What is Azuki NFT: A ₱30 Billion-Sold Web3 Project

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One of the major goals NFT creators focus on is building a community-centric project that would offer use cases or utilities that benefits its collectors. What if great narratives and awesome artwork were used to draw a lot of people to a project? What would it look like? Azuki has a story that most creators dream to have.

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What is Azuki NFT?

Azuki is a brand “made for the metaverse, by the community.” The products they offer include a ten-thousand, anime-inspired avatar collection, a metaverse for artists and their community called ‘The Garden’, merchandise—specifically streetwear—that you can flaunt in real life, live events, NFT drops, and other products that the team will announce in the future. They are also creating the BEANZ collection, composed of tiny red bean pods that have a round pod popping out of the bean just to peek at what is going on outside. It is the token that can be used to purchase NFTs and items in their shop. Lastly, Bobu Tokens serve as the governance token for their decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).

Currently, it has more or less 5,500 owners and floor price is at 26.65 ETH (₱4.5 M). The highest price for one avatar was for 420.7 ETH (₱70.7 M). It has gained popularity and is joining the ranks of the OG collections like Bored Ape Yacht Club and CryptoPunk. With their latest sale, posted on Twitter, of 19.2 ETH (₱3.3 M).

The collection is created by Team Azuki. Team Azuki is composed of six core members. Zegabond, the human bean. Hoshiboy, in charge of the design. 2PM.Flow and Location TBA (former Facebook Engineer) are the engineers of the project. Steamboy (former Art Director of Overwatch) and n-Joo, artists of the project. Daph is in charge of the Discord community. Demna is the product manager of the project, who is a former product manager of Google.

Based on their roadmap, they are developing The Garden as a place for the community to interact virtually whilst wearing their avatars; the possibility of The Garden to develop into a blockchain game is huge. The BEAN token is also in development to be used as their native currency to purchase items found in the shop.

The story of Azuki can be anyone’s story some day. The technology is still relevantly young and there are more opportunities to learn about it. Azuki, CryptoPunk and Bored Ape Yacht Club’s success can be someone’s flooring to create their own success story in the metaverse as long as creators would value their own community.

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