Women in Blockchain PH Founder in 2023 Top 20 Women Leaders

Gail Cruz-Macapagal is the Country Director of Blockchain & IT Solutions company DynaQuest and the Founder of Women in Blockchain Philippines. 

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Gail Cruz-Macapagal, the Country Director of DynaQuest and Founder of Women in Blockchain Philippines, was once again recognized as a distinguished woman leader in the blockchain industry when she was named to Whizlabs’ Top 20 Women Blockchain Leaders in 2023.

Cruz-Macapagal in Top 20 Women Blockchain Leaders

Whizlabs acknowledged Cruz-Macapagal’s experience in the blockchain space, having worked with the web3 entity DynaQuest Technology Services Inc.,. 

“She holds the title of a Certified Blockchain Expert, marking her expertise in this innovative field,” the platform noted.

Whizlabs also noted that Cruz-Macapagal was named one of the 100 Most Influential Filipino Women on LinkedIn in 2021-2022. It also noted her various positions, such as Vice President of the Healthcare Information Management Association of the Philippines (HIMAP), Trustee of the Blockchain Council of the Philippines, founder of the Women in Blockchain Philippines, and her roles as a Certified Blockchain Expert, Influencer, and Speaker.

“Gail is a trailblazer in the IT/BPO sector, amassing an impressive 19-year journey that commenced from a humble role as a call center agent and ascended to the heights of Operations Head. Throughout her career, she has traversed various domains within the industry, including HR, Client Services, and Vendor Management, where she excelled as a Senior Manager,” the firm wrote. 

Whizlabs highlighted that her journey from Call center agent to blockchain expert is “mesmerizing and spellbound! Adding her name to the list of blockchain leaders is unquestionably a decision of great significance and impact.”

Of the 20 blockchain women leaders, Cruz-Macapagal is the only one who is of Filipino descent.

Other Women Blockchain Leaders

  •  Adryenn Ashley – Venture Capitalist and TV Host 
  • Tavonia Evans – Guapcoin creator
  • Laura Shin – crypto journalist and founder/CEO of Unchained
  • Lavinia D. Osbourne – founder and director of Butterfly Wealth Creation and founder of Women in Blockchain Talks,
  • Abeer Khedr – Group Head of Cyber Security at the National Bank of Egypt (NBE)
  • Dr. Vilma Mattila – venture capitalist
  • Maria Vovchok – news presenter and journalist, and ambassador for the Blockchain Association of Ukraine
  • Dr. Jane Thomason – entrepreneur, and global thought leader and influencer
  • Caitlin Long – Founder & CEO of Custodia Bank, and chairman of WyoHackathon
  • Irina Karagyaur – founder of BQ9
  • Oluchi Enebeli – blockchain engineer
  • Lisa Francoeur – LinkedIn content creator on emerging tech
  • Gabriella (Gabby) Kusz – CEO at the Global Digital Asset and Cryptocurrency Association and Senior Director at Digital Dollar Project
  • Maliha Abidi – NFT creator
  • Olayinka Odeniran – Founder and Chairwoman of the Black Women Blockchain Council
  • Cleve Mesidor – Executive Director of the Blockchain Foundation
  •  Kamala Alcantara – UX Researcher at Blockdaemon
  • Sandra Ro – web3 and crypto investor
  • Megan Nilsson – Web3 Strategy Consultant and advisor at Ikigai Ventures

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Who is Gail Cruz-Macapagal?

Gail Cruz-Macapagal is the Country Director of Blockchain & IT Solutions company DynaQuest and the Founder of Women in Blockchain Philippines. 

Last year, she was honored as one of the 13 winners on the 2022 Rising Women in Crypto Power List. The recognition was partly due to DynaQuest’s initiative in organizing a fundraising event for street children, which included the launch of the Humanility ‘From Street to School Art’ non-fungible token (NFT) collection.

Additionally, Cruz-Macapagal was one of the local web3 leaders from the Web3 Alliance who signed a solidarity statement pledging their commitment to support the holistic and ethical growth of blockchain in the Philippines during the country’s first Global Blockchain Summit, held on October 26-27, 2022, at the Bataan People’s Center in Balanga City, Bataan.

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