio. These points can be redeemed for GMT at or used for purchasing Raffle Mint tickets at

“As part of our commitment to enriching community engagement, we introduced the FSL ID, rewarding users for their interactions with our platforms,” the developers noted.

Additionally, aside from FSL ID points participants, STEPN also promised rewards for its badge holders and Genesis Sneakers owners.

Before the official announcement of Trailblazer week, STEPN enabled players to earn badges by performing various actions within the game.

In a post on X, the team reminded participants they have until April 29 to claim their airdrop rewards.

“This third Trailblazer is designed to perpetuate the annual airdrop tradition, signifying our dedication to rewarding our loyal users and enriching our community with fun and exciting events,” STEPN concluded.

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