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What we will discuss in today's newsletter: 

  1. Organizing the Winter Fireside meetup
  2. Headlines: BSP Advisory vs Unregistered Exchanges
  3. Headlines: Maya is Airdropping Bitcoin
  4. Top News and Features This Week
  5. Events This Week
  6. New Section on BitPinas: Jobs!

I would like to thank everyone who attended our crypto meetup at Draper Startup House in Manila last week. We've reached the max number of attendees plus close to 40 walk-ins! 

Check out our recap articles here: 

I would also like to thank Luis Buenaventura, YGG Pilipinas, and RFOX Games for sponsoring the meetup. Draper Startup House's Cholo assisted all throughout the event. 

The event was very crypto-native. From the title itself - Winter Fireside Chat. Anyone not into this space will comment how is it winter right now when it's scorching hot outside. (And at least two non-crypto friends mentioned that to me.)

The first panel talked about the current crypto climate, and our speakers all arrived in the space at different points in time, hence they have different perspectives about "winter."

The speakers at the second panel are builders and entrepreneurs who were building after the 2021 hype cycle. From their experience, last year, it's like money just flowed and everything gets approved quickly. Today's climate is different, investors are more meticulous and picky, and there's a strong focus to build and push lines of code more than marketing.

Thank you to our speakers: Luis, Eprom Galang, Myrtle Sarrosa, Ash Mandhyan, Phil Cahiwat, James Chua, and Jen Bilango.

As always, it's a pleasure to finally meet people you've been writing about for close to three years now.

Main Headline: BSP Releases Advisory vs Unregistered VASPs

In a press release, the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) issued an advisory that “strongly urges” the public not to deal with Virtual Asset Service Providers (VASPs) that are unregistered with the central bank or domiciled abroad. 

The BSP, aside from pointing out the inherent risk of price volatility associated with Virtual Assets (VAs), it  further noted that “VASPs that are based abroad may present additional challenge on enforcing legal recourse and consumer protection and redress mechanisms for local customers, among others.”

The entire advisory can be read here.

Headline: Maya is Airdropping Bitcoin


Maya appears to be doing crypto cashbacks and there are some bilboards in EDSA asking users to check their crypto wallets.

As per the BitPinas Telegram, users say there really is a crypto cashback program happening if you use the QR to pay for something. I tried it three time. I bought a game credit - no. I paid a government bill - no. Then I pay a McDonald's delivery - yes. 

Check out the full article here.

Onwards to the news.


  • Users Can Soon Buy and Sell Crypto in UnionBank Mobile App

  • C-Pass Inc Signs MOU to Eye Use of Its Crypto Coin C-Peso in Cebu City
  • Meta Q2 Report: Metaverse Division Loses $2.8 Billion
  • Hit Kdrama Extraordinary Attorney Woo to Create NFT Community for Autism Awareness
  • Maya is Airdropping Free Bitcoin to Users, Social Media Posts Suggest
  • BSP Cautions the Public Against Engaging with Unregistered and Foreign Virtual Asset Service Providers (VASPs)
  • Moneybees Partners with Tambunting for OTC Services


  • UnionDigital CEO - Metaverse Needs Banking

  • What is a Layer 1 Blockchain (and Some Examples)
  • AI, Efficient Data Management to Trigger PH Fintech Revolution – Provenir
  • How to Play Cryptomeda’s Meda Wars – Beginner’s Guide
  • [Event Recap] BitPinas x YGG: Mid-Winter Fireside Chat
  • How to Play MetaGods – Beginner’s Guide
  • [Event Recap] Mid-Winter Fireside: Crypto Winter in Three Perspectives
  • Top Tezos NFT Creator Tools Right Now in Asia

Events This Week

Looks like we have something for everyone this week: 

New BitPinas Section

Check out the newest section on BitPinas: JobsAre you looking for a job in crypto or web3? Check our list of curated career opportunities across web3 companies in the Philippines and abroad!

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-Michael Mislos

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