Local Crypto Firms Share Plans For 2nd Half of 2023

Learn about the plans of local crypto firms for the latter half of the year, including partnership expansion, platform improvements, and web3 education initiatives.

Local Crypto Firms Share Plans For 2nd Half of 2023 (1)
  • Local crypto-focused firms’ mid-year reviews highlight their main goals as follows: expanding partnerships with web3-focused companies, government institutions, and business entities.
  • Companies plan to improve their platforms by enhancing user experience, offering more support for emerging crypto projects, and deploying new products.
  • Educational initiatives focused on web3 and blockchain education will be launched, including e-learning programs, certification courses, and documentation to help users understand and utilize blockchain technologies.

In their mid-year reviews published in BitPinas, local crypto-focused firms shared their plans and strategies for the latter half of the year. 

The companies identified community engagement, partnership expansion, platform improvement, and pushing for web3 education as their main goals. 

Expanding Partnerships

As the crypto industry largely depends on community efforts, six local firms reported that they intend to form more partnerships with other web3-focused companies and even with government and private institutions.

According to Lightning wallet firm Pouch.ph, the last six months of the year will be focused on its plans to further grow its Application Programming Interface (API) service for international money transfers using the network by partnering with more remittances and financial technology (fintech) companies both in the country and abroad.

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The same tone was shared by blue-chip NFT launchpad  Scarletbox, which expressed that its goal is to stretch its projects by launching drops that excel in art execution, physical collectibles, and market penetration:

“Aside from the current partnership that we value, we are also working on more partnerships with different entities. We are also excited to explore working with more galleries, plus exciting artists in the pipeline.”

Speaking more about enhancing their branding through partnerships, crypto exchange Coins.ph disclosed that one of their H2 2023 goals is to grow partners for Coins Arcade and onboard more Web3 games on the platform. 

“We aim to close the deals we are currently working on and actively seek out additional partnerships with brands and intellectual properties,” web3 gaming studio XOVOX Labs echoed. 

Mid Year Recap El Bonuan of Xovox Labs
Mid Year Recap El Bonuan of Xovox Labs

To achieve this, the studio declared to participate in AIBC Asia’s Startup Village and PGDX in partnership with the Filipino Artists’ Guild, as well as showcase solutions like connecting with collaborators and engaging with the gaming and creative communities.

Meanwhile, for non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace Mintoo, their users can witness “many more exciting partnerships and NFT collections that showcase the wide range of use cases of NFTs, with a particular focus on real-world utility and accessibility.” 

A similar promise was made by blockchain firm The BLOKC, which emphasized that one of its goals is to forge additional blockchain protocol partnerships by partnering with more blockchain protocols to provide comprehensive educational experiences across multiple ecosystems. 

Platform Improvements 

On the other hand, several crypto-focused firms also promised to prioritize user experience by making internal improvements to their platforms.

BayaniChain plans to streamline its user interface and improve user support to make the platform more intuitive, user-friendly, and accessible. This includes enhancing its customer support team to provide prompt assistance and guidance to users.

Mid Year Recap - Emman Navalan - Tetrix
Mid Year Recap – Emman Navalan – Tetrix

“Our primary plan for the last quarter is to deploy. We will slowly deploy and showcase different products that are aligned toward gaining more audiences,” blockchain and software company Tetrix affirmed.

While blockchain and cryptocurrency startup SparkPoint announced that it will offer more non-web3 services to its client: 

“As we move forward, the focus for the remainder of 2023 will be dedicated to laying the perfect foundation for a successful and innovative 2024. We will diversify further our SparkTech.Dev services, not only limited to Web3 and Blockchain-related solutions, but we will also include Web2 and general IT services, which still has a big market in the PH industry.”

From a crypto exchange’s perspective, both Coinex and Coins.ph promised a more user-friendly platform and more tokens available.

Mid Year Recap - Haipo Yang - Coinex
Mid Year Recap – Haipo Yang – Coinex

According to Haipo Yang, the founder of Coinex, the firm is set to enhance the user experience with comprehensive, easy-to-use services, faster, more stable transactions, more support for emerging crypto projects, and more trading options. He also noted that the exchange will adopt more robust security measures and build a stronger risk control system. 

Coins.ph also shared that it will continue to add new tokens to its exchange, Coins Pro. With its new stack, Coins is confident that it will be able to onboard more tokens that users are asking for at a much quicker rate. Additionally, Coins hopes to provide more options for users to earn yield through staking.

Meanwhile, despite the bear market, firms focusing on web3 gaming still continue to Buidl. 

MetaSaga Warriors confirmed that its game will be officially launched in September 2023, with the earning mechanism to be implemented in the last quarter of the same year.

Another web3 game, Anito Legends, revealed that they will be launching Rite of Ipa-Likha, an NFT weapon crafting feature, and a free-to-play version is in development.

On the other hand, metaverse-focused platform Ownly is set to raise funds for the development of Ownchain, its own Onchain Blockchain Gaming platform.

Web3 Education Initiatives

Moneybees, an over-the-counter virtual asset service provider, recently launched “e-scuela,” an e-learning initiative featuring live webinars for all its money service business (MSB) and remittance agent (RA) partners. The initiative aims to help partners and employees understand and appreciate the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, which will help facilitate industry growth.

Mid Year Recap - Jay Villarante
Mid Year Recap – Jay Villarante

As per The BLOKC, for the last six months of the year, it aims to launch new blockchain certification programs tailored to specific protocols and partner with more universities to train certified blockchain developers. These programs will provide individuals with the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in the blockchain industry.

“At XOVOX Labs, our primary goals and plans for the second half of 2023 are driven by our mission to educate, on-board, and build for and with Filipinos in the Metaverse,” the game studio wrote. XOVOX Labs added that they will be bringing their educational initiatives to Bicol during the AMAC 2023 event, in collaboration with Ownly.

As part of its educational initiatives, BayaniChain also promised to provide enhanced documentation and tutorials to help users understand the features and benefits of BYCAccess. They will also provide resources with step-by-step instructions and use cases to help users get started. 

While for the art collective CryptoArt PH, it intends to organize a series of public forums and interactive discussions that will allow artists, technologists, and the public to engage in debates about AI’s role in society. These events are intended to instigate conversations that will influence the future of art and AI.

Community Engagements

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Moreover, CryptoArt PH said that it will also focus on art and technology in the latter half of 2023. Their primary project is an innovative art exhibition that merges traditional art forms with cutting-edge technology. They will also hold public forums and discussions about AI’s role in society. The next six months promise innovation, accessibility, inclusivity, and inspiration in their art space.

“On a product level, our goal is to create new features that unlock more fan-experiences such as gated content, in-app broadcast channels and chat groups with fan communities, and many others,” web3 and digital collectibles app Stanible shared.

Moneybees also announced plans to increase its over-the-counter presence in key locations across the country, aiming to reach 50-100 physical outlets. At the same time, they will continue to build their brand equity and strengthen their online presence through social media campaigns.

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