Gadget-Bot to Launch Anime RPG ‘Kaidro’ on Ronin

Learn about Kaidro, a new multiplayer action RPG by Gadget-Bot Productions, exclusively launched on Sky Mavis’ Ronin platform.

Photo for the Article - Gadget-Bot to Launch Anime RPG 'Kaidro' on Ronin
  • Gadget-Bot Productions launches their new project, Kaidro, exclusively on Sky Mavis’ Ronin platform.
  • The collaboration between Gadget-Bot and Ronin aims to shape the future of Kaidro.
  • Sky Mavis CEO, Trung Nguyen, highlights the studio’s extensive experience in designing IPs for major gaming titles, emphasizing the potential for Kaidro’s integration into Web3 and collaboration with Ronin.

Gadget-Bot Productions, whose founders are associated with hits like Alita: Battle Angel, Call of Duty, and Apex Legends, introduces their new project, Kaidro, with an exclusive launch on Sky Mavis’ gaming blockchain platform Ronin.

Kaidro was previously poised to launch on competing blockchain Immutable.

Kaidro on Ronin

Photo for the Article - Gadget-Bot to Launch Anime RPG 'Kaidro' on Ronin

“As we unveil the next phase of Kaidro, we’re excited to announce our collaboration with Ronin, which will serve as a primary stage for our upcoming launches,” shared Peggy Chung, Co-Founder of Gadget-Bot. 

Chung added that in their journey to bring Kaidro to life, they’ve found incredible partners who align with their vision for the future.

Sky Mavis CEO and Co-Founder, Trung Nguyen, expressed excitement about the partnership with Gadget-Bot, highlighting their extensive experience in designing intellectual properties (IPs) for major AAA gaming titles. 

He noted that the studio has decades of experience in designing IPs such as creating skins for Apex Legends to designing environments, weapons, and props for Call of Duty. 

“The Kaidro franchise, spanning webcomics, games, and animations, is prime for Web3 integration, and we see great potential in collaborating to bring uniquely crafted IP to Ronin and beyond,”

Trung Nguyen, CEO, Sky Mavis

The firms then disclosed plans for exclusive launches and updates regarding the upcoming mint, to be shared via their social channels. They emphasized the significance of these updates in shaping the evolution of Kaidro’s universe and IP.

What is Kaidro?

Kaidro: The Awakening | First Official Trailer | Universe

Kaidro is an immersive multiplayer action role-playing game (RPG) set in a post-apocalyptic world where a faction equipped with mechs clashes with formidable magic wielders. 

The game integrates player-versus-player, player-versus-environment, and expansive questing mechanics, where three teams of three players each strive to accomplish diverse objectives on maps while fending off opposing teams. 

It is based on a webcomic which later became an animated series and now a game incorporating web3 elements. The website hub noted that this represents a fresh approach to transmedia storytelling. 

The media release highlighted that with an established fanbase already captivated by the Kaidro Webtoon series, the game guarantees an engaging experience merging action RPG elements with dynamic gameplay. Moreover, leveraging web3 technology enables Kaidro to connect with a broader audience across multiple platforms.

Comic Storyline

Photo for the Article - Gadget-Bot to Launch Anime RPG 'Kaidro' on Ronin

“Kaidro: The Awakening” stands as the central narrative within the expansive world of Kaidro. It presents a coming-of-age story delving into themes of friendship, warfare, environmental degradation, devastation, powers, and the looming fate of the world.

In a post-apocalyptic world divided between the technocratic elite of the Upper Cities and the spiritually adept Outlanders below, a young mech pilot named Ava navigates physical, personal, and political dangers. Alongside her loyal friends Kiwi and Lukas, Ava dreams of piloting a Spark Suit mech as a Contractor, traversing the barren lands in colossal vehicle convoys. However, her journey is complicated by emerging astral powers that make her a coveted prize in the ongoing conflict. As Ava faces the choice between becoming a savior or a destroyer, the fate of the world hangs in the balance, with the potential for either a bright future of hope or one shrouded in darkness and destruction.

To read the webcomic, click here.

Game Storyline

In the world of Kaidro, four factions vie for dominance in the post-apocalyptic realm of Tal’jor, where technology clashes with spirituality. As a K’ailantian mercenary on Clan Fracture expeditions, players harness both Astral powers and advanced technology to combat the encroaching Void and rival clans. The narrative unfolds through the lens of these factions, weaving tales of cosmic struggle and the quest for supremacy amidst a richly detailed universe.

Recent Ronin News

Photo for the Article - Gadget-Bot to Launch Anime RPG 'Kaidro' on Ronin

Also this month, Zillion Whales, creators of Wild Forest, revealed plans for their inaugural mint on the Mavis Store. Wild Forest, a free-to-play NFT game native to the Ronin Network, offers an arena-style environment for PvP combat. 

Sky Mavis also collaborated with GMonsters and MIXI to introduce new titles from the Fight League franchise on Ronin. GMonsters intends to debut three games within the Fight League IP, beginning with Fight League Survivor, an arcade game tailored for casual players. Ronin users will have the opportunity to join the closed beta test for Fight League Survivor in Q1 2024.

Since December 2023, the blockchain has onboarded three more web3 games into the platform. These are the blockchain god game Apeiron, the trading card game Zoids Wild Arena, and the open-world MMORPG game Pixels.

In addition, GCash also partnered with Axie Infinity to introduce a direct on-ramp and off-ramp portal on its cryptocurrency platform, GCrypto. The feature will serve as a conversion portal for other games within Sky Mavis’ Ronin ecosystem.

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