Luis Buenaventura’s Post-YGG Plans: What is His Next Move?

Crypto PH thought leader and formerly Country Manager for Yield Games – Luis Buenaventura – shares what he plans to do next.

Luis Buenaventura Interview
  • Luis Buenaventura stepped down as YGG country manager due to evolving organizational needs and a focus on different expertise.
  • He remains committed to the crypto industry, assisting hacking victims, exposing scams, and supporting promising projects.
  • The former country manager committed to the community through content creation, including reels, essays, and his newsletter Cryptoday.

On August 7, Luis Buenaventura shocked the #CryptoPH community when he wrote in his Cryptoday newsletter that he will be leaving his position at Yield Guild Games as country manager for the Philippines.

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Buenaventura, who is also one of the OGs in the crypto and non-fungible token (NFT) space in the country, revealed why he left the gaming guild and what his plans will be going forward. He shared this during the recent BitPinas Webcast on August 16, 2023.

Buenaventura shared that, in agreement with the YGG leadership, he decided to step down from his position. 

He explained that the organization, and as country manager, now requires skills and experience that are outside of his areas of expertise and that it would be wiser to appoint someone who has the necessary knowledge and experience to lead the company:

“YGG is still a very community-oriented organization, what has changed for me is that I have come to accept that community outreach is one component of YGG Philippines needs. There are entire other components where we need to be good at marketing, we need to be good at PR (public relations), and we need to be good at events. All of those components (are no longer in) my wheelhouse. My line of expertise is not that, there are definitely better people for that.”

The Cryptoday writer further remarked that it would be a “vain way” to be selfish by claiming that as one of the pioneers of the organization, he should be the one to lead it until the end, noting that as the needs of the organization change, either he will still be the right person to lead it or he will not. If he is not, then the right thing to do is to step aside.

“YGG was slightly different in its focus areas before, now we know that it needs to be good at a lot of other things, and unfortunately those other things are the things I’m not good at. It’s like, it was a good fit back then, it’s not a good fit right now, the correct thing to do for me is to step aside and let someone else who has more expertise in this area take over,” he concluded. 

Buenaventura joined YGG in 2021 with the aim of boosting community education and information about the cryptocurrency and blockchain industries, particularly focusing on the concept of play-to-earn. 

During his leadership, YGG PH was able to initiate projects and events such as the Axie scholarships, YGG Roadtrip, Philippine Web3 Festival, Axie Open Manila, YGG Playhouse, YGG Superquests, as well as a donation drive for the victims of Typhoon Odette. The organization also acquired the Axie Alerts PH (AAPH) in an all-cash deal and joined the Web3 Games Collective (W3GC).

For Good or For While: Will Luis be in Crypto Space Forever?

“I don’t think I could leave the crypto industry,” he answered. 

Upon stepping down from his position at YGG, Buenaventura asserted that he is still “very actively” looking for ways to contribute to the crypto community in the country. 

He affirmed that he would continue to assist those who had been hacked or scammed and that he would continue to write about the crypto projects in which he believed:

“The reason why I don’t think I’ll ever want to leave crypto is because I really don’t like the alternatives. Without crypto, what do we’ve got? Savings banks and Inflation, that’s basically it. For as long as traditional money exists, I think I’ll probably be still in crypto because I need to help people find the alternatives to this stuff.”

Against Bad Actors: Will Luis Be #CryptoPH Scam Detector?

Just this year, Buenaventura promised that he would help those who were suspicious of certain projects, and would review them to see if they were scams.

One of the projects that he became critical of was Crypto Hub Finance, which he advised his followers to avoid because it was a Ponzi Scheme. He also gave straightforward comments on Pi Network. 

Accordingly, Buenaventura revealed that his motivation for stepping up to expose crypto-related scams, rug pulls, and bad actors stem from a lack of individuals in the country taking on this responsibility.

“We have a lot of influencers in the crypto world here. But they don’t spend a lot of time calling out scams. Very unfortunately, some of them are actually spending a lot of time promoting these scams,” he stated, noting these influencers are not entirely malicious but only because they actually do not understand crypto. 

Why Call Out Crypto Scammers

Moreover, he insisted that he is now “a little bit more willing to offend more people,” as he does so in order to combat misinformation. 

Buenaventura also mentioned that he always reminds himself that before he deems a project or entity a scam, he must first have the evidence to support his claims, “If I can’t explain it clearly, then I have no business saying stuff to people.”

“I can at least promise everyone that if I were to go out and call something a scam, I’ll have a whole bunch of reasons that I will list down,” he assured. 

Challenging the community, Buenaventura welcomes others to contest his claims if they believe they are not entirely factual. He stated that he does not mind criticism and looks forward to having free and open discussions about the crypto space in the country.

Be Useful: Luis Commits to #CryptoPH Community

“I want to make myself useful in the community and now that I’ve got a lot of free time, I guess baka magsawa pa kayo [you guys might even get tired of it],” he said.

Buenaventura then expressed his eagerness to create more reels and write more essays. 

He also encouraged ‌webcast viewers to subscribe to his weekly newsletter, Cryptoday, and follow his social media accounts. 

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