[Update] Pixelmon MON Airdrop: Who Are Eligible?

Here’s everything you need to know to be eligible in the upcoming MON airdrop, from the company that developed Pixelmon.

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Updated on May 25, 2024 with official airdrop details. You can read through below or jump to the airdrop section here.

Another rising star in the web3 gaming industry, Pixelmon, has introduced its launch partner, missions platform, MON Protocol, together with the $MON airdrop. 

What is Pixelmon? What is the story of this web3 game? Is this the blockchain-integrated Pokemon? How to earn $MON tokens?

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Pixelmon Introduction

In its whitepaper, Pixelmon (https://hub.pixelmon.ai/) stressed that it seeks to be the first Decentralized Game IP Ownership (DGIO) system that provides the right incentives to play-to-own while leveraging the proven revenue model in free-to-play gaming and microtransactions.

Among its products is a free-to-play, Pokemon-style NFT RPG game. According to its developers, the blockchain game is really inspired by Pokemon, but it should be noted that it is not connected to The Pokemon Company. 

Recently, as a DGIO, it successfully secured a seed investment of $8 million. The game received funding from web3 institutions such as Animoca Brands and Delphi Ventures.

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Some of Pixelmon’s IP games include Base-based Kevin the Adventurer, Mantle-based PixelPals, open-world adventure game Hunting Grounds, and free-to-play desktop game Arena.

Pixelmon Gameplay

Photo for the Article - [Update] Pixelmon MON Airdrop: Who Are Eligible?

Basically, Pixelmons are like Pokemon creatures, but instead of a simple video game, they are minted as NFTs, including other in-game items, on the Ethereum Network. 

It is a multiplayer open-world adventure and monster combat arena that allows players to collect, evolve, and battle alongside their Pixelmon.

Though Pixelmons are minted as NFTs, players can still collect a variety of them by visiting different lands. Pixelmons also have rarities, and players can evolve them by collecting special in-game NFT items. 

These lands are described as “a vast and dangerous world, full of monsters and other challenges,” where players can find new Pixelmon, items, and resources by exploring the world.

Aside from its adventure feature, players can battle other players in PvP combat. The winner of the battle will earn rewards, such as new Pixelmon and in-game items.

Lastly, as an NFT-centric game, players can trade their Pixelmon and other in-game items with other players, giving them opportunities to prepare their best line-up while securing digital ownership. 

The $MON Token of MON Protocol

According to the team, $MON is an ERC-20 fungible token that will be used to power and govern the MON Protocol, an IP protocol that will be launched with the Pixelmon ecosystem as its first use case.

As of this writing, MON Protocol has an active community presale. During this program, $MON  token holders can grab up to 2X,000 lots, while Pixelmon Community Holders will be given a guaranteed allocation based on their Pixelmon Gen 1 and Golden Trainer Holdings, as per them:

MON Protocol Airdrop Details

Photo for the Article - [Update] Pixelmon MON Airdrop: Who Are Eligible?

MON Protocol (MON) will go live on Monday, 27 May 2024. Claiming starts at 9:30am UTC, followed by listing at 10:00am UTC.

Over 180,000 wallets are eligible to claim MON during the TGE.

  • Special Access: Pixelmon Gen1, Trainers, Armoury NFT holders, and MON presale participants can access their MON allocation at 9:30am UTC before the public listing.
    • There is no snapshot as the claimable tokens are tied to the NFTs.
  • PixelPals Rewards: PixelPals #Farm2Farm rewards and Kevin the Adventurer game tokens will be claimable at TGE for players holding relevant badges.

MON Staking Platform will be active at TGE, allowing stakers to earn Protocol Points for upcoming launch pools, with details on the first five pools to be announced post-TGE.

Finally, those who completed the MON Protocol airdrop missions will not receive the tokens during the token generation event. They will get it after the event has finished. Note that Season One questing is still ongoing at: https://app.monprotocol.ai/questing

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