How to Buy Pundi X NPXS in the Philippines

Pundi X (NPXS) that runs on the NEM blockchain is bringing a cryptocurrency use case in convenient stores, merchant stores, etc with its XPOS.

Pundi X (NPXS) that runs on the NEM blockchain is bringing a cryptocurrency use case in convenient stores, merchant stores, etc with its XPOS. XPOS is Pundi X’s point-of-sale hardware that lets paying with cryptocurrency as easy as you do with cash.

Pundi X’s token, NPXS, is not readily available in the country. This is why cryptocurrency enthusiasts have to purchase the coin via traditional cryptocurrency exchanges. In this article, we will teach you how to buy Pundi X in the Philippines.

What is Pundi X?

Pundi X is based in Indonesia. It has a mission of making cryptocurrency accessible to all by using its XPOS. According to the Pundi X site:

“We want to make using cryptocurrency as easy as getting bottled water. At Pundi X, we seek to bring cryptocurrency to the next billion users and will help increase the value of cryptocurrency for all.” – Pundi X

By using the company’s XPOS, merchants can accept a cryptocurrency payment and buy/sell cryptocurrencies. These payments may come from the customer’s bank card, mobile wallets, or the company’s XPASS Card.

XPOS has its own application store and developers who want to publish apps that target retailers such as cryptocurrency transactions, wallets, loyalty program etc requires NPXS tokens. It is the default currency in the application store. This token can also act as a loyalty reward as it can deduct the total amount purchased.

Where to buy Pundi X – NPXS in the Philippines?

Since the token NPXS is not readily available in the country, Filipinos can get their hands on NPXS by using cryptocurrency exchanges.

Binance (Updated 2021)

You can purchase Dogecoin from Binance through P2P. This is the simplest out of the options mentioned in this article. Here are the steps:

  1. Log in or register to Binance
  2. Go to its P2P page
  3. Find a seller of USDT for your PHP
  4. Transfer USDT from Binance P2P to Binance Spot
  5. Find DOGE/USDT Pair
  6. Trade

Here is our step-by-step guide to buy crypto using Binance P2P: How to Use Binance P2P to Buy Bitcoin, USDT in the Philippines

Original article continues below:

Traditional Cryptocurrency Exchanges

This type of cryptocurrency exchange is your usual open book trading platform. It lets users set their own price or purchase crypto using the market price. These exchanges also have trading pairs. In NPXS it has NPXS/BTC, NPXS/ETH, NPXS/LA, NPXS/IDR, NPXS/KRW, NPXS/USDT, NPXS/TRY, and NPXS/WETH. For the sake of this article, we will choose the NPXS/BTC as this is usually the trading pair of choice of many.

There are also other trading platforms available to trade and exchange NPXS such as LAtoken, HotBit, Allbit, Indodax, Bitbns, etc.

Usually, you can start trading using these platforms by registering an verifying your email address. Once verified, you can now transfer your BTC funds to your account by clicking on Deposit and transferring your BTC to your crypto exchange account. After funding, go to Exchange and search for BTC/NPXS trading pair. You can either set your own buying price or use the market price. Once you’ve completed your trade, go to Withdraw and withdraw your NPXS to your wallet for safe keeping.

Register at Binance here!

How to get BTC Funds?

You can purchase BTC via credit or by using the top cryptocurrency wallet in the country, Coins.ph.

Cashing in to your Coins.ph account is easy, once you already registered an account and have it verified, you can now deposit cash via 7-Eleven stores, partner pawnshops, or even via bank transfer. Once you have PHP in your wallet, you can now convert it from PHP to BTC.

You will then use this newly converted BTC to fund your crypto exchange account by entering your exchange account’s BTC address or scanning the QR code. You can see the address by going to the Deposit page of your exchange account.

Pundi X NPXS Wallet

Pundi X’s NPXS and PXS are ERC-20 compliant coin, this means you can store it in your myetherwallet, Trezor, or Ledger.

Another token of Pundi X is NPXSXEM. Both NSXSXEM and PXSXEM are NEM mosaics. This will make them compatible to your NEM wallet.

Lifetime NPXS Price Chart

Photo for the Article - How to Buy Pundi X NPXS in the Philippines

NPXS started in the cryptocurrency market on March 23, 2018 at 0.001023 a token. After a month, on April 2018 it made a jump at around 0.004 a piece. Although it wasn’t able to ride the December 2017 cryptocurrency hype, it reached its peak on June 17, 2018 when its tokens were sold at 0.015532 USD. After its peak, it slowly went down and as of this writing, the token’s price is dancing around 0.0013 to 0.002 USD a token.

NPXS – Difference with other Coins

NPXS is Pundi X’s token and Pundi X is trying to change the world by making cryptocurrency readily available by using their XPOS. With its XPOS, NPXS use is pretty much like a loyalty rewards points that a user can redeem on their next purchase. Its difference with other coins is that users can get NPXS through readily available XPOS in participating merchants.

Pundi X Key People

  • Zac Cheah, CEO and Co-Founder, Pundi X (LinkedIn)
  • Pitt Huang, CTO / COO, Pundi X (LinkedIn)
  • Constantin Papadimitriou (Kiki), President, Pundi X (LinkedIn)
  • Danny Lim, CFO, Pundi X (LinkedIn)
  • David Ben Kay, Chief legal counsel, Pundi X (LinkedIn)


Pundi X seeks a worldwide adoption of cryptocurrencies with its XPOS. Its XPOS can let its customers pay using their stored cryptocurrencies. Merchants who also uses its XPOS can buy/sell cryptocurrency. The company’s token, NPXS can be earned if a customer opts to use the XPOS. NPXS is redeemable on the user’s next visit.

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