Mintoo: NFTs can Build Customer Loyalty and Community

In a press release, Mintoo underscores how NFTs have the potential to enable businesses and brands to engage with their audiences, enhance customer loyalty, and foster vibrant communities.

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  • Mintoo highlights the potential of NFTs for businesses and brands to connect with audiences, boost customer loyalty, and build communities.
  • To address the NFT adoption complexity, Mintoo aims to create an accessible and user-friendly platform to transform Filipinos’ perception and participation in NFT technology, engaging diverse target markets.
  • Mintoo collaborates with brands, artists, creators, and local communities to offer localized and customized digital collectible experiences.

Mintoo, the partner non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace of local crypto exchange Philippine Digital Asset Exchange (PDAX), emphasized that the advent of virtual assets such as NFTs has created new opportunities for businesses and brands to connect with and engage their audiences.

NFTs Boosts Customer Loyalty and Community 

While noting the community perks, the NFT platform acknowledges the challenges Filipinos face in adopting digital tokens due to their complex nature, price volatility, technical barriers, and concerns about selling NFT projects quickly. 

To address these issues, Mintoo aims to create an inviting and user-friendly environment for digital collectors and NFT creators, revolutionizing how Filipinos view and participate in this technology. 

In a statement, the platform announced its goal of effectively engaging various target markets and harnessing the potential of community-driven NFTs in the digital realm. 

To achieve this, Mintoo partners with brands, local artists and creators, and local communities to provide their target audiences with a highly localized and customized experience of owning and enjoying digital collectibles.

Recent Mintoo NFT Projects

“The promising potential of NFTs are slowly being realized through the real-life uses and cases being pursued by Mintoo. By making NFTs’ value relevant to certain niche communities, Mintoo is able to capitalize on NFTs’ growing significance,” the platform wrote in a statement noting that by having NFTs more accessible to the general public will make it more likely that they will be adopted by the mainstream.

It recently released NFTs for several brands such as SVEN – The Digital 1st Agency and Pickup Coffee; it also issued NFT tickets for “Ang Huling El Bimbo: The Musical.”

Mintoo also launched digital tokens for local artists in the exclusive collections “Artist Series: New Horizons” and “Walang Katulad”. The NFT platform also recently had a soldout collection called Tambay OG NFT, which celebrates Filipino culture and humor.

In addition, Mintoo also collaborated with Filipino musician Ely Buendia, the frontman of the band Eraserheads, and New York-based artist Farrah Carbonell on the exclusive “Flaming Lullaby” NFT collection.

In a statement, Mintoo also emphasized that NFTs can be utilized by companies to promote community engagement among their employees. This is exemplified by their recent partnership with GCash during their iGnite Innovation Summit last August, where employees received a free NFT as their Proof of Attendance. Those who attended the in-person culminating event held at the Globe Tower BGC also received a special edition digital collectible that gave them a chance to win exclusive prizes from partner brands such as Landers and PDAX.

Recently, attendees of the Trust Officers Association of the Philippines (TOAP) Summit, both online and on-site, received a Proof of Attendance (POA) NFT created by Mintoo Studios. Some of the NFTs were accompanied by gifts, such as a bottle of 12-year-old Macallan double cask, a HydroFlask tumbler, and a PDAX shirt.

Photo for the Article - Mintoo: NFTs can Build Customer Loyalty and Community

“With the NFTs that we’ve released, we came to the realization that the NFTs are the ultimate engagement tool, not just for customers but everyone that comes in contact with the brand: employees, vendors, partners.,” Meg Amat, Head of Marketing and Strategy of Mintoo, said.

Amat emphasized that NFTs offer brands a unique appeal as they enable traceable grassroots efforts, word-of-mouth marketing, and the cultivation of dedicated fan bases. 

“Once you have them in the hands of your target audience, the campaigns that you run through them are endless. You can conduct multiple campaigns, reprogramming the promo mechanics endlessly to reach your business objectives,” she added.

What is Mintoo?

In March 2023, PDAX, collaborated with Mintoo, a Filipino blockchain technology company, to launch the NFT platform on the Polygon blockchain; it aims tol allow Filipino users to conveniently purchase digital collectibles and NFTs priced in pesos.

The media release stated that the platform’s focus is on nurturing thriving communities and accessibility, providing educational resources for digital collectibles, and showcasing local creators’ talent to a broader audience.

The platform highlighted that through its partnerships, brands can continually adapt and innovate campaigns to align with evolving customer preferences, using NFTs and digital collectibles as tangible rewards for both loyal and new customers.

Mintoo claims that it prioritizes creating a sense of ownership, versatility, and creativity, fostering lasting connections within their communities and redefining brand interactions in the digital age.

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