From Enthusiast to Leader: ETH63 Core Paolo Dioquino Shares Web3 Story

Discover Paolo Dioquino’s journey from Ethereum enthusiast to leadership within ETH63, his insights on community engagement, and ETH63’s initiatives to spread Ethereum awareness in the Philippines.

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  • Paolo Dioquino emphasizes the importance of education for those entering the web3 realm, suggesting a focus on Bitcoin and Ethereum basics before pursuing specific roles within the community.
  • Dioquino finds motivation in aligning his interests with his commitments across various initiatives, highlighting the unity and collaboration within the Ethereum community as a fulfilling experience.
  • ETH63’s future projects include organizing workshops, university tours, community meet-ups, and hackathons to spread awareness and knowledge about Ethereum in the Philippines.

Paolo Dioquino has transitioned from not just being an Ethereum enthusiast to becoming a leader in the local community ETH63. In this interview with BitPinas, Dioquino discussed his personal experiences, methods for staying updated, as well as how to juggle multiple roles in the crypto industry.

Furthermore, it looks into ETH63’s future projects and goals.

From Enthusiast to Web3 Leader

Dioquino, known as “RightSide” in the crypto Twitter community, is a vital member of ETH63, a grassroots network promoting Ethereum adoption in the Philippines. He contributes to the growth team for external relations at Pendle and co-founded DeFi Philippines.

Photo for the Article - From Enthusiast to Leader: ETH63 Core Paolo Dioquino Shares Web3 Story
Paolo Dioquino, Core Member, Eth63

He described the transition from enthusiast to leader within the Ethereum community as a challenging learning curve, especially for non-developers like himself.

“As a non-developer in the space, certain terminologies take me a bit longer to grasp before I can fully understand their meanings and applications. The pace of innovations and developments can be overwhelming for newcomers.”

Paolo Dioquino, Core Member, ETH63

Dioquino advised those interested in the crypto community to start by understanding the basics of Bitcoin and Ethereum, noting their significant impact on the market.

“After which, explore what interests you, whether it’s being a developer, auditor, moderator, marketer, researcher, or content writer. The opportunities in crypto are vast, but the education takes time. Lastly, take the step forward, reach out to founders, protocols, and OGs in the space, and they’ll likely help you out. The crypto community is more welcoming than you might think.”

Paolo Dioquino, Core Member, ETH63

Personal Insights

Photo for the Article - From Enthusiast to Leader: ETH63 Core Paolo Dioquino Shares Web3 Story

Dioquino discussed how he manages multiple roles across various initiatives, finding motivation in aligning his interests with his commitments.

“The reason I manage various activities at ETH63 is because all team members do their part and share the same goals of expanding Ethereum’s grassroots in the Philippines.”

Paolo Dioquino, Core Member, ETH63

He shared that his most fulfilling experience has been the sense of unity and collaboration with like-minded individuals worldwide.

“Another benefit has been access to resources that would have been difficult to obtain if I hadn’t engaged with the community,” he added.

To stay informed about Ethereum and broader crypto advancements, Dioquino relies on several sources, including updates from the Ethereum Foundation and platforms like X.

He advocates for education based on blockchain and crypto fundamentals, simplified to be accessible even to grade schoolers, a method known as “ELI5” or “Explain Like I’m 5.”

“Expect some web3 socialfi protocols to become another source of crypto information in the future,” he mentioned.

ETH63 Future Projects and Goals

Photo for the Article - From Enthusiast to Leader: ETH63 Core Paolo Dioquino Shares Web3 Story

Dioquino outlined ETH63’s plans for various projects and initiatives, focusing on workshops for both developers and non-developers to spread Ethereum knowledge.

“Manila is the first stop for ETH63, but I’m excited about activities for Visayas and Mindanao as well. We have started reaching out to communities, and we’re eager to collaborate with those interested.”

Paolo Dioquino, Core Member, ETH63

Through partnerships with educational partners, ETH63 aims to conduct university tours and community meet-ups with guests from global Ethereum communities. Additionally, they are planning a hackathon aligned with the prestigious Devcon7 or Devcon Southeast Asia, scheduled in Bangkok from November 12 to 15.

These projects aim to contribute significantly to the global Ethereum ecosystem and the local community in the Philippines. By reaching out to different regions within the country, ETH63 hopes to discover and support innovative ideas that can further strengthen Ethereum’s presence.

“We aim to touch various areas in the Philippines to find ideas we can support. Although we don’t yet have a strong reach in the Philippines for Ethereum, these initiatives can help us connect and potentially prepare supporters, builders, and enthusiasts for Devcon7.”

Paolo Dioquino, Core Member, ETH63

In a separate interview, ETH63 also expressed anticipation for forging partnerships with local brands and media outlets to enhance visibility and exploring collaborations with educational platforms to facilitate crypto-related education.

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