[Recap] Understanding Filipino Web3 Users | YGG Web3 Games Summit

Learn how Coins.ph, PDAX, and Globe engage with their users and how they overcome challenges in onboarding more web3 natives in the country.

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The Philippines has been regarded as the home of web3 gaming, and the drivers of this adoption are the users and gamers themselves. 

During the recently concluded YGG Web3 Games Summit, BitPinas Lead Scribe Shiela Bertillo moderated the panel “Understanding Filipino Web3 Users” together with Coins.ph Country Manager Jen Bilango, PDAX Head of Metaverse Patrick Lao, and Globe Telecom Innovations and Creator Culture Subcultures Manager Andrew Lim to discuss the consumer behavior of Filipinos and to get a sense of what is required to top into the lucrative market of crypto savvy gamers.

The Most Effective Way to Engage With Filipino Web3 Users

  • Bilango:  We envision Coins to be the leading exchange globally with Philippine roots. We are always consumers of technology. Hopefully, we’ll be the first exchange wherein, we will have a regional play.
  • Lao: We kind of see PDAX as sort of a keyhole or representative of the microcosm of web3 community in the Philippines. We see our users as the average web3 Filipino consumer-facing user in the Philippines, and how we see our role in that is we kind of see ourselves as the bridge between the regulatory, our real world, and the web3 world as well, and how we take advantage of it is through mostly continually offering new products. 
  • Lim: So there is always going to be a sweet spot, and we always find our users based on their interests—based on how they’re spending habits, etc. So how we recognize these customers that ‘hey, they might be actually interested in web3,’ would be based on if I had played any mobile game in the past few days or in the past few months if I have been diving into different crypto apps, etc. 
Photo for the Article - [Recap] Understanding Filipino Web3 Users | YGG Web3 Games Summit

Overcoming Challenges in Engaging With Filipino Web3 Users

  • Bilango: If it’s a GameFi-specific user, I think there are a lot of different ways to approach them—education and the community, those are the two main ones, plus the user experience. I think this is where the conversation with guilds is important. This is where the conversation with picks and shovels are important. We see ourselves as picks and shovels that allow users to be on ramped or easier to be onboarded into a particular platform by listing their tokens on our exchange. 
  • Lao: I guess the challenge here is if you look at the benefits of web3 in the context of being a gaming studio developer, web3 offers several benefits on the developer side, which are composability and permissionlessness. But if you look at it from the user’s point of view, these are actually just near abstractions. These are not compelling enough reasons—maybe more of a nice-have than a must-have. How do you leverage on the consumer side the benefits of being on-chain? So my answer to that is the ownership effect. So on the user side, if you own an NFT, it’s what I call the ownership effect. It feels different if you are actually incentivized for the future and for the well-being of the project itself.
  • Lim: The challenge of Globe today is not really creating the better offer versus the competition but pushing the right offer for the customer that we want to talk to. In terms of knowing the right offer to push, we need to talk to these people who they’re highly likely interested in.
  • Lao: I think a ray of hope for the Philippine market is that there are still builders out here sticking around; most notably, I don’t know if you guys have heard of this local project called Anito Legends. So they’ve been sticking around since the bear market and a lot of exciting things are upcoming as well in the roadmap. 
  • Lim: There are a lot of great minds now in the Philippine Market. So the trend is I see there are a lot more companies more open in the Philippines, who are more into gaming now, so really the trend would be the key is the youth in getting in the getting them more getting more programs getting more upscaling programs to get into web3 game development specifically.
  • Bilango: I wanted to say community. But the community has always been there. This time, I think game publishers will now be closer to their users, and they won’t be beholden to distributors. So community and the connection, or the proximity of the community to the game publisher will become narrower, and that’s only allowable with web3.

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