How to Play and Earn Sweatcoin | SWEAT Token Guide Philippines

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Move-to-earn (M2E) games are currently very popular among NFT gamers in the Philippines. One app that promotes daily walks, jogs and runs has been resurrected from usage just because it announced the launch of its very own cryptocurrency. Sweatcoin is co-founded by Anton Derlyatka, Egor Khmelev and Oleg Fomenko. Its own SWEAT token will be launched this summer, the developers claimed.

Disclaimer: This is not financial advice. The article aims to educate the readers of what Sweatcoin is. Practice due diligence in researching move-to-play games before investing in them.

What is Sweatcoin?

Sweatcoin (eventually be rebranded to Sweat Economy) rewards players for walking and running. For every 1,000 steps taken, the player earns SWEAT. SWEAT can be used to buy things in the Sweatcoin marketplace, like electronics, fitness gear, and gift cards. Players can also donate to charities using SWEAT.

In the first quarter of 2022, Sweatcoin users exchanged 70 million US Dollars worth of goods and services in its in-app marketplace.

Sweatcoin has partnered with NEAR Protocol to launch its crypto token, SWEAT, announced to be launched this summer.

Sweatcoin Guide: Introduction

Sweatcoin was created on January 31, 2015 as an app that promotes daily walks and runs and in return will be rewarded with in-app tokens called Sweatcoins. But in a recent development, Sweatcoin is opting into the crypto space by partnering with NEAR Protocol and have their own token called SWEAT.

Users can download the app on their Android or Apple gadgets by getting the link from their official website. Upon downloading, the user needs to create an account. Afterwards, every 1000 steps is rewarded with 1 Sweatcoin. 

Sweatcoin Tokenomics

In-app Sweatcoin token is still being used but as soon as the SWEAT Token is launched by September 12, Sweatcoins will be converted into SWEAT, if the user opted for crypto.

How to play Sweatcoin in the Philippines?

Users will be rewarded for the number of steps they made in a day. 1,000 steps is equivalent to 1 Sweatcoin. Users can also do the three daily bonuses which just require finishing the advertisements to be able to get a random amount of Sweatcoin. Plus 5 Sweatcoins for anyone using the user’s referral link provided by the app.

Users can purchase electronics, services and even donate to charities using their Sweatcoins.

To double the amount of Sweatcoins gained daily, the user needs to subscribe annually to Sweatcoin’s premium account.

How to Buy Token

SWEAT will be available on September 12, 2022. Most likely it will be under NEAR Protocol.

Where to Buy Token

SWEAT will be available on September 12, 2022. Most likely it will be under NEAR Protocol.

Sweatcoin to PHP Conversion

Not available as of writing.

Are there other move-to-earn applications?

BitPinas has provided a list of M2E apps that are available. Always practice due diligence in researching these games before investing in them.

For more information about Genopets. (Read more: First Ever ‘Move-to-Earn’ NFT Game Raises $8.3M Seed Funding and How to Play Genopets)

Stepn, an app built in the Solana ecosystem, combines the technology and concept of augmented reality (AR) game and play-to-earn gaming. (Read more: Stepn Guide Philippines: ‘Move-to-Earn’ NFT App Pays You to Walk)

Another Solana-based M2E app, Walken, can motivate its user to walk, jog and run daily and win competitions in the app. (Read more: How to Play Walken)

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