Cryptopia Guide for Beginners and How to Play to Earn

What are the game features, how does it work, and how to play to earn on Cryptopia.

Cryptopia Guide for Beginners and How to Play to Earn

Identifying itself as a seasteading city-state that lies outside any nation’s border, Cryptopia is a blockchain-based society that claims to let its citizens buy, sell, vote, and perform “essential activities using a safe, secure, and transparent system.”

“Cryptopia lies outside of any existing nation’s borders, allowing its citizens free reign to experiment and create the community they want for themselves. Cryptopia has become humanity’s haven, the reboot of society the world needs to survive,” its website read

It also offers a blockchain game, offering its citizens to earn crypto while playing. 

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What is Cryptopia?

Cryptopia is a free-to-play game that seeks to provide a “fun and fair gaming experience” for its citizens. This means that the game does not require players to purchase NFTs as starting characters. 

It allows players to create, trade, and explore a virtual world based on the principles of decentralized finance (DeFi). 

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“A few years after Satoshi Nakamoto’s Bitcoin white paper changed the world, another white paper of mysterious origin created a stir. Satoshi’s work states that the world is due for economic collapse due to its reliance on fiat currency,” the project’s introduction about the game

“It would take only one crisis, such as climate change, to unleash an unmitigated global catastrophe.”

How to Create an Account in Cryptopia? 

Step 1: Click the “Join Now” button in the top right corner of the website page. 

Step 2: Fill in and verify email address, username, and password, and agree to the terms and conditions.

Step 3: Download and install Cryptopia client on the “Game” section of the website. 

The Gameplay

Welcome to Cryptopia

Upon starting the game, players should choose between two strategies: the Tycoon and Adventurer. Those who choose Tycoon should generate an income and build a DeFi dynasty, while those who choose Adventurer should embark on a journey to be professionals by performing quests. 

The game, basically, focuses on letting the players create their own virtual lives. For instance, Tycoons are set to run businesses, while Adventurers are set to be professionals who will work on those businesses.

This is where factions in the game enter: the Eco faction aims to create a self-sustaining carbon-free city-state, the Industrial faction seeks to maximize profitability by any means necessary, the Tech faction focuses on advancing society through technology, and the Traditional faction seeks to protect workers’ and voters’ rights.

There will then be two sub-factions: the Pirates, which are assigned to loot players; and the Bounty Hunters, who will retrieve the loot and return it to the player. These sub-factions add a PvP element to Cryptopia. 


As an Adventurer, players should excel in their profession in Cryptopia, just like in everyday life. Some professions include an architect, a designer, a construction worker, and even a sales clerk. 

Basically, every player will start from the bottom, for instance, a construction worker, finish quests, then earn XPs until their career advances, and they will be promoted to architect. 

Loyalty Cards, which are given as NFTs, are also important for career advancement. This means that a player has stayed in their profession and workplace. 

Cryptopia Guide

Meanwhile, Tycoons should strive to build their own DeFi dynasty and generate income through transaction fees. Like in the real world, they must have a certain amount of in-game tokens, $CRT, that will serve as capital. 

Tycoons should also have land tiles, together with a Title Deed NFT, and a blueprint of the requirements needed to build an empire, together with a Blueprint NFT, to be able to start building their own businesses. These NFTs can be purchased on the marketplace. 

Loyalty Cards are also needed by Tycoons that will serve as protection to those who want to sabotage their business’ progress. 

The Tokenomics

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40%, or four billion $CRT is allocated to the game alone. All fungible and non-fungible assets, such as coal, wood, gold, electricity, title deeds, modules, and blueprints, are priced at $CRT. All items and services within the game are also priced in this token. 

“Using a single native token as the in-game currency can help create a more unified and stable economy within the game and makes it easier for players to trade and exchange items with one another, as they all have a common denomination,” the developers noted

Other uses of $CRT within the game include: 

  • Labor Pay: For paying Adventurers their basic pay, and as compensation to boost their performance. 
  • Bidding: For Tycoons who want to by a certain land or item through auctions and bidding, 
  • Crafting: For shorter cooldown during crafting processes, repairing in-game items, and forming appropriate skillset. 
  • Upgrades: For having advanced skills, character enhancements, and other character-centric upgrades. 
  • Guild Formation: For a group of players who want to build their own guild. Once formed, the guild operates as a DAO with its own governance token.
  • Disputes: For paying the court fee for in-game legal disputes, such as username appropriateness. 
  • Oracles: For players to verify their age, location, and other personal information. 
  • Tax Allocation: For every $CRT spent in in-game activities, a certain percent of tax is deducted. The taxes are allocated for quest rewards, community initiatives, and quests. 

Note: No external wallet is needed for players to store their $CRT tokens and in-game NFTs. Once an account has been created, the Cryptopia wallet of the user is automatically created and connected to the game.

How to Play-to-Earn in Cryptopia

There are three ways to earn crypto while playing Cryptopia: 

  1. Fungible tokens can be traded on the Swap Marketplace. The $CRT price of each fungible token depends on the market’s supply and demand. No gas fees are charged on this marketplace.
  2. NFT assets can be sold on the NFT Marketplace. The seller can choose if the assets will undergo an auction, be sold in a fixed price, or a Dutch auction. Bids can be placed in $CRT and $ETH. 
  3. NFT assets can be sold via third-party NFT auctions like OpenSea. A description will be available, so people know exactly what in-game asset the token represents.

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