Manny Pacquiao Launches Dog-themed NFT Collection

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Philippine senator and boxing world champion Manny Pacquaio unveiled in a Facebook post his upcoming NFT project “Pacman the Jack Russell”. The collection is a tribute to his dog, Pacman, who passed away two years ago.

The Pacman Collection – Dog Themed NFT Collection

“In 2014 Manny adopted a dog he named “Pacman” who he loved and cherished as much as he did his sport. One tragic day in 2020, his beloved Pacman passed away after a sudden freak accident. Shocked and distraught, Manny mourned his loss ever since. Not a day goes by without Manny mentioning the life and light of his late Jack Russell Terrier…” theur website noted. The decision to create the NFT collection was finalized so “Pacman can be forever.”

The minting of NFTs is tentatively scheduled for July 15, after a period of community development, whitelisting, presales, and public sales. The website also stated that the blockchain where it will be minted will be revealed soon.

The Pacman collection is made up of 9,999 unique pieces of art, which are all generated from “200 carefully hand-drawn attributes.” Each Pacman NFT has different RPG-like attributes, like strength and stamina. 

Although most of the pieces take clear inspiration from his dog Pacman, there are also NFTs with robot or alien-like heads.

According to their website, the NFTs are divided into three tiers, with the highest-ranking pieces possessing “the rarest of traits and the highest level of skills.”

“Tier 1 boxers will be the most scarce in the collection, thereby also unlocking the highest potential rewards and real-world benefits,” –Pacman the Jack Russell NFT

Further, there are only 99 Tier 1 boxers that will be available for minting which comes with the perk of having a chance to meet Pacquiao face to face. While other real-world utilities that will be offered to owners of other tiers include signed merch and tickets to exclusive events and parties.

In addition, the collection will also serve as the first step and foundation “Pacman Boxing League”, a supposed blockchain-based game utilizing these NFTs. Players can challenge other fighters to earn crypto rewards.

Previous Manny Pacquiao-related or associated NFT and crypto projects

This is not the first time Manny Pacquiao is associated with an NFT or crypto project, having launched a licensed authenticated NFT collection on Ethernity Chain in June 2021.

Pacquiao entered the crypto space as early as March 2018 after he was announced as the celebrity ambassador for GCOX, a cryptocurrency exchange. In April 2018, he announced the launching of his cryptocurrency called PAC Token. In September 2019, the coin was officially launched after a free concert in Manila. (Read more: Manny Pacquiao Launches Cryptocurrency Pac Coin After Major Concert)

In December 2020, he announced his new payment platform dubbed ‘PacPay’ which aims to offer more convenient and safer financial transactions for global influencers and fans globally.  PacPay was set to allow users to buy, sell, and pay digital assets at merchant outlets around the world. Cash-out is set to be facilitated through ATMs globally. (Read more: Manny Pacquiao’s Fintech App ‘PacPay’ to Launch in 2021 with Crypto Swapping)

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