Top Crypto Wallets With No Tokens Yet | Airdrop Soon?

Check out the list of crypto wallets with no airdrops yet. These wallets may or may not announce a token in the future.

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Though most centralized exchanges already have an integrated online wallet in it, decentralized exchanges need non-custodial wallets to enable a trade. Most of the time, decentralized platforms, protocols, bridges, web3 games, and DeFi features also require connecting an online, non-custodial wallet first before accessing their products and services. 

With this, here is a list of crypto wallets that do not have their own native tokens yet, and once a token launch is announced, a potential airdrop activity may also happen.

Note: The list is just compiled from speculation within the crypto community. The projects below may or may not announce airdrops in the future.

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Web3 Crypto Wallets With No Native Tokens Yet


MetaMask (  is a decentralized web3 wallet developed by U.S.-based private blockchain software technology company ConsenSys. 

It allows users to hold crypto and NFTs and has an in-app exchange, enabling them to buy and sell tokens within the platform. It is currently available as a browser extension and mobile app. 

MetaMask also has a “Snap” feature, which allows developers to build and transact within the networks outside Ethereum, such as Bitcoin, Solana, and Cosmos.

How to be eligible: Use the swap feature, convert crypto, or use Metamask Snaps.


Rabby ( is another Ethereum and EVM-compatible wallet developed by Singapore-based DeBank.

It allows users to store their crypto and NFTs, and claims to support and integrate with 129 chains. 

Rabby is currently available as a web extension, a desktop app, and a mobile app. 


Phantom ( is a multichain wallet that is compatible with the Ethereum, Polygon, and Solana networks. 

It has an in-app exchange, which means that users can buy and sell tokens from different chains. NFTs can also be stored in the wallet.

Phantom is available as a desktop extension and mobile app.


Taho ( is a “community-owned and operated” wallet. It is currently maintained by its own DAO. 

Users can buy and sell crypto within the app, with Taho claiming to offer only half  the price of the transaction fees against its competitors. 

It is currently avaiable as an extension for Chrome and Brave browsers.


Zerion ( is a DeFi wallet developed to be compatible with major layer 1 blockchains, such as Ethereum, Arbitrum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, and Optimism. 

It allows users to directly buy crypto using cash and credit cards. NFTs can also be stored and arranged according to their floor price. 

It is available as a browser extension.  


Rainbow ( is an Ethereum and EVM-compatible wallet. 

It allows users to buy and sell crypto directly. It also has a built-in Swap and Bridge features. Lastly, users can be able to send and receive NFTs. 

It is available as a browser extension and mobile app. 


Argent ( is an Ethereum wallet developed to be used for the Starknet network. It is often reffered to as the “smart wallet for Starknet.” 

It has an in-app exchange and allows users to buy and sell crypto using credit cards and Apple pay. It also supports ERC-721 and ERC-1155 NFTs to be stored and received.

Argent is available as a browser extension and mobile app. 


Braavos ( is a smart contract-based wallet for Starknet. It claims to be a user-friendly wallet for beginners. 

It allows users to buy and sell crypto in-app and store NFTs. 

Braavos is available as a browser extension and mobile app.


Martian ( is a self-custodial wallet for the Aptos and Sui networks. 

It allows users to buy, sell, swap, and stake crypto within the app. Users can also mint and collect NFTs in-app. 

Martian is available as a browser extension.

Tips to Secure Airdrop on Web3 Wallets

These wallets do not have their own tokens for transaction and gas fees. Thus, once their developers announced a token launch, a massive airdrop is not impossible to happen. 

To be eligible for the future potential airdrops of these wallets, it is a plus to use them to store, buy, and sell crypto.

It is also a good strategy to use the swap and bridge functions of these wallets. Lastly, stay updated with these wallets’ updates by following their social media accounts. 

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