PDAX Intends to Solve These Two Major Pain Points of Crypto Trading in the Philippines

In an interview, PDAX highlighted the importance of its shared vision with ConsenSys, which is to drive accessible investing to all Filipinos.

March 22, 2019 – The recent announcement that ConsenSys has input fresh funds to Filipino crypto trading firm Philippine Digital Asset Exchange (PDAX) offered a perfect opportunity for BitPinas staff to catch up with its CMO Krystian Kucharzyk to find out what PDAX has been up to lately.

In an interview with BitPinas staff, Mr. Kucharzyk highlighted the importance of PDAX and ConsenSys’ shared vision, which is to drive accessible investing to all Filipinos. “Through this exciting new partnership, we hope to collaborate more closely with the Ethereum ecosystem to develop asset-backed tokens that will provide Filipinos access to investing in traditional assets for the first time,” said Mr. Kucharzyk in a message sent through email, which was an expansion on a statement he has given to BitPinas on the sidelines of the UnionBank cryptocurrency ATM launch.

“Ultimately we are building PDAX for the community here in the Philippines and we want to make sure PDAX is an investing platform that Filipinos can be proud to call their own.” – Krystian Kucharzyk, CMO, PDAX

Having acquired the “virtual currency license” from the Philippine Central Bank, PDAX had engaged in various meetings with the crypto community, including current traders and first-time investors, to understand the key pain points in crypto trading. In the majority of these engagements, Mr. Kucharzyk found that the biggest pain point is that it’s expensive to invest in cryptocurrencies in the Philippines, and that solving it has been their top priority. (Read More: A Complete Guide on How to Buy Bitcoins in the Philippines)

“We are proud to say that on PDAX, investors will be able to invest in the cryptocurrencies they want at the lowest prices on the market.  People can already head over to our website www.pdax.ph and see and compare our prices live.”

PDAX also wants its platform to give access to more cryptocurrencies with direct PHP trading pair, another notable problem (the lack of PHP trading pairs and limited access to crypto). Looking at the PDAX website, it’s notable to find a Litecoin-PHP pair. Offering more PHP trading pairs will speed up the current set up of buying BTC first with PHP, then converting or trading that BTC to other coins, litecoin included. More than speeding up, the money that is paid for transaction fees gets drastically reduced.

And finally, PDAX confirms support for advanced trading features like Trading View charting tools and stop-loss orders for more advanced traders.

PDAX is one of the pioneer digital asset exchange company in the Philippines, licensed by the BSP to facilitate the exchange of Philippine Peso (fiat) to cryptocurrencies and vice versa. PDAX guarantees liquidity that will ensure secure access to the digital asset market, offers multiple order types of cryptocurrencies, limit and stop orders features of crypto-to-crypto trading, etc. An important feature to note is real-time investing, making sure the users get to trade at the best market prices.

This story first appeared on BitPinas: PDAX Intends to Solve These Two Major Pain Points of Crypto Trading in the Philippines

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