[Recap] Building Towards a Web3 Game Launch | YGG Web3 Games Summit

Learn how to launch a web3 game from the personal experiences of web3 game developers themselves.

YGG Web3 Games Summit - Building Towards A Web3 Game Launch

Aside from being users and gamers, the Philippines and East Asia have been known for having good-quality game developers. 

During the recently concluded YGG Web3 Games Summit, BitPinas Editor-in-Chief Michael Mislos moderated the panel “Building Towards a Web3 Game Launch” together with Anito Legends Co-Founder Jayvee Fernandez, Brilliant Crypto Business Development Head Hugo Church, and Epic League Business Executive Epic League Sinhae Lee to give some advice on how to launch a web3 game and share their personal experiences. 

Fun or Unexpected Moments During Game Development

  • For Fernandez, one of the most remarkable moments in developing Anito Legends was when they were about to launch their token last year, but the FTX collapsed and the whole SBF drama happened—so they were forced to stop the token launch. Apparently, a year later, during the summit, the big news was that Binance had been penalized by U.S. regulators and CZ had stepped down as CEO. That was almost weeks after they left the Binance Chain and transferred to Polygon. 
  • Meanwhile. Church shared that when they were launching their first web3 game, they saw their chairman being excited and optimistic about it. They saw the company’s chairman for being active on Discord and personally asking employees about how the game was performing, which was a very strange scenario because they knew their chairman as the boss was only ever inside his office.  
  • Lastly, Lee also shared that they expected to attract 10 million downloads upon launching their game. However, as a web3 game, web3 gamers do not have those numbers. So instead of being disappointed, they just lower their expectations instead. 
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The Unique Nature of Developing a Web3 Game

  • Fernandez: “Anito Legend is game number 22 among individuals and as a group. So, this is the very first game that we did with blockchain elements. So we are not blockchain developers—we had to get a lot of help from advisors and other smart contract developers to learn how it really works. I think the real challenge is balancing an economy. When we started developing this game and building a product, we realized later on, “Oh, no, we’re actually building an economy.”
    • Managing investors, managing players, managing token holders—it’s very tough, Fernandez said.
  • Church: “The thing that we’ve tried to focus on from the very beginning is the community building—and we’re talking about a year before the release of the game. We’re building a community for a game that is a year away from release. There’s no NFTs yet, there’s no token, there’s no particular awards, but we’re trying to get people excited about our game and it’s very rare to see something like that in web2.”
  • Lee: “When we think about web2, it’s more go-to-market strategy—means you have a product and you figure out how you’re gonna distribute, then you build a community. But when you come to web3 games, it’s actually the opposite—you can possibly build a community first before you even have the final product, before you officially launch your game.”

A Piece of Advice on Launching Web3 Games

  • Fernandez: “Runway is very important; the leaner you are, the more money you’ll save for the next bull market—I think that’s really the way to go. A Smaller team also allows you to iterate faster because it’s very unpredictable times. And down the line, you would also want to explore brand partnerships.”

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